Amazons expensive way to buy.


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Just been looking at nappies on amazon. they seem to be very expensive way to buy nappies. nothing much under £40 for what I want.
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Yup. From my standpoint here in the USA, I never buy from Amazon, because I know I can find the same nappies elsewhere for less (almost always).
Even worse: Amazon sellers often don't do discreet shipping.

For the UK I'm not sure, maybe you could post a new topic asking for good deals on nappies there? I know there are UK based websites that specialize in selling them, some of them probably have better deals than what you're seeing on Amazon.
It may be expensive but for many of us it's the only practical way to get the good ones without planning a trip to the closest brick and mortar store.
Each amazon experience varies
for me I save 20 dollars a case vs local stores.
Definitely have to shop around
Uk here and I tend to hit up NRU for nappies when needed, ABU also have a UK presence and so might be cheaper to go direct, I guess it depends what you are looking for though, I also use Incontinence Choice when I buy my Tena's as they are fairly cheap and quick.
Almost always cheaper to buy in bulk from the company website for ABDL diapers. You can’t always get case quantity from Amazon. Sometimes, they’re useful for quick turnaround, but you pay per-bag prices, usually.

Rarely, Amazon can have a good deal for medical diapers, if you’re in a pinch, but shop it around. Sometimes a Subscribe and Save deal can make the difference.
I only use amazon as a last resort when I can't get to my local store. If you have a local ABDL or med supply store, just spend the little extra to support them - there's so few of them.
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This is my personal philosophy: Things are only expensive when you need them, not when you want them.

For many of us on this forum, diapers are a luxury and not a need. So the ones most of us are talking about are not expensive because we make room in our budget for them.
For those of us who are genuinely incontinent, they are a need and are therefore an expense. And most of the people who actually need them aren't getting them from Amazon or any online retailer unless their insurance covers it.
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The last time I bought at case of north shore diapers @ NS you have to spend $150 to get free shipping. With Amazon case price was $5 higher and free shipping. Should probably go with ll medical I think everything ships free there