any one running a server

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hey guys and girls just wondering are any of you running a home server and if so what is it running

im running a hp ml115 dual core amd 64bit with 2gb ram
2x 320gb sata ntfs
40gb os sata
500gb usb backup
lubuntu 14.0

list of servers iv installed
Apache Webserver (not running)
BIND DNS Server (not running)
DHCP Server (running)
MySQL Database Server (not running)
Read User Mail (not running)
Samba Windows File Sharing (running)
SpamAssassin Mail Filter (not running)
Squid Proxy Server(not running)
SSH Server (running)

the servers im not running i dont know how to use yet
webmin, x11vnvc and putty remote access
media tomb for media server
back in time for backup
clam av antivirus


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I've got a XAMPP distribution running on Windows Vista on my media PC, which is serving basically as a 24 hour uptime web server... for myself.

I believe I have the following running basically all the time:
1. Apache 2.2
2. PHP 5.something
3. Some version of MySQL
4. Filezilla FTP server

I set it up months back so I can do local web development without eating up cycles on my work/gaming PC, but I really haven't used it for much besides a game I was working on. I have some confusing networking/sharing issues between computers connecting via Wireless, so I've been avoiding dealing with any of that lately. The last time I had these issues it was my Kaspersky getting in the way - now Kaspersky has changed its interface so I have no idea.

I also have a Raspberry Pi sitting around which I'm very tempted on my days off to set up as a headless Apache server running some flavour of ARM Linux (probably Raspbian), assuming they've ported all those web server apps to ARM code. I also also have several discarded Android devices kicking around - I wonder if Apache has been ported to Android yet... *goes on a searching safari*


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I sometimes run an FTP server on Windows 7 if someone needs access to a file (or wants to send me one).

I have a print server running Windows XP, which I may well change to Arch Linux at some point.

There's also an in-built FTP server on my router.


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I run servers all day at work so home is minimal. I let my router do dhcp and dns and my printer has a built in network print server. I'm toying with building a VMware box to host a small lab and some utility machines but I need some cash and some time first.
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