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The Dutch and Belgian drugstore chain Kruidvat now also has XXL / Size 7 diapers in their diaper range.
Until now, Kruidvat has always been notorious for their larger and more spacious (baby) diapers.

For those who would like to buy them, they are available online, but
Whether they also ship internationally from the Netherlands, no idea.

Look at that child's smile: Mama, I have a surprise in my diaper. 🤣🤣
I'm patiently waiting for another taped size 7 to launch in the UK, so far there's only Tesco Fred & Flo which don't stretch much and aren't really any bigger than a size 6, Aldi mamia size 7 are pretty good and have been mentioned on here a few times, then pampers obviously but there always in the shadow of the size 8.
Lidl do a size 7 but only in Ireland, I've never seen them in the UK.

Are size 8 pants a thing there?
Tesco are doing them in the UK and Ireland, and Dunnes stores are doing them, again only in Ireland.
I'd like to get some of those .
I’ve wondered about the kruidvat pyjama pants.
I12BLittle89 said:
I’ve wondered about the kruidvat pyjama pants.

In the past these were good. A bit more spacious than the Drynites 8-15 and Goodnites l/xl.
But since they kicked out the biggest size 9. Did the size 8 take it over.
They suck - THey leak after a little wet - They smell badd
If you're just over the maximum weight limit, they'll tear apart
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A fun fact about the Kruidvat diapers. Years ago she claimed that it could offer,
the same quality diaper as Pampers at a more friendly price offer.