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Just thought I'd share my latest score, these Pampers Active Fit from approx 2007 with seasame street designs. I dont know about others, but I find it amazing to find these and other "vintage" nappies for sale, some from within the abdl industry (especially from the 90s) and sellers clearing out their attics. It baffles me how people haven't given them to a family friend or a neighbour and been used by some unappreciative child 😂 who doesn't understand the designs their wasting.

Also feels a odd asking people, will you post this? Even though I could get roughly the same product at my local supermarket. I remember driving 65 miles and back for some Huggies Superdry's with winnie the pooh. Has anyone else done the same thing or jumped through the same hoops over a packet of nappies? 😅

Its odd to see that 5+ size went up to 27kg, while the current size 8's in the UK go from 17kg+ and the size 5+ nowadays do 11-16kg 🥺

I managed to buy two packs, so I may for the diaper achrives open one and do some scans of the designs if anyone would be interested ☺️

Also feel like Randy right now


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