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Hi guys,
I've just ordered a case of Tranquility ATN as I've never tried them before, but I'm wondering if I'm might be ripped off?
The order States that it is a case 84 nappies x7 bags of 12 for £45 plus shipping, plus my receipt from Amazon also states the same,
Now looking through the sellers other items they are charging roughly the same for just one bag of a different type of nappy.
As I've never ordered of Amazon before do think the seller has to sell me the case as advertised or have I just paid £45 for 1 bag of nappies?
Are there customer rights if this happens?
I've tried contacting the seller by email through the website but no answer.
Any thoughts guys to ease my worries?
Sorry I can't put a link to show anyone at the moment.
If the order clearly states that it's the entire case, Amazon in the US at least as a thing called the A-to-z Guarantee Protection where they will refund you. One of the states claim reasons is: The item you received was damaged, defective, or materially different from the item represented on the product detail page. So if they send you something that is not what they stated they were selling, that should apply. You should check to see if that kinda thing is offered the UK. I'm sure it probably is.

I admit I don't really know any better how this sort of thing goes, but it seems like you might be letting the worries get to you a bit much. Comparing different listings and different diapers rather then just taking what the listing you ordered from says. Buying from a Marketplace like this online can be stressful though.
Thanks very much for the reply, I guess I'll just have to wait until the order arrives.
It's a case! The seller finally replied! Looking forward to testing them! Never tried them so it's always good trying new nappies!
They are my number one go to diaper.
Do you have the link to these?
It was the seller has 3 cases left so get in there quick if you want some.
Waddlebum said:
It's a case! The seller finally replied! Looking forward to testing them! Never tried them so it's always good trying new nappies!

I'm real happy it worked out for you. Thanks so much for the update! ^_^
Thanks Arietta, just got the long wait till they arrive, that's always the problem ordering online it's the waiting game!
I'm hoping it's going to be delivered this week or next!
Have you ever tried these nappies/diapers? Heard they are OK? Plus they are quite crinkley, which I personally love.
Tranquility cases can be quite cheap depending on the vendor. They don't seem to fit me too well otherwise I would've done them for 24/7 due to the really low per unit cost you can get them for with some vendors.
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