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Hello :)

I have a question for you all, what is your little age? what activities do you do associated with that (Wearing diapers, drinking from bottles, pacifiers, etc)? and what do you consider yourself and why (little, AB, DL, etc)?

Sorry for all the questions but I guess I am trying to see where I can identify because I don't use diapers, I don't intend to either because I feel more around 2-3 and potty trained type thing, I love pacifiers, bottles, sippy cups, toys, disney movies/kids tv, cuddles and the innocence of it, so not sexual stuff at all. I see myself as a toddler so I feel that I identify as a little. the way I see the "titles" are like this:

Little- 2+ little age but some people identify as AB's too but not all.

AB- Babies but not including the diaper part?

DL- people who wear diapers too (the diaper part).

I'm interested to hear peoples views on this, but no arguments please! and also I really want to know if there are others that don't wear diapers and identify as toddlers/ kids without the diaper thing too?
I think most ABs do wear diapers, or at the very least want to. I don't know this for certain, but I THINK most DLs are in the fetish side of thing...Idk, I've actually never seen anyone who was into diapers but not baby stuff, even though that's the most common definition I've seen. I think "little" applys to anyone who enjooys feeling little, regardless of diaper usage and whatnot. Of course, there isn't exactly any AB/DL handbook or anything of the sort, so these definitions are mostly subjective. I hadn't even heard the term "little" used until a little under a year ago, so the meaning of that is very fuzzy to me.

I consider myself both AB AND DL, meaning sometimes I like to regress (which also makes me a little I think) and sometimes it's a fetish. It depends on the mood I'm in.

Also I personally never got the age thing. Different kids mature at different rates, so I have no definite age for my little side. I guess it also depends on my mood...sometimes I go pure baby, sometimes toddler. It varies. But that's just me.
I don't identify with any particular age (other than my chronological one). I enjoy a mixture of baby things in the context of being an AB, and I don't think there's much of a rhyme or reason. I like diapers (disposables more than cloth, although cloth can also be fun), pacifiers, bottles, some of the clothes, particularly onesies and footed pajamas when the temperature and my mood are in synch, and most of the furniture. I enjoy them sensually, sexually, and as an indicator of status, but it's just a grab bag of baby stuff that suits my mood of the moment.

Most ABs like diapers as part of it all but I've seen some posting here who don't. They're not necessary but they are the most iconic symbol of babyhood, so I'm not surprised so many of us like them.

I prefer "AB" to "Little" as I think it's more distinctive for identification and Internet searches but I refer to people as they wish.
Lol. I'm the complete opposite! I'm not at all into the baby stuff you mentioned, except for the diapers.
My little age is 9-12, and my main activity as a little revolves around getting desperate, holding on too long, and pretending to accidentally wet my pants. I will only get involved with playing or watching cartoons or such when I feel the urge to pee start building up, then I slip into little mode and use whatever it is I'm doing as a distraction that will result in me delaying a bathroom break, and little me will wet himself.

I just can't enjoy the little activities for the sake of doing them, it's only used as a prelude before I wet.

With the diapers, little me wears for bed wetting, long drives or times when a toilet isn't readily available, or sometimes as a punishment for wetting his pants.

But I've done a lot of diaper play this week while I've had an empty house, and I'm starting to realise that I may be a bit more of a stand alone diaper lover than an AB or little. You see normally it's hard for me to get diapers, so when I do, I'll try to regress quickly, wear one and use it, then quickly change. This week I've been able to wear nearly all day for 3 days, and every night for 5 nights.

This has lead me to the realisation that I just don't want to be little all the time, but I've just enjoyed being diapered
I would consider myself a little though I don't have a particular age though my daddy says I float around the 3-4 age range in behavior. For me I just know I'm feeling little lol even though that's the age he says I am (which I tend to agree with for the most part) I wear pull ups or diapers when I'm little but normally that's not my idea although I don't mind ;) I like to watch princess Sofia the first (my absolute favorite!) or Goldie and Bear I color a lot too and I love playing with my calico critters!
Hi little Sisi hear.

I think you are thinking to much. I am just lettle me I don't really have a age. Becouse forever is a long time.
I have a bipper becouse some time I am bizy playing and I have a acidant, and if I don't have my dipper on I have to stop playing and get change and that's not fun.

I like playing lot of different games some games are more fun than others. I alse have a pasifer which helps me when I am upset and or over tyered.

I gess what I am trying to say is being little is great and you really don't have to think about it becouse it just is. And that a good thing.

Hope this helps you to relax as you find your self. But don't worry we all play hide and seak with our self. Have you checked under the bed.
I generally just refer to myself as an ABDL. I don't have a set age that I identify as since there are aspects I like from pretty much each age and other aspects that I don't like. So I generally just cherry pick the stuff I want and leave everything else out and just call it ABDL. I can be in a diaper and a onesie, sucking on a paci and watching cartoons. But my adult self hasn't gone anywhere and I can immediately go back to normal since I don't really regress that much. There's really no official rules on how you have to identify. You can call yourself a little, AB, DL, or whatever and choose whatever age you want to be as since at the end of the day, it's all just for fun. Just pick whatever label works best for you.
Hi there LittleBelle. I'm also someone that doesn't really have a little age. I only use age as a shorthand, like if meeting someone knew or having a discussion, in which case I might say that most of the things I like are for about age 3 (still in diapers but with some possible potty training scenarios, can talk and run around, play videogames, feed myself and so on). I prefer just telling someone what I like and don't like if I have more time though. I don't really want to fix myself at age 3, I just want to wear diapers and be cute and playful sometimes, even if I might also switch to a more mature topic of conversation if one comes up.
Thank you all for your replies :) It's nice to hear other peoples side of it, I do feel that I more identify as age 2-3 but I can see why you guys might not want to :) I do feel like the only one who doesn't have an interest in wearing diapers though :laugh: but it's nice to find like minded people :)
LittleBelle said:
Thank you all for your replies :) It's nice to hear other peoples side of it, I do feel that I more identify as age 2-3 but I can see why you guys might not want to :) I do feel like the only one who doesn't have an interest in wearing diapers though :laugh: but it's nice to find like minded people :)

Oh no, there are several people here who don't wear diapers and some others who wear them but don't use them. I think diaper wearers are in the majority (it is in the website name, to be fair), but you're definitely not alone, and it's awesome that have a good sense of what you like and can enjoy it.
LittleBelle said:
I do feel like the only one who doesn't have an interest in wearing diapers though
I don't like wearing diapers either. I am between the age of newborn baby and 5 depending on the day. I call myself a little.
chocokat said:
I don't like wearing diapers either. I am between the age of newborn baby and 5 depending on the day. I call myself a little.

Good to know i'm not the only one :)
I don't have a specific age ... and I am so mixed that I just use a lot of the titles. Mostly AB/DL, but I would defiantly be considered a little.
Hi there! It's funny seeing this post because it reminded me how I used to ask myself the same things.

The conclusion I reached was just that I am me, and the titles don't mean all too much. Sure, they make it easier to identify a person, but there's more to it than just that for everyone on every level, so thinking too much into it just isn't worth it.

I view myself as a "little" mostly because even before I knew about this side of it all, I've always had a "little" personality, and I still do. It's a part of who I am. I guess the actual term fits me very loosely, and I just go with it because it's the closest fit.

Maybe that's all nonsense. It's pretty late, so if that makes no sense, I apologize. It makes more sense in my head than in words haha.

Also, love the name and picture. Belle is one of my favorites <3
For me, I can't really be sure. When I go little, my mind just blanks or at least my memory does. I do recall playing in the sandbox even at the age of 12 though. I'd be out there from morning till night, building, playing, pretending. My childhood is a rather bland one. Being the youngest does get you leeway when you get in trouble, but I was no troublemaker. In truth, being the sixth kid kind of made it hard for me. My parents were very laid back yet still serious. They'd spend most of their time golfing, leaving me to the mercy of my siblings who were either four or eighth years older than me. At the age of six I became an uncle and my parents said I couldn't act like a child anymore, that I had to set an example for my nieces and nephews. This just tore into me. Prior my parents would tell me to just be myself, be free. This hit me like a ton of bricks. If anything, my little side is a manifestation of that part of my childhood that was taken from me. My nieces and nephews got first priority on everything, where we went to eat, if they got the last treat, what we had to play or watch. During most of the time they were around, I'd retreat to the furtherest reaches of the house and just sit there feeling betrayed.
Thank you for your reply :) That makes sense :) Thank you, you too, Elsa is one of my favorites too :p #DisneyObsessed <3

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Awh :( I know what you mean, it was the same for me when my adoptive sister had her first baby, everything was about the baby, don't get me wrong I love my niece but I felt kind of jealous because I wanted to be little, I was 9 so not far off how old you were.. I guess that is partly why I identify myself as a little instead of an adult baby, because I see myself as a toddler, I don't want to wear nappies but I love toys, bottles and paci's.. so I am kind of like a stubborn 3 year old who refuses to give up the bottle and paci and gets away with it :laugh: I know the past is hard but no matter what your physical age is, its how you feel that counts, "you're only as old as you feel" they say :) No matter what happened to you as a child, I know its hard but why let it upset you? forget it because things and people that make you feel bad aren't worth your energy! Even recreate it in a way that makes you happier if it helps you to move on and then make new memories as a little!
I think that the way I see is the AB refers to more of the age play kinky side of things, and little refers to the more regressive side. I know some people see it the other way around.

As for me my little side I feel is my true self. Because I am Chronologically an adult I have to have that side "out" more than my little side. If I could have it the other way I would be the happiest but that is not practical.

As for what my little side is like. I am about 12-18 months old usually. There are times where I am regressed a bit younger. I love my baba and my binky, and I am never far from my blankie. I do not do much imaginative play yet. I still like all the toys like that are kinda geared toward babies. Like the ones that you press a button and it makes noise. I thought I would like stuff like building and dolls but I don't. I like my plushies to sleep with.
Personally, I don't have a little age. When I start feeling little, I usually suck on my paci, snuggle with my stuffed animals/plushies, and watch cartoons. For now, I would probably consider myself a little and AB. I would also like to wear footie pajamas and drink from a bottle but I haven't done that quite yet. I might also be a DL because I have thought about wearing a diaper for awhile and hopefully I experience that soon. ^-^

The reason why I would see myself as a little is because I behave childish and I enjoy activities associated with being a little as I stated before. I think that I'm a AB and possibly a DL because I don't really see myself as being a AB without wearing diapers because I believe it would make me feel more like a baby. I want to wear a diaper but I also know that there are DLs that aren't ABs and that reason could be that they like wearing diapers but don't feel like a baby when doing so. I think that some DLs do find it as a fetish and I'm not entirely sure if I do as of right now. I have thought about it though.

But yeah, I don't have an exact age when I feel little. I don't really think about it, I just express it natuarally.
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