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  1. Diaper Lover
So because I was curious as to what I would find I did some online digging. I decided to paroose online fetish shops for all things DLABInfantilism and I found something exciting...on the website Uberkinky they sell adult nappies and it's as brand called Tender...I don't think I've come across this brand anywhere else...not only that but I at least thort it was interesting to find my lifestyle somewhere not firstly DLABI orientated and then everything else second if you catch me drift. Uberkinky seen cool - they define these fetishes as lifestyles (as some of them shood B viewed I say) so good on them. Your thoughts? bringmesunshine

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Actually scratch some of thee above - Tenders are avay' on Amazon and 4 whole ££ cheaper...that sed you can see them folded up on Uberkinky and aparas they're a specialist brand for people like us (?), NE1 out there no mor about this?
I'm sorry I don't think I'm following you.
Is this something good, or not worth the money?
Tender are made by Linette in Cyprus and are not made for people like 'us', they're just normal adult incontinence nappies!
They're crap. Ordered a case as a teenager when I didn't really understand there would be a difference in quality. I remember thinking at the time they looked pretty similar to the Wal-mart own label adult diaper - but that might be a mis-memory and I've never actually seen Walmart ones in person so could be total rubbish.

But yeah, crap, don't bother.
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