Anyone else do Diaper Study as a toddler/baby?

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  1. Diaper Lover
When I was a baby/toddler and even a couple times as an older child my mom would take me to this place that I remember being called diaper study. When I was a baby it was obviously baby diapers" and when I was a toddler it was pull ups. But I did it a couple times after I was potty trained. When I was 8 I went through a period when I wet the bed and would wet myself in exciting/fun situations. So one day my mom says were going to this inflatables place near my house. Thinking it's for fun, I want to go. When we get their we go off into this side room full of kids my age. A doctor/scientist tells us we're going to be testing Goodnites and Campers. I start crying and telling my mom I don't wanna wear diapers. She says that don't stop crying she'll make me wear the diaper and not let me get McDonalds on the way back. This makes me cry more so my mom make me wear the baby diapers. Usually they would just pump in a liquid and see if it leaked but my mom make me use it like a baby. After the test my mom got a free pack of pampers and made me wear them on the ride home and started diapering me at night. Anyone else did diaper study's as a child?
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