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Another newbie! Hi everyone!

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Hi, everyone!

I came across you website by accident. I recently ran across the fox tales times website, and apparently they no longer allow anybody new to join. I was disappointed because I had hoped to express heaps of praise on the artist known as Carotte for some of his/her artwork. When doing a search engine search for Carotte, your website came up and I thought I would join.

I am someone over the age of 40 who has grown up with a love of comic books, horror movies, action/adventure fantasies etc. Apparently, those genres have deranged me to the point that I am avid lover of the damsel in distress. Whether it be a scantly-clad, barefoot slave girl on the cover of a Conan the Barbarian book by Frank Frazetta or Princess Leia fighting off the affection of Jabba the Hut or anything in between, I am pretty much enthralled.
Over time, I grew to the point that more weak, humilated, and helpless the damsel is, the more I liked it. I actually thought I came up with infantilism when it ocurred to me that if the heroine was actually forced to act like a baby that would probably be the most helpless and humilated the damsel in distress could be.
So, since that time, over the last few years, I have tried to find images and/or stories to fit that template, and of course, came with quite a few different fantasies and scenarios on my own to keep me awake at my boring job.
However, over the years, I have found very few stories that fit the bill. Sometimes I would have to make do with transgender stories at fictionmania that would often have a lot the elements that I would look for in my fantasies, but I am not really, totally into the whole transgender-thing. Although, I do find some stories from time to time that are titillating.

So, if there is anyone here who shares my interests or knows where I might something along those lines, I would most gratefully like to get to know them!



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Welcome to the site!
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