An eventful past few days...oh boy (need to get this off my chest)


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things certainly have been interesting for me to say the least. My incontinence has started up again and since I don't want to bring it up with my parents, I've turned to DIY solutions for padding. I actually had an accident during a show on Friday, and in shame I left the band for a hiatus. That night I was at the local karaoke bar, drinking my sadness down when some girl who I remembered from somewhere (I was hazy from my green russian) came up to me and asked me to sing something while playing the bar's old acoustic guitar. I remember asking myself how she knew I played guitar and sang, but I said what the heck and got up and played Mama Tried by Merle Haggard. After I was done, 3 girls pulled me into a karaoke room. I remember clearing up and asking what was going on. They said with my talents, I shouldn't be drinking my life away. I then remembered who they where. They where the socially awkward choir girls from my high school. They had heard of my accident on stage and said it wasn't worth tossing my music skills over that. Right as I was about to come up with a witty remark, they told me that they where incontinent and offered me a place in their country band (what are the chances). After I agreed, we made a deal, they will provide me with protection for our shows, and I have to play unmasked (when I preform I try to hide my face). Our first show went very well. I am on bass and vocals, (the youngest) is on guitar and backing, (one of the twins) is on pedal steel guitar, and (the other twin) is on drums. We call ourselves, The Morning Bell Band.
So how about my last few days with work and all this. I'm glad I found some people in real life who understand my struggle and are willing to be emotional support for me. I remember protecting them from the bullies and wondering why they kept to themselves. I understand now.
Anyway, I would like to hear what you guys think of all this.
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I'm happy that you've found a group of people who understand your struggles and are giving you some much needed protection. I know that you've had a tough break in life recently... but I'm glad to hear that things are starting to turn for the better.

I personally haven't been able to find anyone IRL that understands my struggle with incontinence. I guess that your story inspires me to not give up hope.