any Mommies or caregivers out there?


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I am looking to meet other aspiring or professional mommies and caregivers out there!
Not a mummy or CG (might be a CG in time), dont want to put you off but I'm pretty sure this kind of thread will never gets many people interested.
It's fine to ask but there is no reason for people to out them selfs if there is no trust that has been some what built up from getting to know you better.
That is why most people on here say it's better to not ask, get to know people and learn who is around you and then maybe move on to meet ups. 😛

If you are playing for the long game it's just better to not rush things like this anyway, so yeah since you a pretty new contributor just try and build up who you are to people on here and see where it takes you.
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thank you for taking time to respond to me, I appreciate it.
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