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So I'm looking into an AIO - that realistically would more often be worn over a disposable for cuteness/puffiness.

But would also maybe sometimes be worn standalone.

Any good places to chec besides Dependeco?

DO I have to have plastic pants?
AIO stands for all in one, so no plastic pants necessary.
To me Dependeco AIO's are the best. Stay away from AIO's that use PVC in them. You can't dry them in a
dryer at all. Dependeco's use PUL which can dried in a dryer on low heat. I've been wearing Dependeco's now for
over two years with no problems. I recommend using a booster with them to help control leaks. You can get
wicking around the leg openings so the outer cover can get damp. You can wear plastic pants over them if your
afraid of leaks. It just takes time to find out what you can do when your wearing them.
I'd recommend the Dependeco AIO.. very well built diaper.
Ama-fuckin-zon dude! Just search adult AIO diaper and you'll get results that are under 25 dollars.
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