Alternate Diaper aspirations to 24/7

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A lot of people talk about going 24/7 but that's never been a goal of mine. Personally, I have thought about quitting the toilet when it's comes to messing, as oddly specific as that is. I've also considered just going nightly. There are even alternate styles of 24/7 which often goes unspecified. Here are some diaper lifestyle goals.

24/7 - toilet free
24/7 - wetting only
24/7 - wearing only.
regularly diapered - pretend incontinence
*regularly diapered - pretend bowel incontinence
*regularly diapered - pretend double incontinence
pretend incontinence - diaper optional
*Nightly diapers
Nightly diapers - bedwetter
bedwetter - diaper optional
Virtual incontinence when wearing diapers - (Isn't this what is meant by reverse potty training?)
Virtual incontinence all the time.
*Caretaking diaper changing - receiving
*Caretaking diaper changing - doing
Caretaking diaper determination - receiving
*Caretaking diaper determination - doing
Exclusive diaper peeing
*Exclusive diaper messing

I starred all lifestyles I would enjoy. I didn't include AB stuff because that's unneed complication, and stuff that requires self injury because that's bad.

I think we need more terms for these lifestyles if they don't already exist.
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I don't think they all need catchy names (though if you have a good pun or term, by all means share). But that does cover the options pretty well. I've been trying to wear and wet every night for a while, as I really do find they're more comfortable for sleeping. I think everyone partakes in their own way, both as much as they want and as much as the rest of their life limits them. The ideal really is just that each person is free to do what makes them feel good, without having to stress about it.
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