Any one tried the baby kins diaper pins

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babykins sells some diaper pins that are bigger than baby pins. Any of you tried them ? Would it be better to use regular baby pins or these larger ones?
I haven't tried these pins, but I'll mention that I've been using Dritz-brand baby diaper pins for years and they work very well. The shafts are sturdy and the points sharp. That said, I am very attracted to the idea of the vintage-style ducky diaper pins Baby Pants is now selling, but I'm still waiting for pictures.

The trouble with a lot of these jumbo "adult-size" diaper pins is that they're meant more as a novelty, and actually pinning diapers is difficult due to the dull points. The old Baby Pants pins where very bad in this regard, but they're boasting that the new ones are better. Perhaps the Babykins pins are good, too.

Contrary to what some will say, you don't really need beefy adult-sized pins for your adult diapers. If you find yourself popping the baby pins or bending the shafts, it's your pinning that needs help. I'm a not-so-small 240-pound baby, and one Dritz pin per side does fine. Just keep those entry and exit holes close together, and all will be fine.
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Yes, I discovered that the larger diaper pins also had a larger diameter and that meant they were very difficult to pass through the fabric. They say to rub the pin against a bar or soap to make them "slip" easier through the fabric, but who wants to be bothered with that. Like Cottontail said, a baby diaper pin is all you need to pin the diaper together.
Here's a trick that mothers used to do before applying pins, if you run the pin through your hair, they'll be lubricated without additional chemical or something.
I find the the pins from Fetware work really well and they have a locking feature so they won't open accidentally.
I've never had a problem with the adult-sized diaper pins. They work very well.
I use them and love them! Right now my diapers are pinned on with pink duckies. I also bought the yellow duckies and hello kitty!
I do not find them had to use at all. They are extremely sharp. I wear diapers 24/7 and at night my wife insists I am thickly diaper. She says she does not want to wake up wet herself. She thinks these pins are very cute.

They are extremely study and of very high quality. I recommend them to all who are cloth diapered
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