Alternatives to Ugg boots


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I love my Ugg boots, especially wearing them with my onesie, and feeling the wool between my toes. But I think they might be bad for my back: they don't have much support, and I ache if I've worn them for a few hours. I've heard other people saying this online as well.

Does anyone know of other kinds which are similar, but more supportive, especially if you wear them?
Check to see if the insole is replaceable. Get a good pair of arch supports and put the insole back in.
If you plan to do a lot of walking or athletic activity, wear footwear that is designed for that.

I had Ugg slippers for a while (but I'm currently wearing bear paw ones), and they were super comfortable... but I wouldn't do anything more than lounge around the house in them.

And, as others have said, get some separate support insoles if you have a concern. I'm flat-footed, so I pretty much always have to have a little something extra in my footwear if it's anything but slippers.
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