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Andy's introduction! yey!

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I am Andy. I am a introvert and partially a extrovert. I like to go for walks and take pictures of things that appear most interesting to me; such as gardens, plants, old cars, or animals. I like to go to coffee shops and start conversations about inspiration, creativity, nature, social aspects, and positivity. That's most of my extroverted part of my personality.

I do however visit family and friends when I can, but not often. my introverted part of my personality is always inside, as a common known fact, and cuddling stuffed animals, taking care of my cats, cleaning, talking online; being partially extroverted.

I'm basically a genuine or authentic, creative, non-judgimental, kind, helpful person

I have ADHD, Social anxiety, and periods depression. I have a over excessive, creative mind, that tends to give a negative thought process when intereacting with others most of my life. I don't have intentions on any of these thoughts they just come and go.

I suffered long peroids of depression that interuppted my ability to learn at both my high school years and my GED years.

I like to be creative, I try to write something every once in a while, or draw when I can.


I am now currently living on my own, have a job, and it's successful.

However I do see myself much later on, getting a diploma, and then getting a degree in creative writing courses.


Diapers? Yes, I like diapers. They are awesome! I am not trying to be over excessivly obsessed with them and am currently fixing this. I only like wetting in them.

I do not see inflation, diaper-transformations, going inside another's, water sports, etc.. being interests of mine; as they are not.

I only like.. original rectal extracting (not so much), wetting (much), and physical regression while still having the ability to be an adult.

I do not roleplay in text, I will type a hug, but that has other meanings.


I am a brony, I do like the show my little pony and watch it quite a bit.

Favorite movies; Adam S movies, James Bond series, Austin Powers series, Jim Carry movies, Home Alone Series, - Just mostly action and humour films.

I can explain more of other interests within notes or something... :p This would be too filling.

moving along~

What brings me here is the fact of trying to make new friends, talk about diaper content, share insperational thoughts, and find a special someone.

I really enjoy the very poofy topic. Hehe. Although, I do try to keep up with talking about the other things mostly, to improve my social standing, create fun conversations and make good friendships. I love voice chats. I hope to find some people on here who enjoy voice chats.

I have a discord, a skype, and a steam.

I am also on websites like Derpibooru, FurAffinity, InkBunny, FurGather, Weasyl, Tumblr (sorta), DeviantArt (sorta), and FurNetwork (sorta).

I do not go on twitter, facebook, instugram/pentrist -etc.

I also joined here to start some more conversations across the web. Share my thoughts mostly.

Thank you! Have a good day, and thank you for reading.


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I am also on websites like Derpibooru, FurAffinity, InkBunny, FurGather, Weasyl, Tumblr (sorta), DeviantArt (sorta), and FurNetwork (sorta).

Welcome Andy! Can you link your deviantart page? I love checking out peoples art. I feel it is a great way to get to know someone as the art says a lot about the person I find.


FurAffinity is my best recommendation, since I've been on that place the most.


The drawings, "starling - gaurd of diapers" and "A new additional awesomeness for Rainbow dash" were drawings that were drawn without stress.

most of my drawings are drawn with stress. It all varies for what you're trying to get out of my creative part in my personality. I have two art styles, one being sketchy and for practice, -and the other being detailed, outlined, and shaded. No colors on either. I rarely do colors. But sometimes my styles will change up a bit due to stress I have.

Links are also on my page. I don't prefer my D.A because I feel comfortable at FurAffinity.


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Hi and welcome. You wrote an excellent introduction. I hope you enjoy the site and feel comfortable commenting to the threads that might interest you.



Thank you so much. I will also take that into consideration!~

I am hoping to have some good chats on here, although, being in forums of any site; It can be that.. -from time to time.. coming back; will usually be after long periods of time. I am unsure of here though, being so new. I don't what I'll do, but I have some ideas to create such great topics. They have some involvement of questions on similar topics and inspirational thoughts! ;)

Thank you again, for taking the time to read.

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FurAffinity being that I have it, it's the most common place I'm most comfortably active at. You can check out my posts, "Starling - guard of diapers" and "an additional awesome to rainbow dash", they have the most quality shown in them, because they were drawn without mental stress. I though, have commonly, drawn with mental stress, and haven't been realizing what it has been doing to my art.

I am also open to talk.. I do have links to those places on my profile! :)
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