another build a bear thread haha

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I see threads on here about buildabear and how pricey they are etc (old posts), and i wanted to let everyone know that you can find them at thrift stores and offerup for next to nothing. for the price of one or two at the store, ive gotten 11 with clothing and accessories. Offer Up is an app and the thrift stores ive found them dirt cheap at are Ohio Thrift, Volunteers of America, and GoodWill. you can find them for two and three dollars. At GoodWill, Ive found a couple in the past for $1. I never spend retail on stuff like that. its wayyyyy too overpriced.

Just thought id let y'all know :)
All sorts of wonders can most certainly be found in the cheap thrift places. I know I've found my fair share of oh-so-adorable goodies there. Just the other day I found a super cheap Jewel Sparkles doll so I could replace the dress on mine, bed bugs got ahold of her and stained her dress and it made me cry. ;==;

Which reminds me, I seriously got to see if I can find one of those Lalaloopsy Build a Bear's that I know were a thing at one point. Not sure I'd would be as lucky to find such a specific thing though. Hehe.
Half the appeal of Build-a-Bear I'm sure is the actual make-it-yourself aspect though. I always wanted to go as a kid but never did, and when my cousin went and I found out her plush was $60+ that pretty much dashed my hopes. I almost made a teddy bear at a knock-off one of the local grocery stores set up didn't.
I've made plenty so I already satisfied that need so for me it's just finding the animals :)
I've only bought one build-a-bear so far (a Princess Luna pony, like my avatar :eek:). I got her as I wanted something big and soft to cuddle whilst snuggling in my nappy and footy pajamas, and she certainly does the job!

I paid £20 for her (around $30 at the time I guess) which didn't seem too bad to be honest, plus at that time they happened to have an offer on where the accessories were included for free, so that worked out pretty well.

Considering I collect other pony plushies as a brony and they normally cost about the same, it seemed OK to get this one as it fulfills two purposes at once!
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