Aisha needs to vent

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Well the last post I vented it went very horrible quickly being my fault that it did! I now post my feelings and being hurt. Well this well be long just letting everyone know this now. I feel like in all my relationships I have fell head over heels for my ex girlfriends and my emotions grow fast and things moved quickly. When I say they moved quickly I mean that I feel like I did not become friends with them long enough to start dating them. I get attached to a woman easily I think that has to do with my girl side and I am very sensitive. Any all of the woman I dated I met them off of dating websites. I have been mentally abused by my ex girlfriends yelled at called me names and been cheated on. My friend told me to write a list of 5 things I looked for in a woman I'm gonna share that list now. 1st thing is I am looking for a woman that understands me and what I mean by that is I take things outta context.When I'm upset I really go off the extreme everything hits me at once I need someone to tell me it's gonna be okay Zach and explain things more then once if need be. Second thing is flexable I understand that work schedules our outta our control but I feel like both of us should have free time to see one and another. The third thing is open minded I have secrets and I need to let them out at some point I need to build trust with someone before I tell them. The fourth thing is loyalty I have been cheated on in the past and I don't want that again. I am loyal til the end and I want the same in return. And the last thing on my list is personality I'm not saying that I want someone with the same as mine. What I am saying is that I want someone to happy like me and caring just like I am! Well this is the end of my long rant and I do wanna apologize for my last post lacking details and sorry for the miscommunication. I do have one more thing to ask of everyone how do I let my Aisha side out to my new partner when I met them? I feel like I can't bring her out soon but not late either I hope that made sense.
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