any women out there


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im just wondering how many women out there that likes a man in lingerie and a nappy ... not 24/7 just every now and then
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Probably not more than one in a thousand. In the best case :)
I’m sure there’s many women out there that will like you despite wearing lingerie and a diaper. Doubt there’s many that will like you specifically because of it.
Kinda pushin' the grey on The Rules there. It could be understood as posturing and solicitation. Why not chum around, have a good time? Can't be lackin' when ya got friends! 🥳
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Was going to say that asking people on here is most likely not going to get you a good answer, like others have said im sure there are people out there but you not going to get many girls coming on to this thread saying yes I want a person like that........

Like BobbiSueEllen says just dont worry about how many people might be interested in you and just try to have a good time being you with people you have come to call friends, hell at that point who's to say where things will go :p
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yea i can see how this has come across i respect all your veiws hence wen i delite this its because its come across not quite how it was intended it to
Well, all ya gotta do is remember that "Everything starts with friends". That's the fun part of ADISC! 😉😎
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yes indeed ... i hear what your all saying and the lesson has been learnt ... sorry to of offended any one i wish u all well
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Why not stay on? We're about second chances. Why not try the other foot, see what happens? 🤔
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