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Hi! I'm Amanda Lana. And I'm a client of the AB hospital created by Doctor Elizabeth Hipstress and her sister, Doodle. Oh? You ask who these people are? Well, let me tell you how i met them. I was just traveling one day on my way to a AB/DL con, mostly cause I like role playing with friends from far away; some of them travel here, when suddenly, I started to run out of gas. Damn old car! Eats up gas like a rapid bulldog. Always hated this car; cost too much to use and eats up my diaper money. Now, I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere and my old gps doesn't seem to recognize this road.

Though I hate to do it, looks like I'll have to start finding a gas station or place to help me call a tow truck. Carrying what i could, I walked through the woods hoping to find any form of civilization or at least nice people who won't ask stupid questions about my AB lifestyle. Some people are so nosy. No, I don't care that anyone knows I'm AB but, I'm an adult, so its none of their damn business. Well, as I walked through the woods, I used up my last diaper and was starting to worry. I left the old diaper behind wrapped in a plastic bag I had for things like this behind because I ain't carrying that the rest of my trip.

I walked some more through the woods and was getting hungry when I saw a big white building. I looked at it oddly, wondering why the hell would a hospital be out here in the middle of the woods. As I came to the house I saw two young women leaving in a car. At first I didn't think anything of it, then knocked on the door and was hoping some one would open, because it looked like it was starting to rain. The door opened and a motherly sounding voice greeted me as I entered; which is interesting, though I wasn't sure if I should trust it yet. I looked around and the place looked empty except for some strange contraptions.

Everything was so curious and oddly, when suddenly, one of the contraptions was... sniffing me! The hell? I looked at it a lil puzzled then it lifted me and I just demanded it put me down, but it strapped me to a table and started changing me. Just then, they came in hearing my screams and they told me to calm down and let it finish changing me. I did as they said and I blushed caused it put me in a thicker diaper then I had. I looked at them and the person I would soon know as Elizabeth said that it thinks I made a big enough mess for a thicker diaper and I scolded the bot and said I don't poop that much, then i was spanked with a thick paddle and blushed more. Elizabeth said they have high authority over most of the clients at her hospital and I asked where am I then she said, "Thiss is the Adult-baby Hospital, the place for AB/DLs to be cared for and loved by them or their AB parents or lovers.

AB hospital? I looked at her curiously and asked her if she is serious and she said she is very serious and that I was welcome to stay along as I wanted and enjoy the other clients. Hmm. Sounds promising. I noticed a young looking person curled up in corner and looked like they was sleeping and I then asked Lizzy, my name for her to which she thinks is cute, who that was in the corner and she said that was their pet. I tilted my head then noticed the cat tail as they woke up and stretch. I noticed as she looked at me that she was a girl then she walked to me curiously and started sniffing me. I smiled and watched her but then suddenly she started to hiss and growl at me and i backed away wondering what did I do, then suddenly, a young young looking girl with what looked like bat wings came to her and tried to calm her down. I quickly asked if i did anything wrong but she said that she doesn't trust strangers and will be awhile before she'll trust me.

I then asked if she is an AB but she blushed and hid behind her pet and she looked at the girl and tilted her head. I wondered if I offended her with my question then I kneeled down reached my hand out to the cat girl and she curiously started sniffing it but she hissed again at me. I guessed she was protective of her, so I decided to walk away from them and checked out the place. It was a cool looking place with everything to make me feel at home and Lizzy and Doodle was the caretakers and looked like they do a good job. I wondered if they are ever mothers for any of these clients and if they allow sexual favors. Hmm. Personally, I find sexual favors a lil distracting and a lil disturbing in AB relationships. *shudders* Eww. They should be separate I think, but that's opinion; some people like that's kinda thing.

I looked for Lizzy and wanted to ask her how and where am i gonna sleep and live before I start doing anything. I found her changing Doodle's diaper and I quickly looked away and blushed red. "Are you ok, hun?" Lizzy asked and I said a lil nervously still feeling embarrassed"Umm, What exactly are the rules of your hospital, Lizzy? Do I have to do or pay for anything to live here?" and she replied,"No. No one has to pay here. Everything I get is donated and lucky for me it's a lot. I wouldn't be able to pay for all this on my own."and I started thinking,"So she's doing this as a service? Hmm, does that make her an AB? Hmm. I wonder if she asks for client info on her clients.".

I then asked her if she keeps records on her clients as she was finishing up diapering Doodle as she said"Yes, I do. I want to understand their needs and habits as ABs or DLs and be the mother they want. I--"I interrupted her and asked"Wait. Wait. Wait. You're a mother to your clients?" and replied saying,"Yes. In a sense I am their mother for I am the caretaker of all them and treat them as children. My only rules are: 1. I can kick them out if they cause trouble for my other clients, 2. I will not allow sexual play in my hospital. If they want that, they can do it at their house or at a bar, 3. people underage of 19 or over the age of 60 are not allowed in here; reason: cause I don't want to get arrested so parents aren't allowed to bring their kids here, though I do try to have a family friendly environment here and I don't want perverts or mentally disturbed old people harassing my clients. Yes. I know not all not old people have mental problems but it's my rule. Besides, they might hurt themselves here.".

Wow. That's strict.

This is from my AB story. To see the rest, click the link. (My apologies; I had to delete the link because links to outside story sites are against forum rules. --kerry)
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