Allergic to cloth like disposables

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For the last month I've been wearing ID expert cloth like diapers and my crotch has been itching when I take diaper off !
But from last night and through out today I've been wearing Kolibri combslip plastic and no itching
Rougher surface, more friction, sore skin, simple.

Had that happen to many times mostly on holiday, where only cloth like are available, go for a long walk, the nappy droops and eats its way through your inner thighs.
Think the moisture that seeps from cloth likes can also cause irritation on its own.

While with a plastic back your skin either glides over it or the nappy sticks and moves with you.
Couldn't agree more with HappyNappin, just wish the manufacturers would realise this when phasing out plastic backed nappies. Makes me wonder if they do any end user research whatsoever.

Of course this is one of my two main functional bugbears with cloth backing (not including the sensory aspects of a smooth plastic outer) with the other being that EVERY brand of cloth backed nappy I have tried ALWAYS ends up looser than when first put on.
yeah you can get some nasty "rugburn" on the inner thighs after walking around for any length of time in clothlike :p
re the whole market research thing, this is essentially the fault of the marketing spin that was put on the first cloth backed (clb) baby disposables, based on what I've found on the web. The predominant users of adult nappies are either disabled kids who have came out of clb baby nappies, and elderly people who need more protection than their current pads or pants, in both these situations the move away from a non woven backing is seen as a downgrade by the caregiver, I've seen nappies very dear to this community reffered to as 'plastic covered wads of tissue'.
In most cases the end user of the product has no say in what they wear, it's decided for them like everything else, fortunately these aren't wearers that are going to push a product to its limits, but for those, like us, there is a growing hole in the market, especially here in britain.

Producers have set about the change to clb quite differently, some adopting breathable sides with a plastic backsheet, tena launching a clb halo nappy, molicare keeping there range topper plastic backed only till very recently, until eventually all will have clb and breathable sides.

Personally it makes far more sense to have a plastic backed halo product, like the attends special care/ slip plus, over and above most existing clb ranges rather than only offering low absorption value ranges with the option, if I could get a lille classic or gompels aio in a maxi absorbency it would be a default and worthy replacement for the old tena slip maxi.
Molicares give me a rash my man parts. All other diapers are fine.
I bet if someone could make a diaper addative to induce some level of temporary IC, it'd be quite a hit here ;)
That seems really off topic bambinod.

Yeah cloth backed do the same to me too though.
Just to prove it's cloth back problem , i wore an plastic comficare for 11hours yesterday and no itching
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