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Hi all,

New here *waves* I have done some lurking but I need some help! I recently have been exploring my love of wearing/wetting goodnites. I comfortably wear a size l/xl. I have read about the tru-fit goodnites (hoping for less crinkly, better for public wear because I'm shy about it). My Daddy and I are not huge fans of super padded diapers, so the look of the good nites have been a good match for us. But it limits us immensely - also as we know goodnites don't hold much.

I am rather petite. 5'5, 125lbs, 26-27 inch waist. I was hoping that you experts would have some alternatives to goodnites so we could expand my collection a little.

I haven't tried the try-fits yet. You could look into Tranquility Premium Overnight absorbent underwear ( They hold a little more than goodnites (depending on the size). There is also a day time version that holds less. You can order a sample on Tranquility's website for somewhere around a dollar. The elastic waist band is much higher than goodnites (may go up to your belly button or higher) but you can fold it down over itself to make it lower. Another option may be Depend underwear. I have tried them in the past and found them good for around 1 decent wetting. Both are cloth backed similar to Goodnites so it shouldn't be too loud. If you are looking for more of a diaper, you could also look at tranquility's website. Their ATN diapers should last you a little longer than Goodnites. They are plastic backed. Ultimately if you want more than a large wetting or a couple smaller ones, you will likely need a thicker diaper. A good alternative would be adding a booster to any of the above products to add capacity. You can find them in a variety of capacities. To cut down on noise, you can try wearing a tight fitting pair of underwear over the diaper. There are also some athletic style pants out there that have a plastic like exterior. They make some noise when you walk and would more than cover any diaper noise regardless of how loud the diaper is. When people hear noise, they will just think it is your pants.

From your post I assume that you mainly wet. If you are looking for mess containment, you may want to look at diapers with tapes over pull ons if you are messing larger amounts.
Hi! Thank you for the thoughtful response. Yes I only wear for wetting. I will give those a look, I must say, I am also in love with the 'little' look of the goodnites, hard to get that in other products so it seems. Looking forward to checking those out :)
Man, it sounds like Goodnites are a good fit for what you are looking for. I don't know much that fit what your looking for aside from that.
Have you tried a booster? Like I wear the sm/m GoodNite with a gerber cloth insert to increase my absorbancy. Just be sure to fold it where it fits between the leak barriers.
The tru-fit pads absorb a lot. and can be used in conjunction with regular goodnites.
KawaiiBabyjenni said:
The tru-fit pads absorb a lot. and can be used in conjunction with regular goodnites.

Has anyone used these as boosters in adult diapers? Assuming they still do the job as well?
They are the best booster pad that I've used. They have a good capacity, they swell a good bit, they also wick really well and they help to spread liquid though the diaper. They are cheaper and easily available. They also feel drier. My only complaints are that they have no kind of adhesive, and often moves around. The other is that the center is quite narrow.

The crinkle is quite inaudible regarding regular Goodnites. While I know you can hear it, you're the closest one to the source, you are paying attention nervously, closely, and closing out every other sound to try and target that specific sound. I'm sure that no one else is trying to listen for a crinkle except you and your caretaker. Unless you do not like the noise, then a little crinkle doesn't hurt.
You could alway try out Underjams!! They are Pampers version of Goodnites! They pretty much are similar to goodnites, except the sides are a little strecher and can hold a bit more than goodnites!

It is worth trying out if you are already using goodnites. You could always use a booster in it if you need to!
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