Any correctional officers that wear to work?

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I was wondering if there are any correctional officer out there that wear to work. I just started as one and was curious if any out there do.
I've often wondered what happens on a prolonged stakeout.
Generally speaking, if you're in an authoritarian role and managing people who probably resent you, it would be best to avoid activities that welcome ridicule. Perhaps it would be ok if you're the sort of corrections officer who's briefly visiting with parolees at their residences, but if you're patrolling cell blocks at a penitentiary, forget it. If anybody sees a diaper poking out, hears a crinkle, or observes a waddle, your job will become a living hell in short order.
Thanks everybody for the replies. I probably won't wear I was just curious if anyone had. We wear uniforms and shirts tucked in and everything so there shouldn't be any chance of exposing a diaper. But after someone mentioned a diaper bulge that would be possible because the style of pants we wear. Also I wasn't going to wear like a snuggies or anything I was thinking like a goodnites pull up or the always discrete pull ups. Also I wanted something I could still pull down and use the bathroom bc I wasn't planning on wetting it. But thanks again for all the ideas and things I hadn't thought of. I'll just keep wearing my panties and save the diapers for home.
21nbby said:
I'll just keep wearing my panties and save the diapers for home.

FWIW, if you're a guy, I would think the blowback from being caught in panties would be worse than being caught in diapers...
Well for one I should never be in a situation that anyone would ever see my underwear. My uniform shirt is long enough it shouldn't come untucked ever plus I wear a belt also.
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