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Wore a nappy and plastic pants yesterday when out. When I got home. I had a shower and at same time washed and the PP. I hung them up so theyd drip dry then when I got out I'd dry them with a towel.

When out to a friends came home, had dinner. Next day I woke up and walked into the bathroom to see the PP hanging up where I left them. Was tired last night so I must have not seen then when I went to clean my teeth.

I live with my parents and they occasionally use my bathroom.

Having an oh s*** moment, what do I do if they saw them?

They're not at home now so a long wait until they do.
If they did, you will have to tell them the truth. You like to wear them. Either they will understand or they will suggest counseling of some kind. Don't tell them you're IC or you will undergo medical tests. My guess is they didn't see them.
They did find stuff like nappies and a few of my orthopedic braces

I played the don't know game until my mum came and talked to my in private.

She suggested councilling but it didn't do much, they councillor said "if it's not hurting anyone its not an issues" and that it's probably a sexual alternative as I don't have a girlfriend.
Well my dad is home, he didn't ask. 50% in tge clear
Yeah, I wouldn't bring it up. Since they know you have a history, I think that even if they saw them, they probably wouldn't say anything. Time has a way of taking the shock and awe out of these things and then it just becomes, "Oh. Diapers again."
I've done that a few times with different items. My pacifier, baby wipes and baby powder, even did it once by accident with a dirty diaper I bagged and accidentally left on the floor of the bathroom. Im sure the pacifier and baby powder my mom saw but she is aware of my of my diapers and never said anything.
Looks like im in the clear.
Yeah, I left plastic pants in the bathroom after washing them once. It was one of those times I got super screamed at. =S I think it was when I was pre-Aspergers diagnosis, so I'd bet my mother wouldn't flip out that bad again: I had a pair under the bed last year she came up while I was sleeping there looking for the cat under my bed. =S I think she saw them. But has not said any thing.
Before that when I was 10-12(=S) thereabouts She found used pull-ups in my closet, again yelled at like you would when you wanted to kill some one in some fit of rage =(
I have my Asperger's diagnosis now to go to if I get found out again. If it comes to it, I'd probably leave over it. Tired of not being able to be me for 15 years =(

If your found out, speaking from experience, you just have to deal with it. Life goes on. You would ideally know your parents and how they might react, and you'll have to make your decisions based on that.
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