AliExpress Romper?

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It looks like a really narrow crotch for something made to hold up a diaper. More of a bodysuit than a onesie.
It looks nice, but $18.00 seam cheap for an adult onesie
I would question the quality
I haven't purchased this one but I have bought things on AliExpress before. They tend to be products cheaply made in China. And shipping can take a while. The clothing sizes run small because they tend to be Chinese sizes.
Aliexpress is kind of a crapshoot :) But to be honest, shopping from any company (or in this case marketplace) you don't know is a crapshoot.

You can get some really adorable and elaborate bedding on there, but it's not well made imo. (Though most children's bedding isn't very well made so there you go.)

I wouldn't write off the site in general though. e.g. you can get some really great knives on aliexpress. You just have to put in some effort to research.

The shipping speed is highly variable as mentioned. If it says "free shipping" you probably won't see it for a month. You can typically pay for faster shipping though.

That particular item doesn't look to be very good IMO.
I buy all my hockey jerseys off Aliexpress. Like Luna said, it's a toss up.
Hi, my Mommy and i ordered some really neat o onesies from aliexpress. We ordered a dino onesie and a tigger onesie, both came with hoods. As an added bonus the dino onesie had a tail! and a zipper drop seat too! both were roughly 18-20 dollars. The material was thinner, so good for summer wear.all in all a good value with free shipping. My mommy uses aliexpress alot more then I do, and she told me that even though their shipping is almost always free, sometimes you have to send them a reminder email to ensure prompt shipping.

hope this helps?

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