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An actual introduction

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I was flipping through my threads and realized I had no intro. It was lost in the great TBDL crash. So due to the fact I plan on being a lot more active and are looking to make some friends I figured I'd post a bit about myself. Here it goes.

I'm babysage and I know that the name sounds really generic however if I ever choose to link to some of my other stuff you'd realize that is fits me perfectly.

I’m 16 and my birthday is in the last 3 months of the year. I’m from southern Indiana. But I’m not a rural person. I can’t stand the country for the most part.

I'm a TB/DL who really isn't all that sure of his sexuality. I'm a male who can come across with a hardcore feminine side occasionally. I'm not transsexual I simply have what I like to call an extremely overactive paternal side.

Some other stuff about me that has played an influence in my life. My parents got divorced when I was in 2nd grade. She left my dad Jan 1st 2001. He was abusive. My mom pretty much went off the deep end for a while so I got to play brother, mother, father to my younger brother and sister for a few months. My dad got remarried and I gained a few step siblings and 9 nieces and nephews. I have not seen my dad sense early January 09. I elected not to visit anymore to due to growing violence.

I'm a techie who mostly dabbles in hardware. I can do software but I don't enjoy it nearly as much. I’m a hardcore Xbox gamer. I don't have a PS3 due to lack of titles I'm interested in but I know I’m going to get one even if it is for KH3 alone. I have no plans to get a Wii.

I have weird tastes in books movies and television. Twilight Series, IDK, and Law & Order SVU are my favorites of those in that order. Band would have to be Nickelback followed by Dauthery. I also listen to pop-rockish country.

I’m AB out to my mom. She took the don’t ask, don’t tell route which I’m fine with. I told my high school counselor who helped me tell my mom. So if you want someone to talk to about telling a parent feel free to send me a PM.

I want to go into child psychology when I get older. I’ve been told I’m easy to talk to and like trying to help people with their problems. So I figure that’s gotta be a potential field for me.

That’s about it. If you want to know more just send me a PM and I’ll do my best to respond in a timely manner.


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Welcome. I am the local raccoon, and a 360 player; not online though (yet) for reasons to do with co-dwellers. I am very happy to hear the hs counselor was helpful; this is not always the case.


Nice intro, babysage : ) And psychology is awesome! Woo! : D

Hope to see you in the forums; you seem like a nice guy : )



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Nice intro.

I love KH3! I think that you will have to become my KH3 buddie when that comes out. Get ready!
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