Age We Stopped Bedwetting Poll

What age did you stop wetting the bed (0 wet night's not including alcohol consumption as an adult)?

  • 4-5

  • 6-7

  • 8-9

  • 10-11

  • 12-13

  • 14-15

  • 16-17

  • 18-19

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I am curious about bedwetting incidence and feel us folks will be honest.
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Im 18 and I just wet the bed a couple nights ago. Been in diapers since, cant trust myself now lmao
Wetting myself until 8 years old. I didn't have any haste to remove them until the humiliation made by all my surroundings were too much for me.
I wet my bed until I was 17. Didn't really want to stop because I like how it felt to have diapers and rubber pants on in bed. Now I wet most nights and wear diapers full time.
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I stopped young, at I think 2 or 3.
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I've been a DL for a long time, I wet the bed on purpose until I was 12 or 13 just to stay in GoodNites.
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Roughly 3-1/2. I wasn't old enough to really be considered a bedwetter. I just continued wearing diapers to bed for a few months after I was potty trained, which is pretty much "normal."

Of course, going back to diapers a few years later was somewhat less "normal," heh.
Life-long bed wetter. Never have been "dry at night," though I do have the occasional "dry spell" (a day or two up to a couple of weeks). Diapers are just part of my life.
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I wet my bed until I was 8 or 9. Mommy always kept me in Ultra Pampers Plus in the gold and blue packs at night. Mom would help me with a bath and then it was diaper time at about 8:00 PM. I would stay up until 9:00 before heading off to bed in just a Pamper and teeshirt. Good ole times back then. Mommy took good care of me and my little problem.
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LucasFromTazmily said:
I stopped young, at I think 2 or 3.
Same. I don’t remember exactly.
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I stopped wetting the bed (actually my diapers) a little after I was day-time potty trained. I'm not sure of my exact age as I don't remember.

I started to wet the bed again around 9 years old and stopped completely about 12 years old.

I haven't wet the bed since.
Primary nocturnal enuresis. Technically never really stopped.
goodniteslover12 said:
I've been a DL for a long time, I wet the bed on purpose until I was 12 or 13 just to stay in GoodNites.
Why did you stop?
I was dry at night before 4.
Wet nightly until I was 15 and then it just stopped suddenly
I wet the bed a few nights (when I wasn't wearing a diaper) when I was 19, maybe like once when I was 20, but I can't recall wetting without a diaper in my sleep since. I am not sure exactly what was going on then as I had been dry for like 10+ years prior. Now it seems like my body knows when I am wearing a diaper and allows me to wet sometimes without waking up.
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I never stopped wetting at night. After many drs and meds my mother put me back in diapers every night. When I turned 13 she told me it was time to do it myself. I have worn diapers to bed and wake up wet every night to this day. A few years ago my wife decided to go back to cloth and rubber pants as they work better than the disposables and plastic pants. I now wear disposables and plastic pants during the day as well.
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I stopped at night around 12ish because I remember still wearing them for, what I think is known as Middle School in the states? I was diapered until 13 just in case I had an accident, which only happened a few times after I stopped wetting almost every night
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I was five, almost six. Now I’m 45 and trying to become a bed wetter lol.
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