Ally's Pyjama Experience


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Here goes my first story post:

Sue sipped her coffee absentmindedly, listening to her sister Jenny's latest update. Jenny had moved back into the neighbourhood a few years ago, and while they were no longer as close as they had been as children, they did their best to catch up from time to time. This time it was Jenny's turn to play the host.

"And Brandon's doing really well at college", Jenny boasted. "He just got his first exam results back - all distinctions and high distinctions!".

"That's great", Sue replied, smiling. Brandon always had been a high achiever, and she was glad to see her eldest nephew was getting on so well.

"How are things going with Ally?" Jenny enquired, always keen for an update on Sue's only child.

"Not so well right now, I'm afraid", Sue exclaimed. "You know how Ally still wets the bed. Well, I think someone at school must have found at and spread it around".

"Oh, how awful for her. Still, you know how it is with kids - give it a couple of weeks and they'll all be talking about something else", Jenny sympathised.

"To make matters worse, she's now refusing to wear her diapers to bed. The teasing has really gotten to her". Sue elaborated. "I mean, I really do sympathise. There aren't many kids who still wear diapers at eleven, but all that washing is really getting to me, and worst of all her room is really starting to smell".

"Really? I would have thought she'd rather wake up in a wet diaper than a wet bed". Jenny commented.

"Deep down I think she would, but she's too upset to think it through clearly. She keeps saying that only babies wear diapers. I think she's hoping that if she doesn't wear them she'll somehow stay dry".

"Sounds like a real problem. Have you looked at pull-ups? Maybe she'd feel better about those". Jenny suggested.

"We tried them about a year ago, but they just leak right through. Ally really is a heavy wetter". Sue responded.

"And you've tried all the usual stuff, restricting fluids and all that?". Jenny was trying to be helpful, but Sue had been through it all before.

"Of course, none of it worked" Sue replied, exasperated. "We even spoke to her doctor. He did a few tests, but couldn't find anything wrong. Said it was just something she'd have to outgrow, but that in the mean time she was best to wear protection."

"I'll bet she didn't like that" Jenny quipped.

"No, not at all. She doesn't even want to talk about it." Sue continued. "She'll lie to me about wearing them as well - tells me that she's put them on when she hasn't"

"Maybe you'll just have to insist". Jenny had always been the stricter parent. "Don't give her a choice. Don't let her go to bed unless she shows you that she's got them on"

"I've tried that as well. She just takes them off as soon as I leave the room." Jenny grimaced at Sue's last comment. "Before you start, I've tried punishing her, rewarding her, nothing seems to change her mind. Did you ever go through anything like that with Dylan?"

Dylan was Jenny's youngest son. He was now almost sixteen, but his severe autism meant that he required constant care, and had never been toilet trained.

"Well, not the social side of it, obviously. But when he was about three he went through a phase where he would pull off his diapers and sift through the contents". Jenny replied.

"Eww, how disgusting!" Sue recoiled. "How did you handle it?"

"We put his sleeper on backwards!" Jenny laughed. "That way he couldn't unzip it to get to his diaper. Thankfully he got past that stage in a few months".

"Well, I don't think that would help me much" Sue laughed along.

"He actually had a bit of a relapse a few years ago when we first moved in here. Not sifting through his diaper, thankfully, but taking it all off. He didn't take it well, sleeping in a new room. I guess taking off all his clothes was his way of dealing with the sensory issues" Jenny continued.

"How did you handle that?" Sue queried.

"Much the same way as when he was little, actually. We did a bit of Googling, and came across these one piece pyjamas. They zip up in the back, and have this little tab that closes to stop him even getting at the zipper. He gave us hell for a few days, but settled down in the end. We actually only needed to use them for a week or so, until he'd settled in".

"That doesn't help me much either", Sue sighed. "Ally's difficult, but I certainly couldn't do that to her, much as I might wish I could when the washing piles up!"

"Maybe you don't have to". An idea brewed in Jenny's head.

"What do you mean?" Sue asked, eager for a solution.

"I've still got Dylan's pyjamas here. Maybe if you showed them to her, told her that she'd have to wear them if she didn't keep her diapers on, she'd realise you were serious even if you never do use it". Jenny suggested. "If she's so against wearing diapers because they make her look babyish, I'm sure she'd find the thought of those pyjamas even worse".

"I don't know, that might be going a bit far. Anyway, what makes you think they'd hold her? Dylan's autistic, but I'm sure Ally would figure them out" Sue wasn't keen on the idea.

"If it's just a threat it doesn't really matter whether they would or wouldn't. But I'm certain they would. Autism aside, Dylan's always been a little Houdini, and he never came close". Jenny explained.

"I still think it's a bit much" Sue replied, non-committally.

"Suit yourself, Sue, but whatever you do you can't just let her get away with it. I mean, laundry aside, she's been lying to you, disrespecting you and outright refusing your instructions. Doesn't bode well for when she hits her teens, particularly when her father's not around to help sort her out. Heck, if she were mine, I think I'd take her over my knee." Jenny said, never being one to hold back.

"I think that's a bit harsh" Sue replied, offended. "I can see it all from her point of view as well, and I know how upsetting it all is for her".

"Well, it's your decision. But take the pyjamas anyway. Dylan's well and truly outgrown them, so you may as well just throw them out or donate them somewhere if you don't end up using them". Jenny retrieved the aforementioned pyjamas and placed them in a bag for Sue.


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You have pushed one of my favorite buttons and offered a plausible setup with none of the classic mistakes. I also think the dialogue flows OK. So far so good so please continue.


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You have pushed one of my favorite buttons and offered a plausible setup with none of the classic mistakes. I also think the dialogue flows OK. So far so good so please continue.

Get ready to never see any updates to this story, like 95% of good stories on this site, they get forgotten quicker than they appear sadly. I'm on your side for the idea of this story, its an awesome idea there without any overused plots that everyone use every time, that could be an awesome story, I'm crossing my fingers to see this story going further, but I've seen so many stories never finished that I never trust anything anymore.

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So, nice job writing your first story post. It's not easy sharing for the first time.

So you've established a few things here. You've created a contrast in parenting between the two mothers that seems to set up Jenny as the stronger willed one. I think I can get an idea of how this might work. Jenny's comments on how she'd parent make me curious about her dynamic with Dylan.

Your choice to save your main character's introduction for later is interesting. I can't really comment very deeply on it now, as I'll need to see where you're going with it.
There are a few things that I think you could employ in your future writing.
I'd like a bit more scene description. It's good to describe a new room each time we enter it so that the reader can better visualize. As it stands, I know they're drinking coffee, but I don't know if they're in a living room, a kitchen, or on the porch. Start by defining the location on a basic level. When you move on to major locations like Ally's room, see if you can set up the decorations and props in a way that says something meaningful about Ally. Say if she's fourteen but she still has all her Winnie the Pooh displayed on the wall, or if she's a tween with edgy metal posters trying to grunge it out. Details like these wil help you with environmental storytelling.

The ending to this chapter feels a little incomplete. It needs a stronger image to sear into the mind of the viewer. Your final sentence is "Jenny retrieved the aforementioned pyjamas and placed them in a bag for Sue." The last image, or at least the next image, should be about Sue. How does she respond to the bag? Is she contemplating using it? Maybe you could end it with Sue taking it out of the bag and looking upstairs, wondering if it would fit. Whatever you put her is your decision, but I just think you need something stronger to end the chapter.

One last small bit. Punctuation always goes inside the quotations. Do not type "I'll kill you". Instead type "I'll kill you." Ok.

So yeah, don't let my commentary put you off. Writing is a learning experience.

Keep at it,



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I'll agree with the others about the good dialogue and clear set-up. The one addition point I'll add is to use narrative as well. Until that final line you have only two other places in which you are not speaking in total dialogue: the couple of sentences of opening narration and the line explaining who Dylan is. It's always better to keep the setting of a scene alive while people are talking. Let the reader see as well as hear​ what is going on.


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Thanks all for the feedback. I should add that the prelude & chapter 1 are only really intended to establish some background to the characters, where the pyjamas came from, and how characters (Ally in particular) feel about them. The main story kicks off in chapter 2. I'll post chapters 1 & 2 together so you can see where this is going.

Chapter 1

"I'm not wearing a diaper, and that's that!" Ally shouted at Sue. She stood barely an arm’s length from Sue in her bedroom, gesticulating wildly to emphasise her point.

"I'm not leaving until you've put it on" Sue exclaimed. Ally could see the exasperated look on her mother's face. She hoped that Sue was on the verge of giving in, and leaving her alone. Couldn't her mother see that wearing a diaper at eleven years old was absolutely humiliating.

"NO ONE WEARS A DIAPER AT MY AGE" Ally shouted. Her mother could be so unreasonable at times. It wasn't like she wet the bed every night.

"Most kids your age aren't still wetting the bed" Sue snapped back, offending Ally further. "Now put it on this instant!" Ally could see her mother wasn't going to go away.

"Oh all right" Ally shouted. Sue looked away as Ally pulled the diaper on and taped it up. Having worn diapers at night all her life, Ally was an expert at getting them on and off, and managed the task in just a few seconds.

"There, happy now!" Ally exclaimed, throwing herself onto her bed, still as annoyed as ever. Sue didn't reply, not trusting herself to avoid inflaming the situation further.

"You know I'll just take it off again" Ally muttered under her breath.

Sue was shocked. She knew that Ally had taken off her diaper at night more than once only to wet the bed, and suspected she had avoided discovery by staying dry on other occasions, but this was the first time Ally had been rebellious enough to proclaim it to her in advance. Maybe Jenny had a point after all.

"Wait there" Sue instructed in a clear, no nonsense tone. Realising she may have gone too far, Ally obeyed. She sat gingerly on her bed, absentmindedly stroking her stuffed bear as she wondered what her mother had planned.

Sue retrieved the pyjamas from the cupboard where she had stashed them earlier and marched back to Ally’s room, still infuriated by her daughter’s defiance. She held the pyjamas up in front of her, letting Ally see them in detail.

"I've always said that wearing diapers and wetting the bed doesn't make you a baby, but your recent behaviour has been more like that of a naughty toddler than an eleven-year-old. So if I can't trust you not to keep your diaper on, you'll have to wear this to be sure of it". Sue threatened.

"What the hell is that?" Ally asked, unsure of what her mother was getting at.

"One piece pyjamas, like you used to wear as a toddler. But they zip up at the back so you can't get them off". Sue explained, ignoring Ally's language and praying she would get the message.

"Where the hell did you get those!" Ally asked. She couldn't believe her mother would have gone out and bought them for her.

"From Aunt Jenny" Sue admitted, "They were Dylan's and she thought they might help our situation".

"You've been talking about this to Aunt Jenny!". Ally was outraged. This was a deeply private matter, and her mother was practically broadcasting it to the world. Didn't she realise how much it upset her having to wear diapers, even when no-one else knew.

"I've needed all the help I can get" Sue emphasised.

"There's no way in hell those pyjamas would stop me!" Ally shouted back. She couldn't believe her mum would even entertain the idea. She wasn't some naughty toddler who could be thwarted by a misplaced zipper. "It's just like with the diapers. You don't seem to realise that I've grown up"

"Your certainly not acting very grown up right now" Sue commented in deep exasperation. "Now, are you going to promise me you won't take off your diaper before the morning, or shall we try on these pyjamas for size"

"Go ahead then" Ally quipped back, calling her mother's bluff. Sue had never really been one to follow through on her threats, and Ally fully expected her to back down now. As outraged as Ally was at the whole idea, part of her hoped that she would insist on her pyjamas. She would take them straight back off and prove to her mother once and for all that she was no longer a little kid, and couldn't be treated in this way. Maybe her mum would even realise that she was much too old to be told to wear a diaper.

"Fine" Sue stated, her patience exhausted. She had never intended to take it this far, but backing down now would destroy any parental authority she had. She still had no intention of forcing Ally to wear the pyjamas all night, but maybe a few minutes in them would make her point, provided of course they stayed on.

Ally froze, surprised at this development.

"Well, take those off then" Sue pushed, seeing the uncertainty on her daughter's face. "Unless you've changed your mind".

Sue held the pyjamas up in front of Ally, gesturing for her to move. Unwilling to back down now, Ally stood in front of them. Her modesty made her unwilling to strip down to just a diaper in front of her mother, so she carefully removed one leg from her pyjama pants before stepping it into the one-piece. Now more or less covered by the one-piece, she pulled off the other leg and kicked the pants away, stepping fully into the one piece. Ally then pulled off her top and pushed her arms into the sleeves. She saw her mother move around behind her, and felt the zipper being pulled up to her neckline. She heard the buttons being clicked into place, holding the tab over the zipper.

"There, all done" Sue said. "I'll leave you to get some sleep". Sue could see that the pyjamas were at least a size too big for Ally. They were designed to be tight-fitting, though, presumably for fire safety, and weren't really any looser than Ally's regular pyjamas. The sleeves and legs were both a little long, but both were elasticised at the ends, allowing the extra length to pool without slipping over her hands or feet. She hoped desperately that the pyjamas would hold and that Ally would be out of her room in a few minutes, apologising contritely and begging to be released.

Ally smarted. She would show her mother! She reached behind her back, feeling for the tab. The positioning was awkward, however, and while her hands were able to make contact, she couldn't get a grip to manipulate it. She wished she had seen how it fastened, then she might have a better idea of how to remove it. She tried to pull the tab to one side, hoping for a better grip, but that only made it quite impossible to reach with her other hand.

"Ungh!" she exclaimed out of frustration, losing her grip on the tab and finding herself back at square one. This wasn't how she'd expected it to work out at all. Sue could hear the frustrated cries coming from Ally's room, as well as what sounded like increasingly desperate gymnastic attempts to work her way out. She considered coming into Ally's room now to say her piece, but resolved to wait until Ally came to her.

Ally tugged hard on the pyjamas, hoping in one last, desperate attempt that should rip them off. The material was strong, however, perhaps to combat this very strategy. Finally, Ally accepted defeat. She lay on the bed for a moment, pondering her strategy. Going to her mother and begging to be released would be humiliating, and she was certain that her mother would rub it in given the way she had behaved beforehand. She considered doing nothing, just trying to sleep in these ridiculous pyjamas, but realised this wouldn't gain her anything - she would just be having the exact same conversation in the morning. Seeing no other option, Ally sought out her mother in the living room.

"OK mum, you win" Ally winced. "Now help me take it off". Sue smiled inwardly. She wasn't about to let her daughter get off quite that easily.

"So all that about you being too grown up, about those pyjamas never being able to hold you, what was that then?" Sue emphasised her point. Ally said nothing, keen to get this over as soon as possible.

"Well Ally, you can either promise me that you'll keep your diaper on all night, and that you won't give me grief about wearing it in the future, or you can go back to bed and sleep like that. Which is it to be?"

"I promise" Ally responded, her facing turning a bright shade of red.

"And you don't think that spending the night in those will help you remember your promise?" Sue prodded, wanting to drive her point home.

"Mum. Please." Ally responded, near to tears.

"OK, come here" Sue told her, seeing that she had made her point. Ally turned around to let her mother get to the zipper. Sue undid the tab and pulled the zipper down to where Ally could easily reach it. Ally ran back to her room before pulling off the pyjamas completely and changing back into her usual ones, still strewn on the floor. Sue followed a minute later and collected the one piece pyjamas Ally had discarded, folding them neatly.

"I'm going to keep these in my closet, in case you need them again" Sue told her, pointedly. "In fact, I'll write your name on the tag so we know they're yours". In truth, she had no intention of forcing her daughter to wear them, but wasn't about to let Ally to know that. She could see that bedtimes would go much more smoothly from here on out.

- - - Updated - - -

Chapter 2

Ally stepped off the plane, her mother close behind. Sue's long service leave entitlements had come due, and she had made sure they overlapped with the school holidays. This had given her a chance to take Ally with her on a month long European tour, which had been a resounding success, with Ally celebrating her 13th birthday in France of all places. Sue had fretted about the cost of the tour, but she had never had a chance to do anything like it before, and she knew that by the next time long service leave came around Ally would be all grown up.

"Hold up, I need to use the bathroom" Ally told her mother. Sue waited patiently outside as Ally found a stall in the women's. Ally took off her heavy coat, feeling the cold weather intensely. She pulled down her jeans and slid off the very wet goodnite she had been wearing, silently cursing that her bedwetting still hadn't resolved itself. She was thirteen now, after all, it seemed unfathomable that she still couldn't stay dry. She was grateful, at least, that she had thought to wear it, knowing that she would probably sleep on the plane.

Ally examined her jeans more closely, looking for signs of a leak. "Damn" she thought to herself, noticing a wet rim around the seat. A proper diaper would have prevented this, but she had dreaded having to change one in an airplane toilet, never having done so standing up before. "It would have been a better idea, though" she thought, as she hadn't had to change on the plane anyway. By the time she had woken up they were already preparing for descent, and it had seemed easier to wait until they were on the ground. She held her jeans up from a distance, hoping the leak wasn't noticeable. It wasn't like she had anything else to wear even if it was, as she certainly hadn't kept a spare pair of pants in her hand luggage.

Ally took a spare goodnight out of her bag and pulled it on. She was annoyed she hadn't included any regular underwear, but hadn't expected to be changing on the ground. She pulled her jeans back on gingerly, and threw the old goodnite into the trash before re-joining her mother. "All done" she said. If her mother had noticed the wet spot on her jeans she was polite enough not to point it out.

The late flight and long queue meant it was well after 10PM before Ally and Sue managed to pass through customs, but fortunately the process was relatively pain-free. They found their way to the luggage carousel and waited patiently for their baggage to arrive. "That looks like mine" Sue said, edging her way forward to grab the bag. The crowd around the carousel grew smaller and smaller as people moved up to take their bags, but Ally's was yet to arrive. "This is taking a while" she commented.

"Would the passengers from seats 69A and 69B please come to the collections desk" came an announcement from the loudspeaker.

"That's us" Ally informed her mother, a little worried. Had she done something wrong? Ally followed the clearly labelled path toward the collections desk, her mother in tow.

"I'm terribly sorry, but it seems that your luggage was never loaded onto the plane" the lady at the desk informed us. "We're still trying to work out what happened to it."

"Oh no", Ally replied, concerned. All her holiday mementos, and even her camera, were in that bag.

"The almost always turn up safely" the lady reassured her. "We have your contact details, we'll let you know as soon as it arrives. If we haven't located it in a few days you can put in a claim to the airline for compensation."

"There's nothing we can do, Ally" Sue told her, sensibly. "We'd better go home and wait to see. Hopefully they'll have good news in the morning."

Ally followed her mother out, thinking of nothing but the lost luggage the whole way home. What a way to upset a perfect holiday! She hopped out of the car, eager to shower and get to bed. Although she had managed to get some sleep on the flight, it had been shallow and interrupted and she really was exhausted. It was at this point that a more immediate problem reared its head.

"Uh, all my pyjamas were in the luggage!" Ally announced, checking her closet draw.

"All of them?" Sue asked, incredulously.

"Well, all except the light, Summer ones" she said, feeling them with her hand. Like her mother, she never really packed light, and taking all four of her pyjama sets had seemed sensible. After all, her diapers did sometimes leak, particularly when she was having to use some foreign brands they were buying on the trip, and not everywhere that they'd been staying had laundry facilities.

"They're no good, it's freezing tonight" Sue commented. "Do you have anything else". Ally looked through her closet, looking for some regular clothes that could double as pyjamas. Unfortunately, since the trip had involved a lot of sightseeing and outdoor adventures, she had packed everything remotely comfortable as well.

"Nothing I think I could sleep in" Ally replied. "I don't suppose any of yours would fit me". That was a long shot.

"No chance, but I might have one alternative" Sue told her. "I'll be back in a sec"

Ally wondered what her mum would come up with. Sue rummaged through her closet, certain the item she was looking for was in there somewhere. "Aha" she said, pulling out a bag. Ally opened it, revealing the back-zip pyjamas she had briefly worn two years earlier.

"You don't expect me to wear that!" Ally exclaimed, loudly.

"Why not?" Sue asked, surprised at her daughter's reaction. "It's warm, comfortable, and it's only for one night. We can buy you something else tomorrow"

"It's made for toddlers! You got it to keep my stuck in my diapers!" Ally shouted back.

"Oh, Ally, you're past all that now." Sue dismissed her objection, surprised that Ally would kick up such a fuss. She had thought her daughter had grown up enough now to look back on that incident and laugh. "Anyway, it wasn't like I was ever going to use it like that, I only ever took it from Aunt Jenny to make a point".

"And kept it all this time?" Ally queried. Had her mother still thought her so immature that she could be fastened into it if she misbehaved?

"You know how often I clean out that closet. I'd probably find your old baby clothes in there if I went back far enough" Sue laughed. "But of course, it's completely up to you. You choose whatever you want to wear".

Sue returned to the living room, leaving Ally to take a shower. Ally stepped into the shower, relishing the water running against her skin and immensely glad to be clean again after a long, sweaty flight. She dried off quickly, anxious to warm up. Leaving the unused goodnite on the floor she quickly taped on a regular diaper, knowing she would be going straight to bed. She wrapped herself in a blanket and considered her options. Although she was still annoyed that her mum had kept the back-zip pyjamas all this time, she did realise they were the most practical option. She still wasn't sure if she could bring herself to wear them again, and decided to take one more look in her closet. Finding nothing new, she picked up the pyjamas her mother had left on the bed. Maybe if she could get in and out of them herself it wouldn't be so bad, she reasoned.

Ally stepped into the pyjamas and put her arms through the sleeves. She hadn't actually paused to ask whether they would still fit, but that didn't seem to be a problem. With her extra two years of growth, the pyjamas fit snugly, just as they were intended to. She found the zip behind her and worked it up her back, managing to get it about half way up but struggling to make any further progress.

"Oh good" Sue said, walking back into the room. "Just thought I'd check on you, I was wondering what was taking so long. Do you want me to zip you up?"

"Why not?" Ally replied. Exhausted as she was, she had given up on getting them on herself. It wasn't all that different to when her mum helped her into a party dress, after all.

Sue stepped behind Ally and pulled the zipper up to its highest point. "There" she said, "all done". Ally collapsed into bed, falling to sleep mere minutes later.
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Awesome, but it was way too fast, 2 yrs in 2 chapters, I feel this story needed more developing and such, but your choice, its a nice one.


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No more time jumps, I promise!

Chapter 3

Ally woke late the following morning, feeling groggy and jetlagged. She felt her diaper squish as she climbed out of bed. Given how heavily and how long she had slept for, she wasn't surprised it was soaked, but was keen to get it off nonetheless. She tried to pull her top off, momentarily forgetting what she was wearing.

"Darn" she thought to herself. "That complicates things". Ally was a proud girl, and keen to demonstrate her independence by handling the pyjamas herself. She tried to find the zipper behind her back, but ended up running her hand along the tab instead. She must have been too tired to even notice her mum securing it last night, but was still somewhat irritated that she had done so.

"Might have more luck in the mirror" Ally thought to herself. She moved quietly to the bathroom and did her best to undo the tab from there. She turned her head awkwardly to try to see the tab in the mirror, but from that convoluted position it was even harder to reach. To make matters worse, every time she reached around to try to get to it she ended up obstructing her vision.

Sue heard the commotion and came to the bathroom in time to see Ally struggling. She struggled to suppress a smile at her daughter's efforts. She knew Ally would bite her head off if she were to ever say it, but her daughter did look so cute like this".

"Here, let me help" Sue made herself known. Realising her situation, Ally didn't object.

Sue easily undid the tab and pulled the zipper down to its base, noticing Ally's soaked diaper as she did so. "Good heavens", Sue said, "you'd better get out of that straight away".

"Mum!" Ally cried indignantly. She didn't need her mother to tell her that.

"Okay, okay, no need to bite my head off" Sue backed away. "Oh, and when you're done, Laura called when you were still asleep, she wanted you to come over and bring her up to speed on your trip".

Laura was Ally’s best friend from school. Ally had tried to keep in touch with Laura as best as possible when she had been away, but the Internet and even phone access had been spotty. Ally had a ton to tell her. She dressed quickly, and raced over to Laura's as she lived only a few doors down. She described in detail her trip, and explained that she would show her everything if the luggage ever turned up. In turn, Laura brought Ally up to speed on what had been happening back home, which wasn't a great deal.

"Ally, are you going stay for dinner?" Laura's mum asked.

"Dinner? What time is it?" Ally queried.

"Almost 5.30" she replied.

"Oh, wow, I had no idea it was so late." Ally told her. The jetlag had played havoc with her sense of time. "I'd better get back, I imagine mum's going to be cooking something."

"We'll have to catch up again soon" Laura prodded. "You've still got to show me all the photos! Provided you get your camera back, that is"

"Count on it" Ally replied.

"Not tomorrow, I'll be out with mum all day. How about the day after?" Laura asked.

"Sounds great" Ally agreed.

Ally raced home, hoping she hadn't missed dinner.

"Oh there you are" Sue commented as she raced in, "I was about to send out a search party!"

"You're not mad?" Ally asked. Sue normally wouldn't be pleased if she were gone for that long without asking permission.

"Of course not" Sue replied. "I knew where you were, and I knew you hadn't seen Laura in ages. Now sit down, dinner will be ready soon."

"Has there been any news on the luggage" Ally asked.

"Not yet" Sue replied. "The airline did call, but only to say they were still searching. They think it might have been sent out on the wrong flight, but they're still confident it'll turn up"

"Then we'll have to go out after dinner and buy some new pyjamas" Ally declared.

"I'm afraid not, honey, all the shops'll be shut by now" Sue replied.

"What? Why didn't you say something" Ally demanded. She was annoyed more at herself than her mother, as she had only intended to stay with Laura for a couple of hours.

"I assumed you knew the closing time. And I thought you'd rather spend the day catching up with Laura than shopping with me" Sue replied, sensibly.

"But you knew I needed pyjamas. You could have gotten them" Ally smarted, directed her frustration at her mother.

"Ally, you're not a little kid anymore. If you want to buy something, you have to go and get it. Or at least ask me to." Sue responded, reminding herself that it was probably the jetlag causing Ally's rudeness.

Ally finished up her dinner, and settled down to watch some TV. After a couple of hours she found herself struggling to keep her eyes open.

"I think perhaps you should have an early night" Sue commented, noticing Ally's condition. Ally couldn't argue with that. She took a quick shower before using the toilet then taping on her diaper. She realised she would have no choice but to wear the back zip pyjamas again, but assured herself that she would go shopping for replacements first thing tomorrow. She pulled on the pyjamas and went to find her mother.

"Could you zip me up?" she asked, with less resistance than she had done the previous day.

"Sure" Sue replied. She pulled up the zipper and, much to Ally's annoyance, fastened the tab over it.

"What did you do the tab up for?" Ally asked, a little annoyed.

"It just doesn't seem on properly without it" Sue shrugged. "Anyway, it'll be uncomfortable if the tab's floating around behind you when you're trying to sleep." Ally wasn't really sold on that justification.

"But it makes it harder for me to get out of" Ally complained.

"Honey, if you can't get the zipper up, you won't be able to get it down, even without the tab" Sue replied, reasonably. "Now go and get some sleep".

Sue might have had a point there, Ally decided, but having the tab secured still made her feel far more like a misbehaving child than the pyjamas otherwise would have. She would have much preferred it be left open, even if just to acknowledge the fact that they weren't being used to prevent her from getting them off. Still, she decided, it wasn't worth making a fuss over as this would be the last night she would be wearing them.


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Thanks for continuing. Now that you have made the jump and got your protagonist back in her sleeper, do you have a path out, or a plausible way to keep her in?
I'm not much of a writer, so I can't give a lot of suggestions. One thing is to consider slowing down a bit, longer chapters and more going on. It feels a bit rushed, and also like there is one big idea that is running out of steam.


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Thanks all, yes, I've got quite a bit more planned (actually, quite a bit more written but in need of some editing).

Chapter 4

Ally woke the following morning finding her diaper to be mercifully dry. Knowing she would be unable to get her pyjamas off herself she raced toward the living room to find her mother. Hearing conversation, she stopped. Careful to avoid detection, she pressed her ear to the door and heard the voice of Mrs. Livingston from next door. She had obviously come over to welcome mum back after her trip. Ally backed away slowly. The last thing she wanted to do was go in and ask mum to release her from her pyjamas in front of Mrs. Livingston! She crept back to her room and waited for Mrs. Livingston to leave.

Unfortunately for Ally, the two women seemed to have quite a bit to catch up on, and Mrs. Livingston wasn't in any rush to leave. Ally felt the pressure begin to build in her bladder. She needed to use the bathroom desperately. In frustration she tugged at the neckline of her pyjamas, but of course it was a hopeless endeavour. She crossed her legs and tried to think about something else, but the pressure continued to build. Seeing no alternative, Ally released the contents of her bladder into the diaper she'd been wearing. She felt mortified at the thought of knowingly wetting her diaper when she was awake, but also relieved as the pressure and discomfort gave way to warm release. No-one else would ever need to know she hadn't simply woken up wet, Ally reasoned.

Ally took a book from the shelf, trying to pass the time as her diaper gradually cooled into the soggy heap she was more familiar with. Eventually, Mrs. Livingston left, giving Sue a chance to come in and release her.

"Have you been awake long" Sue asked.

"Not long" Ally lied, not wanting to discuss the matter further.

It wasn't until after lunch that Ally and Sue made their way to the shopping centre. Of course, Ally was keen to get herself a new set of pyjamas as soon as possible, and practically dragged her mother to the nearest suitable store. As she was browsing through the selection, Sue's phone rang.

"Hello?" Ally heard her mother say into the phone. "Oh excellent ... That's great news ... Thank you very much"

"What was that" Ally asked, having only heard one side of the conversation.

"That was the airline. They've found your bag. They're going to deliver it to us at home tomorrow" Sue told her.

"Oh, that's fantastic" Ally was relieved. Not only would she be able to show off her holiday souvenirs, but she would have her wardrobe back as well!

"Now, which ones do you think?" Ally held up a two sets of pyjamas for her mother's opinion. The first was a plain red two piece set with a butterfly pattern, while the second featured a variety of cartoon characters.

"How much are they" Sue asked.

"They're both $30" Ally replied, checking the tag.

"Well, if want to get either of them you'll have to pay for it out of your allowance" Sue informed her.

"What?" Ally was incredulous. Her mother would often make her buy fancy or particularly expensive clothes out of her allowance, but had always bought the basics like pyjamas for her.

"You'll be getting all your other pairs back tomorrow. I don't think it makes sense to spend that much for one night, when you have plenty of others already"

"But, why didn't you say anything before?" Ally asked. Why would her mother raise her hopes only to dash them again?

"It was one thing when we didn't know when or if you were getting the others back. But now we do." Sue explained. Having just spent thousands of dollars on an overseas trip, she thought it was a bit rich of Ally to expect her to spend this much for one night, when she already had a perfectly acceptable substitute at home.

"I don't even have that much money with me" Ally tried.

"You can borrow it from me now, provided you pay it back" Sue told her, sternly. "Now, would you like them or not?"

Ally fumed. $30 was a lot more to her than it was to her mother, and her allowance was pitifully low as it was. "I guess not" she slouched, dejected. She would just have to put up with what she had for one more night.

Chapter 5

"Ally, time to get up!" Sue called out to her the following morning. "It's almost 11:00. I know you're on holidays, but this is getting ridiculous!"

"Hmmff" Ally responded, still feeling half asleep. The excuse of jetlag was now starting to get a little thin, but she did enjoy sleeping in when she had the chance.

She pulled her blankets up to her chin, not wanting to get out into the cold weather. She rolled over, feeling her wet diaper squish between her legs. "Better get up", she thought to herself. Her mum would be quite annoyed if she knew that Ally was just lounging around in a wet diaper.

"Knock knock" came a voice from just outside her room. Ally turned around just in time to see Laura walk through the door. The smile on her face changed to a look of surprise.

"Uh, your mum let me in" Laura explained. "We planned to meet up again today, remember?" Ally rushed to cover herself with a blanket, only realising after doing so that it probably just drew more attention to her current state. She hadn't forgotten, but also hadn't expected Laura to just pop over without calling. After all, they hadn't confirmed a time.

Ally prayed Laura hadn't noticed her diaper, but wet as it was under the tight fitting pyjamas it would have been pretty hard to miss. The pyjamas themselves, though, were impossible to miss. "Uh listen, Laura, about these pyjamas" Ally spoke after a moment of stunned silence.

"They're OK" Laura shrugged. "I mean, Kate always wears one piece pyjamas, I was at a sleepover of hers a couple of months ago. And I think Joanne does too"

"These aren't really mine" Ally explained. She realised that Laura hadn't picked up on the back zipper, and was keen to leave that part out. "All of mine are in my luggage"

"Oh, is that it" Laura understood. "I didn't really think they were your style. Still, they're probably not a bad idea what with this weather. I guess they're a lot warmer than your usual ones"

"That they are" Ally agreed.

"Still, have you heard anything about the luggage?" Laura prompted, now that the subject had been brought up.

"It's arriving today, actually" Ally explained.

"That'll be a relief" Laura responded.

"Too right" Ally agreed. "I'm pretty much out of anything to wear. I mean, I've got a few outfits in the closet, but they're all either too cold for this weather or they're really uncomfortable for wearing around the house"

"Why not just keep your pyjamas on?" Laura asked. "I do that all the time when I'm not going out anywhere"

"Sounds like you're the sensible one, Laura" Sue said, hearing the commotion and coming into the room. "Ally's been giving me grief about those pyjamas ever since we got back"

"Like I said, I don't think they're that bad" Laura added. Ally stayed quiet.

"Hey Ally, you've got Netflix, right?" Laura asked. "How about watching the Star Wars movies again. I want to remind myself what happened before the new one comes out." Laura and Ally both loved Sci-Fi, and while Ally was certain Laura remembered every detail of the storylines, she would always find an excuse to watch them again. Laura had been doubly keen to watch movies with Ally ever since Sue had bought a movie projector, often saying that it was better than the cinemas.

"OK, but not the prequels" I insisted.

"Agreed" she replied. "Are you coming?"

"I'll get you girls some popcorn" Sue offered kindly. "It might spoil your lunch a little, but why not". With that, she left.

Ally was conflicted. She was eager to get out of her diaper, but couldn't see a way to make it happen without alerting Laura to the fact that she couldn't get her pyjamas off herself. And if she did alert Laura to that there was a good chance she'd notice the diaper as well. She decided to bide her time. Her diaper wasn't uncomfortably wet, after all, and she figured that once Laura was engrossed in the movie she could make an excuse about needing to use the bathroom and get her mum to let her out of the pyjamas.

Laura brought up the movie and settled into an armchair, while Ally took the couch. She kept her blanket wrapped over her, hoping it would disguise the bulge around her waist.

"Here you are girls" Sue said, bringing over both popcorn and soft drinks. "Enjoy. If you need me, I'll be outside in the garden"

Ally sipped her drink carefully, while Laura gulped hers down. She hadn't counted on her mother going outside, and didn't know how long it would take her to come back in. She shifted about, uncomfortably, wishing she had refused the soft drink. The pressure continued to build. "Well, I guess it's already wet, a little more won't hurt" Ally thought to herself, letting go. She felt the warm stream leak into her diaper and hoped that it would hold.

Ally couldn't imagine that her mother could take too much longer, but there was still no sign of her as the movie ended.

"Hey Ally, could you grab the remote" Laura asked.

"Can't you get it?" Ally asked, not wanting to expose herself further.

"Oh come on, it's right next to you" Laura sighed. Reluctantly, Ally climbed off the couch, trying to shield herself with the blanket as she retrieved the remote.

"Um, Ally, I don't quite know how to say this" Laura started, unsure of herself, "but do you think maybe you should change out of that diaper. It looks really wet"

Ally's face instantly went as red as a turnip. "You mean you knew?" she managed to ask.

"Well, yeah. It's pretty obvious. I mean, I didn't want to say anything" Laura replied. "But I figured you'd just make an excuse and go change."

"I couldn't" Ally decided to come clean. She showed Laura the zipper on the back. "You see, I can't get these pyjamas off by myself, and mum's been outside the whole time"

"Holy crap!" Laura laughed. "Did these come out of the discount bin or something. The zipper's on backwards"

"Actually they're designed that way" Ally said, sombrely. "They were for my cousin, Dylan. He's autistic, and they stopped him taking off his diapers in the middle of the night"

"And now they're stopping you from taking off your diaper" Laura commented, still laughing.

"It isn't funny!" Ally shot back.

"I'm sorry" Laura responded, genuinely. "I guess that's why you don't like them. Don't worry, though, your secret's safe with me"

"Thanks" Ally told her, relieved that the story wouldn't be spread around the school.

"Can I help with them?" Laura asked, kindly.

"I think you'd better" Ally told her. "I'm not sure how long mum's going to be"

Laura stepped behind Ally and pulled at the tab. "Wow, this isn't easy" she said, tugging at it. Eventually, though, she was able to get the tab off.

"There, how's that" Laura asked.

"You'll need to help me with the zipper as well" Ally asked, embarrassed.

"Sure thing" Laura pulled it down easily.

Relieved, Ally grabbed a pair of underwear before running for the toilet. She pulled off her pyjamas completely before carefully removing the now soaked diaper and changing into her underwear. Not having grabbed any other clothes from her room, she pulled her pyjamas back on and zipped them up as far as she could manage. She took the diaper in her right hand, careful not to let it leak anywhere, and kept her left on the pyjamas just below her neck, not wanting them to fall off. After disposing of the diaper in the trash she returned to Laura.

"Thanks" she managed.

"No problem" Laura replied. "Do you want me to zip you back up?"

"I guess you may as well" Ally decided, having no more to hide. Laura stepped behind Ally once again and pulled the zipper back to its full height before securing the tab. Although a little dismayed, Ally chose not to comment on the tab, keen to end that line of discussion.


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Well, that was an interesting turn of events. Liking to story so far, keep up the good work.

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Good work...

I don't read many stories, mostly they seem not r alistic, but this one is well written, keep it up!


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Chapter 6

"Ding, dong" Ally heard the doorbell ring.

"Just a minute" she glanced around, nervously. Secured as she was in her one piece pyjamas there wasn't a chance in hell that she was going to answer the door herself.

"Laura" she called.

"In the toilet" Laura called back.

"Can you come here for a moment" Ally asked.

"You'll have to wait a minute" Laura replied.

"Damn", Ally thought, running to find her mother. "There you are" she called, finding Sue in the garden.

"What is it?" Sue asked, surprised Ally would even come outside dressed as she was.

"There's someone at the door" Ally informed her.

"Well, why didn't you answer it?" Sue replied.

"Not like this!" Ally countered. Sue followed her inside and opened the front door, Ally staying carefully out of sight.

"No-one here now" Sue commented. "But there is this". She pulled out a small card out of the door frame where it had been wedged. On the top was written 'Sorry we missed you' followed by 'Will attempt redelivery tomorrow'.

"Looks like a delivery" Sue reasoned. "Must have been your luggage, we're not expecting anything else"

"Damn" Ally cursed loudly.

"Well, why didn't you answer it" Sue was a little annoyed. Now they would have to wait home the entire day tomorrow for when the luggage was redelivered. "It's not like you would have ever seen the delivery guy again"

"Well, I didn't" Ally responded, defensively. "Anyway, it's my luggage, why are you the one who's annoyed?"

"I have to get ready" Sue stated, not wanting to get into an argument.

"Ready for what?" Ally asked.

"I'm going out with Nathan tonight, don't you remember?" Sue replied. Nathan was Sue's new boyfriend, who must have been anxious to catch up with her after a month away.

"No" Ally answered. "Does this mean that Kristy's coming over?" Kristy had babysat for Ally for many years, and was now completing her final year of University. While Ally did feel she was a little old for a babysitter, she nonetheless liked Kristy immensely and was keen to tell her all about the trip.

"I'm afraid Kristie's away for the week." Sue informed her. "But my friend Merideth suggested someone. Her cousin, actually, her name's Lorraine. She's retired from work and has plenty of experience. Merideth's arranged it with her and she's going to call me back any minute."

"But muuuuuum" Ally groaned, not keen on this development at all. "I'm too old for a babysitter anyway"

"You didn't seem to mind when you thought Kristy was coming over" Sue reminded her.

"That's different" Ally argued. "I like Kristy, she's like a friend"

"Well, I'm paying her to look after you, not so that you can have a friend over!" Sue commented. "But as it happens, I've been thinking about it and you might be right. I'm still not comfortable with you being alone until late at night, but at times when I'm not going to be back too late maybe you can try staying home on your own."

Ally was pleased. Before the trip her mother had refused all of her arguments about staying home alone. She was glad that Sue could see she was growing up.

"But Lorraine will be here today." Sue insisted. "I could be out 'till quite late, and it's already been arranged in any case".

Ally was disappointed at this, but didn't push the issue. She had extracted one concession out of her mother, which would be enough. Barely a moment later she heard Sue's phone ring.

"Well, speak of the devil" Sue said, looking at her phone. "That's her now."

Sue picked up the phone, allowing Ally to hear her end of the conversation. "Hello ... Yes, that's me ... That's right, for my daughter. Her name's Ally and she's just turned 13 ... Oh good ... Anything special? well, she still wears protection for her bedwetting"

"MUM" Ally interjected, annoyed. That was supposed to be private.

"Well, she needs to know" Sue told her, covering the mouthpiece. Ally disagreed with that assessment.

"Sorry, where was I" Sue said, back on the phone. "Yes, that's right ... No, she can handle it herself". Ally's ears burned. She could guess what that last question had been.

"She will need some help getting in and out of her pyjamas, though." Sue added, almost as an afterthought. "They're a bit unusual. But we can discuss it more when you get here. I have to leave here by six, so how about you come at 5:30. You can meet Ally and we can go over the details ... OK, perfect see you then." Sue hung up the phone.

"She'll be here at 5:30" Sue confirmed to Ally. "That's just an hour away, so I really had better get ready." With that, she left the room to change.

Ally returned to the living room to find Laura waiting for her. "Hey Laura, can you help me get these off" Ally asked. "I want to change into something else before this new babysitter, Lorraine gets here."

Laura grimaced. Although she was only a few months older than Ally, she hadn't had a babysitter herself in almost two years. Quite the opposite, in fact, her parents were pushing her to earn a little extra money by babysitting for kids herself. She did know that Kristy came over to look after Ally quite often, but was very surprised that Sue would arrange another sitter.

"I don't know, Ally, are you sure your mum's OK with you getting another set of clothes dirty when you'll only be wearing them for a couple of hours?" Her own mother detested unnecessary washing.

"LAURA" Ally shouted. Her friend had a perfectly reasonable point, but Ally was fed up with not being able to remove the pyjamas herself. "This isn't the first impression I want to make on her!"

"OK, OK, I'm just saying" Laura retreated, unzipping her. Ally promptly changed into one of the few outfits left in her closet.


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This is very cute, right up my alley. And i always like a good tween in footie pajamas story.
I'm looking forward to more. Please continue and thank you for sharing. :)


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Hmmm. My little author eye thinks it sees some foreshadowing here.

Another great chapter! Keep up the good work.

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