And yet another new AB diaper company...

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Product is supposed to be available this fall. The name of the company is BareBum diapers.


The specs look promising, however I'm not crazy about the design. I'll still be getting a sample pack as soon as they become available!
What don't you like about the design? There once was a baby diaper brand with letter blocks printed on them, so this design actually seems apropos.
I'm just not a huge fan of all over prints...especially one with blocks. I much prefer the design be limited to mainly the landing zone. That's not to say I hate all over prints...just not as fond of them.

With that being said, I can't wait to try one of these!
Yeah, to each his own. I prefer a print on the landing zone only too. That's the kind I grew up with, so that's what I like.
nothing for 28", another loss for me lol
Looks similar to the early huggies from the late 70's to early 1980's
This looks very promising... definitely worth buying a sample pack to try out..
shane3498 said:
nothing for 28", another loss for me lol

Same boat as you! Yet another ABDL diaper that won't comfortably fit me. Maybe next year :D
They look pretty promising. All sold out of every pack though (not that it matters much, I got stash left and don't have/want to spend the funds for more). I'll have to give em a try at some point. I wish they had more advertisements with females but I digress. The product looks pretty good at first glance at least.
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They're all out of stock because I don't think they've officially been released yet. Their website says Fall hopefully soon!
"Imported high quality Fluff" that's always good to know. As other people have said though, I don't think I'll be giving these a try as the medium seems too big.
I think a lot of advertising is full of fluff. These diapers look amazing in the preview shots. Bright colors and strong prints. I like the blue waistband and leg gathers, it tends to show a quality touch as only fairly premium components have the option of coloring.

I have a feeling these will be a premium diaper for an equally premium price. As with most diapers these days, don't expect any better absorbency than your average bambino. Usually they end up being moderately less.
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