Ageplay in television

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Looking for any ageplay/Age play related thing on television shows or movies. This is for a Project I'm doing to show and educate people the on the different types of ageplay. Doesn't have to be Nappy/Diaper related but will also be welcomed. Also if you have facebook I'm happy to show exactly what I'm needing this for. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
There was an indi film called "Grow up already."
I can't specify but Disney does a LOT of jokes that would make any normal person think twice kind of relating to this subject. Just watch some of the newer shows.
There seem to be hints to literally every thing in shows now days. I don't know if its because they have allot of writers, or to find real life things they find odd enough for people to be like wait what.
Coney said:
I can't specify but Disney does a LOT of jokes that would make any normal person think twice kind of relating to this subject. Just watch some of the newer shows.

well, nick and cartoon network did it with Ren & Stimpy and Chowder, not to mention the metric ASSTON of material from Fairly Odd Parents, there just HAD to be an AB/DL on the writing team of FOP! I can get toying around with diapers on the show a few times, but an average animator would tire of the same jokes after at most 5 times, FOP had at least 50 different diaper jokes thrown in, that's just suspicious!
There was a show I used to watch, I think it was called Big Kids.
The parents were hypnotised to act like children every time they heard the word "ming"
There's basically a reference in every kids show. I think maybe it's less to do with an abdl/little on the teams and more to do with "Shit, we need an idea." The one exception I think of that confuses me is The Incredibles. "The only one without super powers is Jack Jack and he isn't even toilet trained." Dash: "Lucky."
This might not be of any use for your project, but it got me thinking. There's an old cartoon from 1938 called "Boy Meets Dog" in which a man is sentenced to the "youth machine" and turned into an infant.

Here's the synopsis: "The story begins with young Bobby and his friends having a sundae at a restaurant, but he refuses to because of his extremely strict and mean father (Billy Bletcher). When returning home, Bobby hears a bark and realizes that a beagle dog is lost. Although he decides to keep him, his father won't let him. Bobby cleans the dog to not make his father disappointed. However, his father is. Bobby's father kicks out his lost dog and then Bobby cries in bed. His father goes back downstairs but then trips over a roller skate and accidentally breaks the vase. He walks back upstairs, realizing Bobby has vanished. He then tries to find him, thinking that he is hiding. Gnomes come to life from the wallpaper and knock him unconscious. Then he wakes up seeing that he is in the court. The gnomes tell him that he is a "mental giant" and find him guilty. However, according to this, Bobby has not disappeared but disguised himself as a judge and sentences his father into the youth machine which turns him into an infant, making his life start all over again and be locked up and treated as a baby in the machine forever. To cover up the illusion of his nightmare, the machine feeds him with a bottle and showing that it was the poor lost beagle kissing him. When he wakes up, the dog runs away and then Bobby's father realizes that his son is right. He then starts to lose anger and strictness of his son and joins a gang of kids (including Bobby) and he is now a "Reg'lar Feller".

Here's the scene:
Thank you Frogsy. :)
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