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Well, It turns out, my room is 20 or maybe hotter than it is outside, it was roughly 50 degrees in my room today, and it's 30 outside. so yeah there is that, on a 40 degree day, it'll be 60 degrees, 20 degree day it's 40, so that would explain why I'm dripping in sweat even on a 20 degree day. (Celsius) 122 (Fahrenheit) but as I said, this was only during the morning, It feels hotter later on.

That being said I'm not sure if I'm suffering heat exhaustion right now, but I pretty much feel like vomiting everywhere for no reason, and have the worst headache in the world, have had this neck pain last couple days too.

Parents are doing stuff all about this, It's not hot as in oh, I need to turn on a fan hot, it's hot as in, sit down for 2 minutes, and you'll have sweat drip off your arms into the floor :p It's so hot in here, I'm surprised I haven't had a heat stroke yet.

I swear this is not healthy, I won't suffer from long term health effects would I? I don't even think this is healthy.

As I said, it may be hotter than 20 degrees, could even be 25, I'm not sure, but by the end of the day, it usually feels hotter than it does during the day, it gets to the point you can literally feel the heat come off the walls.

In fact I'm already getting boils and pimples again, I literally do not know how I'm supposed to cope until winter, this is literal hell for me, not only that I'm feeling really sick atm.

I feel like this is some form of abuse, and even illegal, not only that, mother thinks a unlivable room in summer is justifiable for $200 a fortnight, I would be able to live in someone else's shed for free. (not literally but you see where I'm coming from)

I took my younger brother into my room today, and he is like too hot, didn't even want to go in there, than he goes telling my mother my room is too hot, and she doesn't care, and he is only like 4 I think.

I know it might sound like I'm over exaggerating but I'm not, if I were to have any pets, they would most likely die in here, I've had a few mice sneak in when I left the door open, to find them dead a couple hours later, so I don't really have to worry about a mouse problem in here LOL.

Some reason my parents are like, if it's really that hot you'll be inside, I've literally built and immunity to this (so to speak) if I complain my dad with bipolar shouts at me, and my mother gets pissed off, so there really is no use explaining it to them for the 1000th time. I had an aircon, they took it out of my room blaming me for the power bill. turned it on one day, dad came in my room and took it, I think he sold it to a pawn shop after that.

The only form of insulation in this room, is that foil that comes ontop of the roof, and the side walls have this foil stuff, the walls are very thin wood, enough that it's starting to crack, and my door is lop sided, soon it won't close at all.

The best way to explain this is, hopping in a hot car that has no aircon on, parked in the car park out in the sun, that's roughly as hot, or even hotter as that. even my computer desk feels as hot as a dashboard.

I seem to have a few rashes on my skin atm, not sure if it's releated to the heat.
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