American Dad - Surro-Gate


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I found this episode season 3 ep 7 on Apple TV app, some YouTube or Hulu or something about Steve and Roger carrying Kalus (goldfish) bowl to community pool for prank to Klaus’ bowl slide down by water slide before he waked up. Both laughing after klaus was setup to something prank and he talks about revenge for Steve and Roger must hide his home attic for nine months. 12:50-13:31, Steve and Roger wearing a diaper in attic and starving. Steve tap Roger shoulder to his hand off from Roger and he tossed an empty food can to Roger. Then both flipped for playing sumo wrestling then Steve pulled his diaper off of Roger. After both looked at mirror. Roger mumbled Steve, “stay in mirror. 15:29-16:11, couple headed in kitchen to see Klaus and Steve tell him to win. Klaus was speaking a revenge comment and both shocked. Klaus swam up to fishbowl rim and laughed. Roger slammed cookbooks Klaus atop. He was explaining for stayed in attic for nine months.