Alexander's Summer


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Oh my, now my anxiety ita reaching the roof !! I am glad that you are planing this story be long , since it’s just a lovely and heartwarming story because just like you said Alexander is just a little one who needs cuddling, and you are righteous his height and size is of big 5 year old so I think in the next part we gonna see nanny rose shopping some things for him like more diapers , stroller , highchair and appropriate clothes for him ( I realy want se him wearing shortfalls and rompers would be so cute heheheh


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I almost forget thank you for answering some questions for me ! And keep your awesome work !


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pierrylouys said:
Hey sorry to bother , but are you planing to post this week Alexander summer ? Since in your last message you said that you gonna post last Saturday or Sunday ,
And you are right I very good to see the real mentality of a person since I am a doctor here in Brazil , and since your writing was so good and precise for me was very easy to see Alexander for really was a little boy who wants a lots cuddles and being take care ,sorry for pestering you
Yes in fact I will be posting the newest update later on today. I apologize for not getting it all done by Sunday night. I ended up writing a bit more to the story than I thought I would with the final word count reaching over 20,000 words instead of my predicted 16,000. I have now written everything and am just proof reading the story before I post it. I have read through this new update 2 times so far and am about to start my 3rd. Once done with this last read through I will post the newest update on Alexander :).
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Just read the first part. I see your going to post the next soon. Ill be checking in hourly. Great start


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Hey everybody! Sorry for the multiple delays. I spent quite a few hours proof reading this update 4 times in it's entirety before I felt it was ready to be posted. I think I got most of the typos but as I've said before I'm not perfect. Thank you all for patiently waiting and please enjoy! :smile:

A New Day Chapter 6:

My bedroom sits at the back of our house on the 2nd floor. When my Mom and Dad first got the house they said I could have any room that I wanted so I took a lot of time trying to pick out the exact one I would like most. I didn't want to sleep on the 3rd floor because it's so close to the attic and sorta scary. I just don't like it. Maybe I've seen to many horror movies. I also knew I didn't want to sleep on the first floor either. My parent's bedroom is down there and none of the bedrooms have as good of a view when it comes to looking out over the ocean when compared to the 2nd floor. I mean I had a lot of options to choose from too because the 2nd floor has the most bedrooms out of any other level. Some rooms are on the North wing of the house and others on the South wing but I didn't want those either. I mean they were great! I could've even had the playroom which is one of the biggest rooms in the whole house but the windows that face the ocean don't open. In the middle of the house down a long hallway is a set of rooms that all back up to the ocean. They overlook the courtyard, garden, and stone walkway that leads to the tiny cottage that sits at the edge of our property right before you walk down to the beach. Eventually I found my perfect room. Centered directly in the middle of all the rooms was one bigger than any in the set. The bedroom was like the others with a tall ceiling, really cool lights, and a closet that could fit all my clothes ten times over but this bedroom was different in a special way. At the back of the room were two large paned glass windows that due to their size demanded your attention when first walking through the door. You could see everything all the way down to the seagulls perched atop the roof of our cottage. It was amazing! When I walked up to the windows I could hear a noise that I wasn't able to hear in the other rooms of the house. Faintly I began to recognize the soft crash of waves as they came ashore. Opening one of the giant windows not only caused the sound to become louder but also allowed me to smell the sea salt as it floated in the air. It was so peaceful and calming I felt like I had finally found exactly what I was looking for from my bedroom search. Unfortunately, to my surprise, my parents said I couldn't have it. They said that they wanted the room to be available for guests because it was so impressive. I was shocked and sad but honestly not that shocked. At the end of the day it didn't surprise me that Mom and Dad cared more about impressing their friends than me being comfortable in the room that I had found. Luckily just a few rooms down the hall they let me have one of the other ones. The particular bedroom I got didn't have the giant windows and wasn't as big but luckily it still had some smaller windows at the back of the room and as I stood next to them, if I was really quite, I could still slightly hear the crash of waves as they came ashore. At least this still made me happy.

Alex: *Yawn*

Slowly opening my eyes I could see sunlight as it passed in along the walls of my room. Laying next to me bundled in my arms was Rasco. “What are you doing here?” I thought as I held him close and why do I smell .. baby powder? I also felt strangely refreshed. I must have slept really good last night. As I started to stretch I soon felt what I had forgotten about still snug around my waist. It all started to come back to me as I began noticing the blue pastel sleeper currently covering my arms. As I shifted the soft crinkle of plastic started to emanate from under the sheets. Wait .. wasn't it all just a dream? Without another thought I reached down beneath the blanket to try and feel my crotch. Of course there it was my diaper. How could I have forgotten about it all? Nanny Rose, the rules, the spanking, and her changing me into .. it. Looking over to my bedside table I could see that the clock read 7:44am. Realizing I still had time before Nanny Rose would come and get me I slowly rolled back over to Rasco. Holding him close I started to think about everything that had happened. So I'm a toddler now? Is this what a toddler feels like? As I continued to shift a little in bed the diaper held fast against me just like it had done the night before. Lifting up the covers once more I could see the slight bulge that was clear from the pushed out edges of my sleeper. “I guess this is what it feels like to be a toddler .. sort of.” I thought lowering back down the covers. What am I going to do? I could just not follow Nanny Rose's directions and push back but then I might get spanked again. Maybe I should go along with it all and see where this goes? Nanny Rose does seem nice enough if I just follow the rules. No .. well .. UGH! It's just to much to think about. Laying on my back and tightly clutching Rasco I started to stare at the ceiling above me. Thoughts continued to race through my head and the silence of the room was deafening until I heard a familiar sound. Quietly in the distance I could hear through the old thin window panes the sound of morning waves breaking on shore. It didn't always happen and it was a welcomed comfort I hadn't heard for a few weeks. The sound slowly drifted me away from those chaotic thoughts and started bringing me to a place of security. I also couldn't deny the padding between my legs strangely made me feel a similar way. As I pulled my knees closer to my chest I could feel the diaper flex and stay secure like no matter what I did it wouldn't let me go. Wow .. what is this feeling? As time ticked by I laded in bed shutting my eyes while enjoying the new sensations wash over me. I just wanted to try and understand what I was feeling before Nanny Rose would be in to wake me up to start a new day.

Eventually I heard the bedroom door push open and a light switch flick on.

Nanny Rose: “Good morning Alexander. It's time to rise and shine little one.” She said with a chipper tone.

As I opened my eyes partially blinded by the overhead light I could see Nanny Rose by the door. She was once again in a dress but not like the one she had on last night. This dress was a bit shorter to where I could actually see her knees. It was white and covered in pictures of sun flowers. This time her black hair wasn't up in a bun either but instead let down to her shoulders. She seemed a lot more relaxed than she had been when we first met.

Nanny Rose: “Did you get enough sleep?” She asked as she walked over to my bedside.

Alex: “Yes Nanny Rose.” I quietly answer still a bit groggy.

Nanny Rose: “I'm happy to hear that. We have a big day today but I think we should maybe start with some breakfast first don't you?” She asked kneeling down next to me.

I nodded as she started to pull back the covers.

Nanny Rose: “Well look who we have here. It looks like Rasco was a good wolf too wasn't he? Did he help you sleep better last night dear?” She asked with a smile knowing her suggestion had been a success.

I could feel myself turning red at the fact that someone was asking me a question about Rasco again in that way and tone of voice. I hadn't been asked a question about Rasco like that since well .. When I was younger. All I could do was nod my head again while trying to hide my embarrassed face in the covers.

Nanny Rose: “Oh sweetheart it's ok don't be shy. I think it takes a strong boy to tame such a big bad wolf like Rasco.” She said trying to make me feel better.

Her words were helping a little but she was wrong about Rasco. Rasco is a saint and can do no harm. He in the past has helped me navigate snowy mountain peaks, kept me warm at night in the freezing cold, and warded off evil woodland spirts in my closet. If she only knew.

Alex: “Rasco isn't bad Nanny Rose. He's good and he's my friend.” I said feeling a need to defend Rasco.

Nanny Rose: “I'm sorry honey. I'm sure he is a very good wolf.” She said as she unbuttoned the fabric covering the zipper to my sleeper. “Let's go ahead and check your diaper real quick.”

Nanny Rose then began to pull the zipper down all the way to my inner thigh. I instantly felt a bit of cold air rush into to the sleeper which gave me goosebumps. As I looked down there was Big Bird again smiling up at me once more. I then watched as Nanny Rose reached into the sleeper and gently started to squeeze the front of my diaper giving me a quick jolt. I wasn't sure what she was going to do but I didn't expect her to squeeze anything!

Nanny Rose: “Hmm .. It looks like Big Bird was also a good boy last night wasn't he it seems.” She said as she thoroughly felt around the edges and back of the diaper too. “I think we can just leave you with Big Bird for now and check back in later. How about we just go get some breakfast?” She said in a playful tone as she zipped back up the sleeper re-buttoning the piece of fabric in place.

Once again all I could do was nod.

Nanny Rose: “Ok then up we go sleepy head.” She said lifting me onto her chest.

I instinctively began to place my arms around her neck and lock my feet around her sides.

Nanny Rose: “There we go Alexander. Good boy.” She said praising me.

Once again Nanny Rose firmly placed one hand on my back and the other under my bottom for stability. As she started to walk out of the room I could still see Rasco laying down on the bed.

Alex: “Wah .. wait” I protested as I began to reach out towards where he currently laded.

Nanny Rose: “Oh did we forget someone?” She said turning around. “Ah I see we can't forget a certain grey wolf now can we.” She said picking Rasco up off the bed and handing him to me.

Alex: “Thank you Nanny Rose.” I said sincerely happy to not have forgotten Rasco.

Nanny Rose: “You are very welcome Alexander. Now let's go eat some food I'm hungry.” She said in a cheerfully thankful tone.

As we left the bedroom and turned the corner I held on to Nanny Rose's neck and Rasco. Just like last night the feeling of being held in this position was comforting in a way I could just distantly remember. This time was a little different though because now Rasco was here. I don't know why Nanny Rose picked him out of all the other toys in my bedroom last night. It was like she knew or something. Yet there's no way she could have known, right? As I held him behind her neck while we made our way down the hallway to the top of the staircase all I could do was look at him remembering how he so long ago used to be my best friend. Strangely enough the last time Rasco and I had spent this much time together I was also dressed a lot like I am now. Once reaching the top of the landing Nanny Rose turned as we began to head downstairs. It was at this moment I got to have my first good look outside. Through the windows at the top of the staircase that over looked the courtyard I could see all the way to the ocean. The sky was so blue it almost seemed to connect with the water and not a cloud could be seen. It was a nice day and an unusually pretty morning. I couldn't help but feel happy as the events of last night started to seemingly fade away.

Nanny Rose: “So Alexander did you have any fun dreams last night?” She asked as we descended the stairs.

Alex: “Um no. I .. I don't think so.” I said trying to remember anything.

I really couldn't remember if I had a dream or not but that's probably because I sort of thought last night was actually only a dream. I didn't tell Nanny Rose this though.

Nanny Rose: “That's ok sometimes it can be hard to remember. You know I happened to have a dream last night do you want to hear about mine?” She asked clearly wanting to tell me as we rounded to the right at the bottom of the stairs.

Alex: “What was your dream about Nanny Rose?” I asked.

Nanny Rose: “Well my dream wasn't about pirates searching for buried treasure, aliens in far off galaxies, or exploring lost tombs in the desert. No I had a wonderful dream about a cute little boy named Alexander who had a wonderful day of play and fun. He got to spend time with his toys and also go on adventures with his pet wolf named Rasco. He sure was happy.” She said now slightly patting my diaper as we made our way into the kitchen.

I could practically feel Nanny Rose's smile as she said this and I couldn't help but blush a bit. Especially with how she kept patting my bottom. It was like she wanted to keep reminding me of my diaper or something. It was nice of her to say that though. I don't know if she really had a dream like that but I could tell she was trying to keep me entertained and it was sort of working. I soon noticed we had made it into the kitchen. As with many parts of the house the kitchen was no exception to it's grandeur. The kitchen was on the ground floor in the North wing of the house. It had a lot of windows too that looked out towards the courtyard and garden with a set of french doors that let out to the patio. My mother wanted a fancy kitchen and had it renovated before we moved in. There was a round glass table next to the french doors and a TV on the wall across from the table. Deeper into the kitchen was a bar that slightly separated the main kitchen from the table and sitting area. In the main kitchen were two islands, a custom stove, a stainless steel industrial sized fridge and freezer, lots of white cabinets, and a deep sink surrounded by light grey granite counter tops. As we made our way into the kitchen Nanny Rose carried me over to the round table.

A Looney Breakfast Chapter 7:

Nanny Rose: “Here we are.” She said lifting me off her chest as she placed me down in the wooden kitchen chair. “Ok let's see what we have on TV for you to watch while I whip something up.”

Nanny Rose took the remote off the table and started to flip through the channels as I held Rasco in my lap. Looking around I noticed something sitting on the table in front of me. As I inspected it I quickly realized what it was. It had a light green base, dark blue top, and two gripped handles on either side. It was a sippy cup. As I reached out and touched it I could hardly believe it. Does she not trust me to even drink? As I got closer I began to notice the dark blue top was actually the face of Cookie Monster from Sesame Street with his signature goofy look as he ate a cookie.

Nanny Rose: “I see you've noticed I got you a bit a water if you're thirsty. I searched the kitchen earlier this morning but once again couldn't find anything I felt was appropriate for you. It seems we'll just have to keep using what I brought with me till we have a chance to go to the store later on this afternoon.” She said turning back around to me as she set the remote back down on the table. “I think I've found something suitable for you to watch while I prepare some breakfast. I will be just on the other side of the counter if you need anything and also I want you to be very careful while sitting in that chair ok Alexander?”

“What's wrong with the chair?” I thought as I looked down at it's wooden frame. Maybe she thinks it's uneven or something? I don't know but ok.

Alex: “Yes Nanny Rose.” I said looking up at her still thinking about the sippy cup next to me.

Nanny Rose smiled kneeling down to pat my head a little.

Nanny Rose: “Thank you Alexander. Enjoy sweetie I'll be done soon.”

As Nanny Rose stood up and walked to the other side of the kitchen I noticed what she had chosen for me to watch. It was an episode of Baby Looney Tunes on Boomerang Kids Channel and it had just started. I remembered this show actually because it was on regular TV a lot when I was younger. In fact it was on most when I was .. a toddler. I mean it was one of my favorite shows back then. How is she doing this? First it was Rasco and now one of my favorite old TV shows. Does she know something or is she really just that good? As I started to hear the familiar song of “Hey there everybody it's a Looneyful Day” I looked over at the sippy cup and then back down at Rasco. I could feel the soft fabric of the sleeper hugging me close once more as the diaper that rest just beneath it somehow was becoming increasingly more noticeable. A woozy feeling began to rush over my body as the small array of baby items were all starting to make me feel .. just like a kid again. Feeling an urge to kick my feet as they hung over the side of the chair I turned my attention to the TV hanging on the wall. The sun had begun to round the West corner of our kitchen and I could feel it's warmth on my back. I decided to lift up Rasco and put him on the table so he could watch the episode with me. There was Taz, Tweety, Lola, Daffie, Sulvester and Bugs. I couldn't believe I still remembered their names. Bugs was my favorite because he always seemed to be a good leader. As I watched the show feeling a whirlwind of nostalgia I started to get a little thirsty but still I didn't want to drink from the sippy cup Nanny Rose had gotten me. It felt like just another admittance of what I was trying to deny. As some time pasted I began to hear Nanny Rose talking to someone on the far side of the kitchen. Was she on the phone? I wonder who she's talking to?

Nanny Rose: “Yes .. that works and you .. yes if you can the sooner the better. Today? .. that soon alright yes call the house when you arrive at the gate and I will buzz you in. Yes ok .. thank .. thank you .. yes bye bye.” She said as she end the call.

“Was someone coming over?” I began to wonder. Why would she be inviting someone? Was it a friend or maybe about something else? Eventually as the episode ended and Tweety finally found out that the secret everyone had been hiding from him was his own surprise birthday party Nanny Rose came walking around the corner of the bar. She was carrying two plates. As she sat down I could see her's had scrambled eggs, some toast, and a freshly cut avocado on the side. Next she laded down my plate which had a banana cut into eight pieces, a couple slices of green apple, a scoop of apple sauce, and a piece of toast too. All I could think was why so much fruit? What am I a baby? As I pondered that thought I began to guess it was alright regardless of what the meal may imply.

Nanny Rose: “Ok Alexander let's dig in.” She said excitedly as she handed me a spoon. “Now Alexander be careful not to make a mess. I would give you a fork but I couldn't find anything that I felt was a good fit for you.”

What does she mean “fit” for me? Whatever, I was actually pretty hungry so I decided not to think about it too much and tried to eat carefully. As we started to eat I could tell Nanny Rose was keeping an eye on me. It was weird but I didn't care. The banana and apple were pretty good plus so was the apple sauce even though I'm not a huge fan of it. Nanny Rose and I didn't talk much and instead watched another episode of Baby Looney Tunes together with Rasco. I eventually began eating my toast when I realized how dry it was and also how much more thirsty it had made me. I started looking over at my sippy cup again. Am I really going to do this? “It's just a sippy cup. It's just a sippy cup” I repeated in my head as I reached for one of it's handles. It turned out to be a little heavier than I thought so I decided to go ahead and hold it by both sides. As I pulled the cup close I slowly placed the tip of it's top into my mouth. I could feel my face getting hot. I'm sure Nanny Rose was watching me. At first I tried sucking slightly but nothing came out. After a few seconds of trying with no results I started to pull harder for some sort of nourishment yet still nothing would come out. As I continued eventually the sippy cup started to make it's distinctive noise of air passing through the top as I struggled. What was I doing wrong? After a few more moments of struggling in my desperate attempt to get a drink I had almost given up till I felt the bottom of the cup slowly start to be raised in the air. As the cup shifted up I began to lean my head back as I held tightly onto both handles. Cool water suddenly came pouring in as I continued to suckle for a few refreshing seconds thankful to finally get something for my efforts. As I continued to drink I heard Nanny Rose speak up from the other side of the table.

Nanny Rose: “My goodness Alexander I know this may not be the exact sippy cup you are used to but you have to turn your new sippy cup up if you are going to get anything out of it silly boy.” She said as she held the bottom of the cup in place for me.

After a few more short seconds of quenching my thirst I felt better and Nanny Rose once again lowered the sippy cup back to it's resting position. Looking down at the Cookie Monster top I couldn't help but feel embarrassed. Wasn't I 12 years old? How did I not think to turn it up like that?

Nanny Rose: “Oops. Looks like you got a little on your face sweetheart let me get that for you.” She said dipping her napkin into a glass of water.

Looking over at Nanny Rose I soon felt her start to softly clean the sides of my face with her napkin. While she cleaned up my mess we eventually started to make eye contact with one another.

Nanny Rose: “I know it was pretty good wasn't it.” She cooed pushing the last bread crumbs off the sides of my mouth.

Once done, in a quick last motion, she pushed a bit of low lying hair out of my eyes that had been sitting in front of my face.

Nanny Rose: “Well it looks like we both have a couple of happy plates don't we?” She beamed pointing out how much we had eaten.

She was right. It was really good. All of it. I felt a little bad too because I didn't think Nanny Rose was going to make my breakfast taste so good but I was wrong. I mean it wasn't that big of a meal but still it did make me happy to have a nice tasting breakfast after all. Despite that though I was still feeling really embarrassed. I kept imagining what I must have looked like from Nanny Rose's perspective. I hope she doesn't think I'm dumb or something. As a few slow seconds ticked by I continued looking down disappointingly into Cookie Monsters goofy face and Nanny Rose could tell exactly what was bugging me.

Nanny Rose: “Oh Alexander it is nothing to get embarrassed over. It's just not the sippy cup you're used to baby. It's no big deal and we can get you some others when we go shopping later on today.” She said attempting to cheer me up.

Her words helped a little and I was able to crack a tiny smile. As I did this Nanny Rose kindly smiled back at me too.

Nanny Rose: “There we go see it's not so bad and you know what I think now that we've filled our tummies we should have a little playtime what do you think?” She quipped assured of my response.

As she spoke my smile started to get much bigger. I was excited at the possibility to finally do something fun. With a grin on my face I quickly nodded my head in approval.

Nanny Rose: “Alright Alexander well let me clean up these dishes real quick and I will go ahead and set you up an area in the other room for some playtime.” She said gathering the dishes together.

As she stood up and began to walk away Nanny Rose stopped for a second before passing the bar clearly in a bit of thought.

Nanny Rose: “Actually Alexander I have an idea that might help you with your sippy cup issue.” She said looking in my direction. “It will only take me a moment so stay there till I come back to get you.”

Once again I nodded as she walked over towards the sink.

Turning my attention to watch more Baby Looney Tunes I began wondering what Nanny Rose's “idea” might be. While pondering this I suddenly thought about something even more important. Before getting up she mentioned that we were going to be able to “get me other” sippy cups later in the afternoon while shopping. Does that mean we are going to shop for more .. baby stuff? If that's true then what does that mean exactly? Are we just going to be getting sippy cups or something more? As I continued thinking about the idea I realized there's no way that it could be true. That would cost a lot of money and I doubt Nanny Rose would pay to get me a bunch of baby stuff anyways. I bet we're just going grocery shopping. Once I was done thinking about what Nanny Rose had said I decided to turn my full attention back to watching TV with Rasco till she returned. After about 15 minutes or so Nanny Rose eventually reappeared back on my side of the kitchen.

Nanny Rose: “Well that took a little longer than I expected but I think you've got a nice little play area waiting for you in the other room Alexander so let's have you hop on down from that table and hold onto my hand. Make sure not to forget Rasco too.” She said giving me a helpful reminder.

Excited to play I leaned over to grab Rasco from the table and carefully slid off the chair. Looking up I did as told reaching my hand towards her dress. As she took hold of my hand Nanny Rose began to lead me to the other side of the kitchen. As we walked I quickly noticed the familiar crinkle of plastic from under my sleeper. It was a bit louder than I remembered from when I had first heard the sound last night but I was trying to just ignore it's presence. In truth this was a lot easier said than done. With every step I could feel as my thighs swished along the outsides of the diaper and how the ruffled rings around the tops of my legs brushed ever so slightly against my skin. As we moved towards the exit on the other side of the kitchen Nanny Rose began to walk away from this point and instead towards the stove. As we started to approach the kitchen appliance I began to wonder why we would have walked over here. Letting go of my hand Nanny Rose reached up as if to grab something from a pot that was sitting on top of a burner. Was she making something else? While trying to get a closer look at what the item might be I soon realized my attempts were pointless given my height and Nanny Rose's position.

Nanny Rose: “Alright I think that's just about perfect.” She said as I heard her quickly twist something together. “Ok Alexander I think we're all set so let's go get you situated in the other room.”

Playtime Chapter 8:

Once again Nanny Rose motioned for me to grab her hand as she started to lead us back towards the main exit of the kitchen. She seemed to be carrying something in her other hand but her sunflower dress kept blocking it from view. As we left the kitchen she guided me to the special nook just on the other side of the wall next to the staircase. I could see Nanny Rose had laded out some of my old toys onto a large white blanket filled with a bunch of blue pillows. She had even turned the TV to the episode of Baby Looney Tunes I had been watching earlier. This was one of the more interesting spots of the house. When we first moved in my Mom and Dad didn't know what they wanted to do with the space because of where it was located. The nook was to the left of the staircase and right of the main entrance to the kitchen as you walked into the home. Just under the staircase is a pretty large coat closet that holds all of our winter clothes that you can get to through a door in the nook. My parents eventually put a couch, table, and potted plant in the room with a TV on the wall of our staircase. It definitely made a nice area for guest to sit in while they usually waited on my parents to get ready for parties. I always liked the nook because it had become a sort of cozy corner. I also could tell why Nanny Rose had picked it as my play spot instead of the living room. She clearly wanted to keep an eye on me as I played from the kitchen.

Nanny Rose: “Well I feel I've done a pretty good job don't you think? I moved the table out of the way so you could have a bit more space to play and brought a few more of your toys down from the bedroom so you might have a bit more fun.” She said leading me over to the pile of pillows she had set up.

As I sat down between the pillows I began to notice just how cozy Nanny Rose had made everything for me. The blanket she had found was very cushioned and the pillows she had gotten were clearly from a couple of other couches around the house. Looking around at my toys I could see she had brought down another one of my other old stuffies that was a purple octopus named Squids Mackenzie, a little box filled with some pirate figurines, and my old plastic pirate ship with the big grey cannonballs. After looking around I felt it all was actually a pretty cool set up as I turned my attention back to Nanny Rose. Not surprisingly she could tell I was happy.

Nanny Rose: “Oh my with a smile like that I think I've gotten my answer haven't I. Well I'm glad you like it Alexander now you stay in here and play till your hearts content while I go make a few more phone calls. If you need anything I will be right next door in the kitchen.”

Again I nodded showing her I understood.

Nanny Rose: “Very good.” She said praising me. “I also warmed this up for you while we were in the kitchen earlier and I want you to be a good boy by drinking it all up by the time I get back ok sweetheart.” She said causing me to further question what she had concocted.

As Nanny Rose said this she brought around into view what had been hiding behind her dress. I immediately knew what it was as she set the drink down next to me yet .. that couldn't be right. I felt that somehow I must be just imagining it. There's no way it could be real.

Nanny Rose: “Ok Alexander now be good. I am in the kitchen if you need anything.” She said walking back toward the entrance of the kitchen.

I wasn't really paying attention to what Nanny Rose had said as she left, or focusing on the TV playing Baby Looney Tunes, or even Rasco. How could I with what was now sitting next to me. Just a foot away on the outskirts of my pillow throne was now a large Sesame Street themed bottle of milk. I could clearly make out Burt, Ernie, and Elmo who were waving at me on the outside of the bottle between the measuring lines. Near the top of the neck was a bright red plastic screw top and just above it was a clear see through rubber nipple that I couldn't stop starring through. After a few seconds I decided to reach out and touch it to make sure it was real. As I placed my hand on the bottle I could feel that it was actually pretty warm. Soon I began to realize at that moment Nanny Rose had just given me a bottle of warm milk to drink. Pulling my hand away I decided I wouldn't do it. No way! “I'm 12 years old.” I thought as I held Rasco a bit more tightly. Quickly putting the bottle of milk at the back of my mind I began to snuggle into the pillows as I continued to watch more Baby Looney Tunes. Taz had just found out his special toy he had gotten from Granny couldn't actually break and everyone was happy. Time began to tick by a little as I started to get more into the episodes. It was usually pretty easy because they were always really short. Eventually I decided to pick up Squids and play with him a bit. Squids had never been one of my favorite toys but I always did love his long arms and the way they would flop around everywhere. Looking over at the pirate men I thought it might be cool to set them up on the ship with Rasco. Leaning over to grab everything I realized to reach the toys I would have to spread my legs a bit to get them. While doing this I could feel the diaper push against the ground beneath me. As I stretched more the diaper began bunching up tugging at my groin underneath pressing in against everything. This definitely wasn't like underwear. No it was something else entirely. I could still smell baby powder as it lingered down below. As much as I didn't want to admit it .. this actually felt good. Really good. I decided to move my butt around on the ground a little more as I began to hear the diaper crinkle louder and louder. My padding held tight, the sleeper held tight, and my bottle of milk was just inches away. This is .. this is so .. wait. No! What am I thinking? Ok focus I thought to myself pulling the ship and pirates closer. I am going play, enjoy some quality time with Rasco, and maybe watch more cartoons. The feeling of my diaper wasn't going away but I don't really need to focus on it do I? Plus I knew somewhere inside me I was starting to warm up to the new underwear Nanny Rose had chosen for me but she couldn't know that and I'm not ready to admit it either. As I played with the rest of my toys for the first time since my parents had left I began to feel like myself again. I wasn't dressed how I normal am and the toys I happen to be enjoying weren't my usual group but at least they were mine. I started to set the pirates up across the deck of the ship and placed a pillow off to the side as an island for a few more pirates to stand on. They were going to be the stranded pirates protecting their buried treasure.

The Tale of the Scurvy Dog Chapter 9:


As the ship, of which I had now dubbed the Scurvy Dog, searched the waters of the upper Atlantic trying to find the cursed treasure of legendary pirate One Eye and his infamous crew the Scurvy Dog, a ship led by rouge pirate Captain James Silver had come across a stand alone island not found on his map. As the ship filled with a ragtag group of rough sailers approached the mysterious island a fog began to roll in. The crew was worried and told Captain Silver that maybe they should turn back but Captain Silver wasn't scared!

Captain Silver: “To your stations men! We didn't come all this way just to run from the possibility of finding out what's kept in Davey Jone's locker! No men we came for treasure and treasure is what we will find.”

As the the Scurvy Dog got closer to the lonesome island the fog began to disappear. In the distance Captain Silver could see someone standing on shore .. could it be? Pulling out his spyglass he began to make out what appeared to be a man of large stature with a grizzly beard. Focusing on the man's face his suspicions were confirmed. Suddenly a voice could be heard from the beach.

One Eye: “Well if it isn't old Captain James Silver and the Curvy Dog!” shouted the man from on shore. “It's been quite some time hasn't James.”

Captain Silver: “Hear that gents? Sounds like we've got ourselves a comedian! I expected better from you legendary pirate One Eye!” Captain Silver shot back.

The crew of the Scurvy Dog began to whisper, “No it can't be. He .. he's real?”

Captain Silver: “That's right ye scaredy cats. He be real but we don't have to worry about him! He's old and frail a relic of what once was .. Now he's just a legend.” Captain Silver shouted as the crew of the Scurvy Dog burst into an uproar of laughter.

Captain Silver: “Alright enough talk One Eye! We are here for the treasure and aren't leaving without it!” Captain Silver proclaimed.

One Eye: “Oh is that so? Well ye may be right about one thing Captain Silver. I may be just a legend but .. legends are legends for a reason” He said with an evil look in his one eye.

Suddenly Captain One Eye removed his eye patch revealing an eye that was neither human nor beast. It was only something out of a sailor's nightmare.

One Eye: “You are a fool Captain Silver! A fool who has lead these men to their doom!” One Eye shouted as the nightmare began to twist and turn in his head.

As One Eye spoke the nightmare he had revealed started to glow red hot as steel in fire. Suddenly dark clouds formed around the island and waves began to break against the bow of the Scurvy Dog.

“What could this be?” thought the crew of the vulnerable ship.

One Eye: “The treasure is mine! It has always been mine and you will all find out why! Bring forth the one who sleeps beneath the sands of time it keeps. Bring forth the monster who lurks below that's hands sink into hearts of whoa! Bring forth the depths who's weight is deep, bring forth the one who's feared in sleep, bring forth the oath of which we keep! Bring forth THE CRACKEN!”

“Captain Silver a whirlpool has formed off the starboard bow!” Shouted a man from the crew.

Captain Silver: “No it can't be. Men! To your stations!”

Rising from the water was the purple monster known as Squids Mackenzie.

Squids Mackenzie: “SCREECH!”

Tentacles began to crash across the deck of the boat as sailors began fighting to save the Scurvy Dog. In the mist of battle the crew watched as Captain Silver approached the side of the ship now covered by flailing arms of the giant sea monster.

“Had he gone mad?” the crew wondered.

At the side of the boat Captain Silver starred into the murky waters of the sea. Knowing what he must do he quickly reached into his pocket pulling out a single black and grey coin. With a simple smile he removed his captains hat placing the coin inside.

Captain Silver: “Will you come to my aid when I am in need of it most? The captain asked under his breath.

As swells crashed against the boat Captain Silver looked far below the waves into the brimey deep. In darkness he could faintly make out the silhouettes of two golden eyes.

Captain Silver: “It's been awhile old friend. You have my thanks.”

Immediately Captain Silver threw his hat overboard coin and all. As it crashed into the water he watched as it slowly faded below the surface.

Captain Silver: “Come to me now! RASCO! Wolf of the Seven Seas!”

The crew stood in silence realizing what the captain had done. A roar of cheers spread across the deck of the Scurvy Dog as a howl from beneath the waves grew louder. Suddenly a creature burst from the ocean.


Rasco had heard the captain's call and was ready to fight for his friend.

One Eye: “Curse you Captain Silver and your mangy crew but how well will your mongrel manage against the might of the Cracken!”

As One Eye spoke his words Rasco turned back to face Captain Silver. As the Captain looked into the grey wolf's eyes he knew what the creature was waiting on.

Captain Silver: “Go Rasco! We are with you! Men .. TOO THE CANONS!” he roared.

In one large yell the crew of the ship cheered together “FOR THE SCURVY DOG!” as they mounted the canons.

As Rasco leaped at the Cracken ripping it's arms away from the ship all members of the Scurvy Dog crew began to fire into the battle of sea monsters as chaos ensued.


Burt, Ernie, and Elmo Chapter 10:

Nanny Rose: “Alexander?”

Hearing Nanny Rose's voice I quickly looked up from the legendary sea battle taking place.

Nanny Rose: “There we are.” She said with a laugh. “I called your name at least three times but now I can clearly see you and Rasco were just busy being pirates on another big adventure. Alexander Is Rasco trying to eat Mr. Octopus?” She asked with a chuckle.

Alex: “No Nanny Rose .. we were just trying to take the treasure of the evil pirate One Eye.” I said trying to explain.

Nanny Rose: “Oh well I see. That sounds very exciting. Did you and Rasco get the treasure yet from One Eye?” She asked sounding amused.

Alex: “No not yet. Rasco was about too though!” I said with a bit of excitement.

Nanny Rose: “Oh my goodness you two are just absolutely precious. Well it's been a little over an hour and a half so I wanted to check in on you two.” She said kneeling down next to us.

As she looked around the blanket filled with pirates and pillows I noticed one of Nanny Rose's eyebrows start to rise.

Nanny Rose: “Alexander what is this?” She asked pointing to a familiar object that still sat next to me.

Between the summoning of two sea creatures I had completely forgotten about the bottle of milk Nanny Rose had told me to drink earlier. As she continued looking at me for an answer I realized I didn't know what to say. Instead I just decided to hold Rasco a little bit tighter.

Nanny Rose: “Alexander do you remember what I said to do with this before I came back?” She asked with a bit of curiosity.

Once again I couldn't say anything. I knew I had goofed. As a few seconds passed she asked again.

Nanny Rose: “Alexander can you go ahead and answer Nanny Rose's question like a big boy?” She asked a bit more directly.

As I waited a little longer I decided to utter one phrase.

Alex: “I'm sorry Nanny Rose.” I said starting to get a bit worked up.

Nanny Rose: “Alexander it's ok. I realize you got a bit distracted while playing and forgot to drink your milk but if you don't drink your milk you won't become big and strong like Rasco sweetheart.” She said trying to keep me calm.

Reaching over Nanny Rose grabbed the bottle off the floor as she stood up.

Nanny Rose: “Just as I suspected. I'll have to go warm this back up. I guess that's ok though that just means you and I get to spend a little personal time together.” She said a bit more enthusiastic than I expected.

Personal time? What does she mean by that? Does that mean we are going to have a big talk about something?

Nanny Rose: “Alright Alexander I will be back in a few minutes. Keep enjoying your playtime dear.” She said walking with the baby bottle back into the kitchen.

While waiting I decided to clean up some of the Scurvy Dog crew and put them back into their box. If Nanny Rose was wanting to have a talk with me I figured it would be better if I tried to help out. “Maybe it will make her happy” I thought. After about five or so minutes Nanny Rose returned walking back out of the kitchen holding the bottle of milk. I could tell she was a little surprised that I had tried to clean the blanket.

Nanny Rose: “Alexander did you clean up some of your toys while I was in the kitchen?” She asked in surprise.

I gleefully nodded hoping Nanny Rose wouldn't be as mad with me yet somehow she could see right through what I was doing.

Nanny Rose: “Alexander you silly goose do you think I'm mad at you for not drinking your ba-ba?” She said thoroughly humored by my actions.

Wait did she just call it my “ba-ba”?

Nanny Rose: “Honey I'm not mad at you. I know little boys can sometimes get lost in their playtime and be completely taken away on their big adventures.” She said walking over to where I was sitting on the floor. “Now let's get you up and over to the couch. I'm sure a certain daydreamer and his wolf worked up quite an appetite.”

Nanny Rose was right I was a little hungry after fighting Squids Mackenzie and pirate One Eye but what was I going to eat? Had she made me something else? As she bent down I reached up grabbing onto her neck as Nanny Rose lifted me into the air while I held Rasco. Holding me on her chest we moved over towards the couch just behind where I had been playing. As I continued to think about what Nanny Rose had said the bottle of milk quickly caught my eye. In an instant it clicked. Wait! She's talking about the bottle of milk! Is she about to try and feed me? As I reached this conclusion Nanny Rose turned and sat down on the couch with me still clinging to her neck. Picking up a pillow from the couch Nanny Rose began to expertly position it onto her left arm as she let go of my bottom. Not expecting her to take her arm out from under me I let go of her neck causing me to fall squarely into her lap.

Nanny Rose: “Oh .. Alexander are you ok? Here lay back sweetheart with your head on the pillow for me.” She said pushing on my chest in it's direction.

At this point I was now being securely situated in Nanny Rose's lap. My butt had already slipped in between her legs on the couch and as Nanny Rose pushed me back towards the pillow I could see the bottle of milk in her hand. Soon enough I felt my head hit the top of the cushion and in little time it had all happened fast. So fast that I didn't have much time to protest but now I was in the perfect position to be bottle feed. As Nanny Rose began to bring the bottle towards me I quickly picked up Rasco pushing him in the way.

Nanny Rose: “Alexander playtime is over for now. It's time to put Rasco down and drink your ba-ba.” She said pushing Rasco down with the bottle.

Once again I tried to bring Rasco back up to push the infantile container out of the way.

Nanny Rose: “Now Alexander you had a chance earlier to drink this on your own but instead chose to play. As I said earlier I am not mad at you but you need to drink your ba-ba before nap time. So once again I am telling you it's time to put Rasco down and drink your ba-ba.” She said in a commanding tone while pushing Rasco out of the way again.

This time as Nanny Rose brought the bottle towards me I simply decided to hold Rasco close to my chest instead. He had done all he could. With the tip of the bottle now firmly in front of my mouth I figured my last ditch effort would be to just not let her in.

Nanny Rose: “Alexander you are starting to test my patients now open your mouth.”

I decided to close my eyes and keep my mouth closed as Nanny Rose left the tip of the bottle hovering just outside on the edge of my lip. A few seconds passed until I heard a quick sigh come from Nanny Rose as I instantly felt a sharp pinch at my side. Surprised I immediately opened up as I felt a soft and warm rubber nipple push fully into my mouth.

Nanny Rose: “There we go Alexander. Good boy. Good boy.” She cooed.

As I opened my eyes I could see Nanny Rose was not exactly happy but still she seemed content with what she had succeeded in doing with me. As I began to move away Nanny Rose once again chimed in.

Nanny Rose: “Uh uh uh Alexander. Do not spit that bottle out or you will be in big trouble.” She said with a tone reminiscent of last night.

As I sat there with nipple in my mouth I tried to assess my situation for what it was worth. The way Nanny Rose had positioned me was actually pretty comfortable as she held up my head with the pillow as my bottom rested secure within her lap. Looking up I could once again see Burt, Ernie, and Elmo waving at me on the outside of the bottle though this time it felt more like they were waving so I would maybe just let them in. I could feel Rasco's wavy fur in my hands as my diaper pressed against Nanny Rose's leg. The nipple of the bottle was resting gently on my tongue and I could feel it just barely dripping warm milk out of the tip as it slowly started to form a pool towards the back of my throat. I quickly looked outside to the front yard watching the trees in the distance. They were blowing in the wind so care free and without resistance. In this moment I felt an urge. An urge to stop and just give in to what was happening. Taking deep breaths through my nose I slowly began to suck on the nipple as warm milk started to fill my mouth. It was slow, thick, and sweet at first. Once I felt like I had gotten enough I forced myself to gulp down what was now the first drink of warm milk I had received since I was truly a baby. A real baby. I could feel the milk's warmth continue all the way toward my stomach and there it remained. I immediately wanted to have more trying to suckle even harder on the nipple than I had done before desperately trying to remember what I was suppose to do with my tongue. I began to lean in towards the baby bottle breathing deeper as I pulled on it's nipple.

Nanny Rose: “That's it. That's it Alexander. Ok now that's a good boy.” She said as Nanny Rose began to bottle feed me.

As I heard her words of praise I started to suckle even harder trying to remember what to do with my tongue as it pressed up on the teat of the bottle. In doing so streams of warm milk continued to pour into my mouth. I was on the right track as I pulled even stronger from the bottle held by Nanny Rose.

Nanny Rose: “Oh my goodness baby I had no idea you were this hungry. There's no need to rush.” She said trying to slow me down.

This wasn't going to happen though. I was too close to remembering how to drink from a baby bottle again. As I kept trying to maneuver my tongue around I quickly realized one certain position that had finally clicked. I could feel that if rolled my tongue along the nipple like a wave and suckled at the same time milk would flow out of the bottle just like I remembered. I had cracked the code. Closing my eyes and pushing forward towards Nanny Rose more so than ever my head, at this point, had risen well off the pillow and I was gone.

Nanny Rose: “Alexander slow down honey.” She said sounding a bit alarmed.

As I continued to nurse the bottle the breathing from my nose grew louder, the milk flowed heavier, and the noises of a toddler begging for more began to fill the walls of the nook. I could feel myself start to grip Rasco tighter. Tighter then I had done so in a long time. I wanted him close to me and I wanted my ba-ba.

Nanny Rose: “Alexander .. ?” She ask more concerned as my name disappeared just towards the back of my mind.

As I shift in Nanny Rose's lap trying to get more milk the diaper became increasingly pronounced as it crinkled beneath my bottom. I was warm in my sleeper, I felt secure in my diaper, I could feel the nipple of my bottle giving me milk while it slightly dribbled out the sides of my mouth all while my best friend who had seen me in situations like this before rested safely on my chest. I feel .. I feel like a ..

Nanny Rose: “Alexander!” She shouted pulling the nipple from my mouth.

Opening my eyes I realized what had happened. Looking down I could see my back had become completely vertical and milk at some point had started to roll all the way down my chin onto the sleeper. Rasco had fallen onto the floor and I could see the bottle of milk in Nanny Rose's hand. It was already almost halfway empty.

Nanny Rose: “Alexander .. Sweetheart are you ok?” She asked as she started to rub my back. “Is something wrong baby? That sure was quite a fit you just had.”

Looking up at Nanny Rose I couldn't help it as I felt tears start welling up in my eyes. I wasn't sad I was just confused. What was all that? So much of it felt wonderful like a breath of fresh air but I didn't understand why. As I began to feel the first drops of water hit my face I immediately buried my head into Nanny Rose's chest.

Nanny Rose: “Oh my goodness Alexander honey what's the matter? Shhhh it's ok. It's going to be ok. What's the matter huh? Don't cry.” She said speaking softly as she lifted my face out of her chest.

As I attempted to wipe my nose on the sleeper I couldn't do anything as I starred up into Nanny Rose's eyes. I didn't know what to say.

Nanny Rose: “Well if that isn't just the saddest face. Alexander honey what's wrong? You can tell me. Whatever it is I promise.” She said with honesty and concern.

I didn't want to say anything. I still was so confused by what had just happened. Instead I began to spread my arms out to the sides of Nanny Rose. She immediately knew what I wanted.

Nanny Rose: “Aww baby is that all you want? Do you just need a good hug?” She asked as she put her arms around me.

Scooping me up Nanny Rose once again placed a gentle hand on my back and bottom, even more gently that usual. As she pulled me close I again placed my arms around her neck. It felt good. It felt like exactly what I needed.

Nanny Rose: “Oh my goodness what a sweet little boy I have here. Yes I do. What a sweet little angel. That's right Nanny Rose has got you it's ok. Shhhhhh. It's all gonna be ok.”

As Nanny Rose continued calming me down I could feel her hand as it gently rubbed my back. Eventually after a few seconds of back rubs I could feel her attention switch to my bottom. At first it started with gentle diaper pats but eventually she upgraded to the full on squeezing of the back, bottom, and front of my diaper. I could tell what she was doing and I didn't care. She was checking my diaper and maybe she should. Why should I stop her? After a few minutes of hugging and diaper checks Nanny Rose eventually placed me onto her lap. She could tell I was still a bit upset and immediately began to bounce me up and down on her knees.

Nanny Rose: “Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy? I think it's you. I thinks it's you Alexander.” She said speaking to me in the first real voice that made me feel completely like a toddler.

I laughed a little and even giggled. It felt like an earthquake on my padded bottom but my protection absorbed all the blows. Once she felt satisfied with my more normal attitude Nanny Rose finally spoke.

Nanny Rose: “Ok Alexander now do you feel better?” She asked cheerful in tone.

With a big smile I grinned back and nodded.

Nanny Rose: “Well are you ready to go ahead and finish your ba-ba for me?” She asked clearly wondering what answer I might give.

Thinking about it for a brief moment I knew I wanted to after what had happened but I also knew I wanted to take it slow as well. I still had questions with few answers so without saying a word I began to slip my bottom back between Nanny Rose's legs as I laded my head back down onto the pillow.

Nanny Rose: “What a good boy.” She said quickly praising my decision.

As Nanny Rose picked the bottle back up I could see Burt, Ernie, and Elmo waving at me as they came closer again though this time I felt better. Once Nanny Rose brought the tip of the bottle close to my mouth I let the nipple slip in again with little resistance. As the rubber tip rested back on my tongue I once again began to suckle at the bottle in the way that I had remembered except this time much more slowly. As I began to nurse I felt an urge to reach for my stomach soon noticing I was missing someone special. Nanny Rose must have caught my glances because she immediately knew.

Nanny Rose: “Oh that's right.” She said reaching next to the couch. “We can't forget about this little guy.” She said placing him back on my stomach.

Feeling Rasco back in my grasp made everything complete for me once more. Holding him tight I began to turn my attention towards Nanny Rose. As I continued to nurse my bottle of milk I couldn't help but look up into her eyes. She was looking right back at me. I didn't blink and nor did she. I started to think about everything that had happened so far and what Nanny Rose had done. Why was I afraid of her? Was it because she was new to me? She doesn't seem so new to me now. I know she spanked me last night but since then she has made me breakfast, tucked me in at night, brought me toys, set areas up for me to play in, and now she's even feeding me .. by hand. I actually feel like she's kind of a good person. “Maybe I can trust her even if this is all so new to me.” I thought as she gently held my bottle in place. Feeling better about trusting Nanny Rose I began to close my eyes. While turning over towards her direction I started to pull my knees in while I began to rest my head more snuggly in the crook of her arm. I was happy and I let her know by how much noise I was making as I nursed. These gestures did not escape her thoughts as she could tell I was finally warming up to her.

Nanny Rose: “Aww Alexander .. what a precious little boy I have with me right now. That's it honey drink up. I've got you.” She said as she softly brushed my hair.

A Nap Well Deserved Chapter 11:

After 15 minutes I had completely finished my ba-ba and was now really sleepy. Nanny Rose slowly set the bottle to the side and lifted me up on to her chest as I held tightly once again onto her neck. Standing up she went over to the blanket I had been playing on earlier and started arranging pillows into a comfy pile for me to take a nap. For a couple of seconds Nanny Rose held me tight and began to softly pat on my back. What is she doing I thought?

Alex: *Burp*

Nanny Rose: “Well sounds like someone just made a little room for more.” She said teasing me.

Once done Nanny Rose laded me down on my back as she started to unbutton my sleeper back up. The quick motion caused me to suddenly open my eyes again.

Nanny Rose: “Oh I'm sorry dear I didn't mean to wake you.” She said pulling the sleeper apart.

Alex: “It's ok.” I said yawning once more.

As I looked down to see Nanny Rose giving me another diaper check before my nap I could feel this time she was strangely being a bit more thorough placing two fingers up inside one of the leak guards. The quick sensation actually caused me to kick just a little. Looking at Nanny Rose's reaction to the state of my diaper I could tell she seemed a bit puzzled but quickly zipped and secured the sleeper back up placing another blanket on top of me. Once done Nanny Rose walked away for a second returning back moments later with Rasco in hand setting him down next to me as she made sure I was decently tucked in.

Nanny Rose: “Have a good nap Alexander and sweet dreams. I will be back to wake you in a little while.” She said looking over me for a moment with a sense of care.

As she got up to turn off the TV Nanny Rose walked over to the windows to close the blinds too as the room became darker. Once done again she walked back into the kitchen leaving me alone for my nap. Laying there on the blanket I decided to opened my legs towards the ceiling and really just feel everything as I put my feet together. Why was I doing this? I'm mean do I like it .. ugh well parts of it I guess yea but I can't tell why. “Maybe I will eventually find out and Nanny Rose can explain it to me?” I thought. As I started to drift to sleep all I could think about was Captain Silver, One Eye the pirate, and the bottle of milk now resting warmly inside my full and satisfied tummy.
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Wowwwowww I really don’t know How you can write something so detailed and heartwarming, I really liked the way you can transport us to a scene when we see how marvelous is a imagination of a child , and the conflict in Alexander head , since in the beginning you show that he feels a little reject and neglected by his parents , and in the next paragraphs you show why he is so confused since he’s accepting the treatment nanny is giving him , because is embarrassing but in the same time he feels so secure , protect and a little loved ,and how much he wants to feel this way, and I think nanny is gonna change somethings in the house since I think she ordering some furniture, my bet that until the end of day Alexander is gonna have a nice stroller , highchair and crib to keep him warm and safe , and I also think nanny is gonna use some medicine to make him use his diapers since is nos healthy to keep holding heheheh, I really ansious to see the fort diaper change and how Alexander gonna react heheh I think he gonna love heheh. Keep the wonderful work and please don’t take another month to write more , since you really make us ansious to see where you gonna take us in this wonderful tale of a little boy who wants to be loved and cared !
Ps sorry for the long post , and the nagging/begging for new chapters !!!


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Amazing update as before. Can't wait to read more. Hope she doesn't need to use meds/enemas(those things in stories don't really seem innocent to me just fetishy; tho maybe that's just me..
Your writing style is amazing, hope this isn't a 100k words, but instead a million times a million words :p


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I had doubts about this story, but wow, that was amazing, can't wait to read their shopping trip together, I'm actually nearly sure what is planned there, can't wait to see if I'm right.


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I have been patiently waiting for the next chapter and it was so worth the wait can't wait to read the next part it's a great read so far


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Me too i cannot wait for the next chapter !! I hope wee see baby and nanny having fun I’m the park and store !


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Hey man I just found the perfect picture that matches your wonderful story I can really see Alexander in this scene after nanny rose make the appropriate changes to take care they baby Alexander needs hehe i hope you can be inspired by this hehhe and maybe deliver another chapter next week (crossing fingers )
This drawing was created by the talented mochi on Twitter for baby Toby


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Just waiting patiently/ansious for the next chapter ! Hehehehe just like Alexander heheeh ! Wulfee give us a earlier Christmas present and post a new chapter heheh


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These are the type of stories that match my desires to be little again and live this baby life again. Oh well.


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