An update on my current situation.

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Well, the last time I posted here, I didn't think I would ever again. This is a good story for you all, although lengthy. Pull up a chair, and get cozy.

Last time I was here, I'm pretty sure I left talking about my girlfriend, and how I wanted to discuss this ABDL with her. I really just needed to feel better about this side of me. A 'vanilla' to stroke my ego, possibly. Well, us both living at home, different homes, alone time is something we like to really celebrate, because we hardly get it. Maybe once a week. Well, we managed to get my whole house to just us until about 1 in the morning. We did some things, and then we cuddled for awhile, just talking.

After awhile, I decided to bring up this side of me. Telling her I was thinking about it. As I told you guys before, I came out to her about it. At first she was devastated (so was I, frankly), then she was okay (after like 9 hours) Some things I said sometimes threw her off (same with me), but she knew, and she could somewhat provide support. Anyways! I was talking about how I was thinking about wearing recently, but I never have. She kept pretty quiet, except for the usual 'mm-hmm' I've been getting used to hearing.

But I wanted more. I told her I wanted to wear... Finally, I got a reply:

"Right now?"

She scared me with that, and I backed down and said "nah, maybe later".
God, did I really want to. I wanted the girl I love the most to hold me tight, with me wearing my favorite diaper, and to fall asleep in her arms.. I've always wanted this.. But she seemed so uninterested, and her reply made it sound worse.

Soon enough, she had to leave. Along with that one chance I had.

The End.

Until the very next day, where we were lucky enough to get a second day alone. So, then, I decided to be open with her and tell her that I really wanted to. She hardly even thought about it, and said it was okay with her. So, I get up, grab my favorite kind (Abena S4, I'm a little college kid) and go change.

I had that S4 on, then my Pajama Bottoms. I layed next to her, and she was afraid of touching me below the belt, which was kinda odd to cuddle with. After a few hours, I cuddled right up next to her. She felt it on her thigh, and she didn't move. She didn't seem to mind it. Then we got a little closer. Soon enough, we started kissing, then she climbed on top of me to cuddle with me. She was on my diaper, completely. I then told her it was my turn, and we switched. I was on her, and I asked her if my pajama bottoms were in the way, and she pulled them off. She even started rubbing the back of my Abena, while I sat on her stomach. It was the first time anyone has ever seen my diapers, seen me wearing, and this was her. She was so unsure, but then she was excited.

After she left, she texted me, saying that she liked it! She said it was so different, and she liked how happy it made me, and she really liked the trust it took, too. I was so excited. I was finally feeling accepted.

So, today, we knew we'd get alone, and we did a little round 2. But this time, I decided that she learned about my secret side, now I'll do something for her! I finally got enough out of her to know she was curious with bondage. So, we did a bit of that, and then she put my diaper on me! She diapered me!

Still, she liked it. And she told me. Guys, this girl who was all 'meh' about it before, ended up liking what we did. She tells me she wants to do it again, and obviously, so do I.

Let me just tell you guys, I came here looking for people who were like me. Once I found that, all I wanted was to be accepted. Guys, I found it. And I just wanted to share the story of my happiness with the community that gave me my first few bursts of courage with this completely odd want to wear adult diapers. I'm happy, and I feel accepted. For the first time, I feel 100% okay with wanting to put a diaper on.
Congrats man. It is good to hear a success story. I am starting to believe that the best way to find a partner that is ok with this, is just find one the normal route and then tell them when you are at the right point in the relationship. Gives me hope.
I don't know about anyone else on this site, but I've now got to take a cold shower. Phewww!

Or as the cops on South Park said about Kyle's little brother, "Well we're just going to have to give you the luckiest little boy in the world award!"
Like dogboy said, Phew! I congratulate you and commend you for staying within the PG-13 parameters, Keep us posted.
Im glad to hear it ended well as well !!! I've had 2 long time girl friends in the past 20 years and both took time to take in everything, and it all never comes out all at once either its lots for both to take it in and let it all out after hiding and keeping things in for so long . the second girl was totally freaked out when she found out (not by me telling her) she found stuff on my laptop, she freaked !!!!! but after a while she got more n more ok and even would do mommy things and even started to wear too!! after a while she found her inner baby and wanted me to play a sort of diapered daddy roll. although we are not together anymore last time we talked she kept up a ab/dl thing . I guess the point of all this is that anyone who can have a open mind can see we are not freaks and are nothing to fear and may even enjoy this lifestyle
There's nothing like being accepted for who you truly are by someone that is that close to you.
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