Any suggestions?

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So for the first time I've come to a point where I can indulge my little side just a bit. Unfortunately not yet with diapers, but soon I hope.

I got a gift-card to target and I was trying to think of something I could get with it. I have a few different sippy cups in my cart, but I'm not sure.

Any suggestion? :)
A sippy cup sounds like a good idea! I would say that and some toys are going to be your best bet from somewhere like Target. Coloring books too, probably. Stuff like diapers and bigger, adult-sized pacifiers are something you're gonna wanna get online. I almost bought a paci the other day at the Dollar Tree, and it was about the size of my pinky nail. Don't waste the money.
Sippies and/or bottles is a start. Another possibility is a plushie/stuffie, though I'm not sure how good Target's selection would be. You could check the children's sections for littleish clothes, if you'll fit them. I don't think there would be any footie pjs right now. You can also probably find some pacis there too.
sippis are a good idea but i would say diapers would be my number 1
If you go for a bottle, I suggest picking up fast-flow nipples. Drinking from a slow-flow is very tedious.

If you want a pacifier, get ones with a larger nipple. Perhaps the Mam 6+ months (or 16+ months if they have them, although the size difference isn't that much). The Avent 6-18 months is similarly sized, but the shield isn't curved, so you can't draw the nipple into your mouth quite as far. There's also the Nuk 18-36 months, which has and orthodontic (curved) nipple.
Teddy :D
Thanks for all the ideas! I'm leaning towards a sippy and a bottle; though some coloring books may be nice....
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