Any other semi drivers

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Some of older drivers, might need to clarify that? It refers to keeping the shiny side up, the one that washed, waxed and polished, with the dirty side down, the underside of the truck, where all that dirt/mud splatters on to. [Also was heard; keeping it between the lines.]This was a suggestion, to be a safe driver and not be putting the trucks into ditches, flipping them over or doing any number of crazy, stupid stuff, that either puts you out of business or fired or put in jail, just because your "coloring book) hasn't seen a reality check in days.
Hmm nice catch. I've always used.... and I quote

"Ight there brother truckers I'm goin 10-10 on the side, keep the greasy side down and the hammer to the floor, we'll catch yall on the flip side this the Bad wolf signin off to catch dem Z's, I gone bye-bye." End quote. Maybe some in US done heard that on the radio that be my shout out at the end of every shift before I go down for sleep .
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