Another great gift from my wife


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Over the past week, my wife has been amazing. She has opened back up to my little side. This morning I told her thanks for letting me be me when I need it. I asked her if I could wear diapers every Friday night. She said that would be fine, because the family usually sleeps in a bit on Saturday morning, so we don't get bothered by the kids that much. My wife is going to start an in home preschool. The area that she will set up will serve 3 purposes. 1 for her preschool stuff, 2 another for our kids to play where we can keep an eye on them, and 3 she said that I can play & be little there after the kids go to sleep for the night. I would be able to wear diapers, play, have sippy cup/bottle, and whatever my little heart desires. I had a big smile on my face when said told me that this morning. We are setting boundaries when & not to do things. We have had good communication this week. We even talked about putting diapers on & changing times. I am going to take things slow to not over do it. I know it is for the best for us. I can't wait to have preschool again. I am very blessed right now to have her in my life. She is an amazing woman.
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A supportive partner is the best. Wish you the best.👍
I have mentioned it on here before but when I told the wife about AB/DL, I told her about this site. So she can get the perspective of others and see this isn't all that bad. She is now a member and reads/writes comments all the time.🤣
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I just opened up to my wife about my Little side and she was quite accepting. It feels so great to have that freedom. I’m so happy for you, too!
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So Happy for you!
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