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Another New One from Portland


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Ive briefly tried this before but find it hard t really find a connection online anywhere. Its hard for me to get what im loking for on a digital frontier rather than face to face . The reality is that yrs of social distancing and the niche of our common interest just makes it that much harder to meet people. So here I am finally trying to figure out how al this online stuff works and hope to meet some cool people on the journey. So i just want to restate that iam horrible at al this tech savvy stuff but i am a long time diaper lover . I am in the pacific northwest area so if anyone is around local that could point me in the direction of where some real time events are happenining that would be awesome. Our local much is sorta postponed until further notice from what i have gathered. Otherwise if your local i do have a huge diaper stash i am slimming down if you wana know about it just let me know Also i am pretty shy so if you a not shy person id love to hear from ya . thanks all.
Hello and welcome to the community.
Hello and welcome from the UK!
Welcome! Just get involved with discussions in the forum and community and it will come naturally! Good luck with your journey. ❤️