Anybody else hate pokemon for this?


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Am I the only one that hates Pokemon for having removed the National PokeDex from the latest games (at least since Sun and Moon).

Apparently they moved the National PokeDex from the games themselves to integrate it into the online PokeBank app that they have people paying for (although it's a very small fee) to be able to move your Pokemon from one game to the next (although it is irreversible).

And I have to say it just doesn't do it for me; having grown up with the original PokeMon games (you can call me a PokeMon OG).

when they started to expand it to where you could explore multiple regions I always looked forward to expanding that PokeDex and being able to see how many PokeMon you have caught and have the Data for; compared to whatever the total was up to.

Removing it from the games themselves and then making Sun and Moon very short (both in game duration and in the number of PokeMon you could get that would register in the PokeDex in the Game) irked me; and then they had to do Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon; and skipped PokeMon Stars to do "Let's Go" (I just dont have a huge draw to the Go concept, even though I did for a time actively play PokeMon Go)

Which is another thing I am not a fan of; I wish they would pack more into the original 2 games of any generation, and not leave stuff out to sell you "Bigger and Better" versions later on, I have become somewhat accustomed to having there be 3 Versions per Generation (the 2 first ones and then a better third one with more to do in it, more PokeMon, etc) as they have done it for a while.

But besides that I think they have made entirely too many versions in an attempt to somehow cash in on a bigger crowd (after Black and White they did Black 2 and White 2, the "Ultra" games, and all the remasters)

But these are just my opinions, I know some of you will likely agree with me on at least a few points and others will probably disagree more.