After the accident, acceptance and happiness


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Liz's head hurt but it wasn't as bad as before the accident. So she could use the computer again after all these months her Mom said. Since she couldn't read like she used to, just simple words in simple sentences, she wondered what she would do on the computer. Still her Mom steered her to her computer desk, sat her down, turned it on. Because Liz's head injury made her run out of the house and all over the neighborhood, her Mom had to tether her to the chair although the tether was long enough so she could stand up and move around a bit.

But what were these pictures her Mom had on from what YouTube. Women her age in diapers?

But then she was in diapers, thick disposable ones with rubber pants over them. They were wet again but her Mom showed her how to pee in them standing up from the chair so they wouldn't leak.

Those women were in diapers, she was in diapers. She had graduated college, was going to move to New York City where she would start law school with a scholarship. Now she was tethered to a chair in diapers and rubber pants soaking wet.

"Mom, what is this?" Liz asked. Who are these women, I can't read what it says.

Mary stood at the door looking at the pictures, too. "Liz those are women in diapers who like to wear them. See that woman just sitting on the stairs. She is wearing diapers and is smiling."

"But I won't wear diapers for that much longer. I am going to New York next month. And some of them look like babies sucking on pacifiers, having their diapers changed. I know that the hospital people changed my diapers after the accident and you do because I got clumsy. I can't even eat with a knife and fork. At first you even had to feed me and have me drink from a bottle. But now I do use a little spoon even though the dish is plastic and I have to wear a bib."

Mary came in and stroked Liz's hair. "Just look at the pictures, dear. Can you still stop the videos on the computer when you see something you like. Stop the photo for the woman you like the best."

"I don't like any of them. I won't be like them. I am going to New York next month."

Mary got a little tough in her voice. "Liz, do as I say. When I come back here I want one picture you like on the screen to show me."

Liz started to look at the pictures on the video again. She wanted to cry.

Mary did cry when she went downstairs to the den which was half empty after her husband, Joe, started to move his things out. She couldn't forgive him nor could he forgive himself for crashing into the car in the intersection when both Mary and Liz told him to stop using the hand-held cell phone. Mary was OK in the front seat but Liz was knocked unconscious, was in a coma for a week, then in a brain injury rehab for a month.

Mary will never forget what the doctor team told her after that month. They could do nothing more for Liz and she could go home. But they weren't to have a daughter who would go to law school. Rather they would have a girl-woman who could think like her age but not do much with her body for women her age. She could only read simple words and sentences. She was clumsy and had to be fed. The diapers they put on her when she was in a coma would need to stay on, she was urinary incontinent although they did manage to retrain her to be bowel movement continent. She would inappropriately relate to male nurses and therapists, she couldn't control herself. She would leave her bed and wonder around and get lost.

"You have an Adult Baby daughter, I am sorry to say who needs constant toddler attention to not hurt herself ."

"What should we do?"

"There are group homes"

"No" said Joe. It's my fault and I have a lot of money. She will stay with us. We will get her the best outpatient therapists to make her ready to go to law school.

One of the doctors shook his head and sighed. "No, Joe. You could get therapists to teach her more complex reading beyond the first grade and to write simple sentences and to feed and dress herself. But Liz is in many parts of her brain that were injured a toddler and there is nothing anyone can do."

Mary started to cry. Her brilliant smart daughter an Adult Baby in diapers and a bib.

So Liz came home. Everything she had that was "normal" had to be changed. Liz would get out of bed at night and go outside and a neighbor would bring her home the first three nights she was home. Mary knew the neighbors would complain to social services in the town, so they got a lock for her bedroom door. But then she would get out of bed angry and rip up her books. It was hard to do, but they tied one of her feet to the bed.

Then getting Liz in diapers was another problem. Liz would take off her wet one anywhere she wanted and run around not wanting Mary to put a new one on her. Meals were another thing. Liz wouldn't eat with Mary spooning food into her mouth. Finally, Mary taught Liz to feed herself with a towel for a bib.


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Finally, Mary broke down and told her college roommate about all the troubles she was having with her daughter, now a full blown adult baby. Alice was far away in New York--was going to help Liz in her first days there--and was not shocked about anything.

Alice was stunned. She wasn't surprised Joe and Mary were on the quits. She couldn't forgive Joe either for that needless injury to his daughter. She dreaded what she was going to say next to Mary, but if it could help and Mary would still be her friends, she would

"Hmm, Mary, you said the doctors said Liz, OMG, is an Adult Baby, a toddler who always needs to be watched?

"Yes, an Adult Baby."

"Well, you know I have some racy friends and they tell me about all the people being Adult Babies who are online. Maybe they can help you:

Mary hung up the phone as Alice feared she would. But after having Liz run out of the house without a diaper so Mary wouldn't put one on her , tear off the rope around her ankle and bang on the locked door all night, throw her wet diapers all over the house, she realized there might be a grain of truth in what Alice said. She googled adult baby and found a new world opening up for her and hopefully for Liz.

Mary called Alice back saying she was sorry. She said she was glad to know about the adult baby community and saw things she could buy for Liz to make the situation better in some way. She would start by showing her pictures of women in diapers so Liz would be more amenable to wearing hers. That is where she was today. She was sorry she had to tether Liz to the chair for this project. She hoped eventually Liz would accept her situation and want or like other things Mary would buy starting with a crib and playpen and proper toddler harness.

Mary came back to see if Liz had liked any of the photos. She was gratified that Liz perhaps out of boredom had settled down in the chair and showed her one--of a young woman asleep on a bed sucking a pacifier.

"Mom, she looks peaceful like I haven't been since the accident. I'd like to look like her."

Mary said "let's give her a name, should it be Sleeping Beauty?

"No" Liz said in a toddler way. "That's Betty"

Mom asked "would you like to sleep in a diaper and suck on a pacifier like Betty and be happy like she is?

Liz pouted looking long at Betty. "Yes, Mom, I would"

Mary said "lets look at the others. Maybe you would like to be like some of the other women in the photos."

Mary stopped when she saw a woman asleep in a crib with a pacifier. "Liz, doesn't she this woman look even more peaceful. Look at her Liz. She is safe in the crib, she won't fall out and hurt her head. And she has a doll. Would you like to sleep like her all peaceful with a doll in a crib?

"I don't know. Babies sleep in cribs. I'm going to law school next month."

"Well, we could get you a crib for a month and see how it goes. And a pacifier and a doll. Right now you need to be peaceful, you agree?

"Yes, Mom.'

Mary started to undo Liz's tether from the chair and turned off the computer. "Come to the bed, Liz, and let me change your diaper. Then I will make your favorite dinner and get you a crib, pacifier and doll.

Liz usually at this point would start running away from Mary all over the house. But this time, she went willingly to the bed for her diaper change.

In a month, the day Liz was to leave for New York for law school, Mary started to cry but was grateful that she had a better time of it with LIz.
Liz wanted to look at the pictures of the AB women all the time and had names and made up stories for the ones she liked. Diaper changing was no problem
Liz went over to her when her diaper was too wet, got another one from the closet and lay down where she could be changed quiet and still. She accepted that Mary often had to feed her although Mary didn't mind the mess when Liz fed herself. She still ran out of bed at night but Mary just let her bang on the door until the crib would come.

Finally the crib and a big play pen came the day Liz was to start her job in New York. But the brain injury took away LIz's sense of time so it was always next month that she was going to New York. In the meantime, she got into the crib willingly and loved her new doll. Mary also had gotten infant crib toys for her to play with like the one with the buttons Liz could push for different sounds and colors. In the play pen, Liz had other toys like blocks, a little train, and books with textures and sounds for starters.

Liz started to love her new AB life with her Mom who was always too busy for her and always at her to be "little Ms. Perfect". She loved how she was spending her days like the AB women on the video.

Liz would wake up in her crib with a soft wet diaper in the morning and hug her dollie and her new teddy bear. She would sit up and play with the color sound toy and the three others Mom got her--Mom could never get her enough toys, not like when she was a kid. Mom would come in, take down the crib railing and put the harness on Liz--she still ran all over the place and once almost got hit by a car when she ran into the street--and take her to her bathroom, give her a bubble bath, ciaper her and dress her in a onesie. Liz picked out the onesies and any onesie she could have she got just like she could get any kind of AB diaper or rubber pants or pacifier. No expense was spared.

Then breakfast--any food Liz wanted. She would let Mom feed her and after a while liked it when Mom took her on the living room couch and gave her a bottle of milk. She felt so soothed in her diaper and rubber pants and onesie drinking a bottle on Mom's lap. Naturally it was the best adult baby bottle on the marker. Mom knew all the places to find such things.

Then play time in the play pen with a diaper change when ever Liz wanted. Mom had all the best diapers and plenty of them Sometimes she was busy coloring--she did relearn how to color and do follow the dots--and didn't want a change. Then lunch. Then Dad who was so sorry would take Liz in the car to a house in the country a friend let him use. Liz could run around in a fenced area and go in the swimming pool with a life jacket on. Then Dad would take her for ice cream and buy any take out food Liz wanted to eat at home with Mom. Mom would then change her, read her a story, and put her to bed.

One day Liz asked Mom "can I go to the zoo again?"

Mom said "I don't know. You always run away if you aren't in your crib or play pen or with Dad at the country house. You could get hurt.'

Liz said "Well, put the tether on me. I don't care. I want to go to the zoo.

Mary said "well, maybe there is a tether that is better. That one people will laugh at you for being a baby.

Liz said "that's what I am, a baby."

But Mary went to adult toys and found a waistband with a short leather lead and put it on her daughter for the trip to the zoo.

Liz was so happy to be out of the house not at the country house walking through the park to the zoo. She didn't pull on the lead and was able to focus on seeing the animals one by one. Mary had to stop though when Liz wanted to go on the playground swings and slides with the younger children.

Then Liz was surprised the next time Joe took her to the private house. A whole play ground just for her with swings, a slide, a sandbox, a jungle gym, a little playhouse with new dolls.

Liz grew more and more to like being an adult baby. Mary and Joe wondered what would happen when they were older and couldn't care for her. But then the owner of the private house sold it to Joe and Joe and Mary reconciled to live together there to take care of Liz. They even found some safe girl friends for Liz in the AB community to come play in her ever expanding nursery with rocking horses, any toy they wanted to play with or outside in the playground or with life jackets on in the pool
Finally one of the AB girls talked about Daddy men some of them had and Joe and Mary interviewed Daddy men for Liz. None seemed suitable so they arranged for a Nanny to live with them with her real young children. The Nanny was given the understanding she would get the house and all and a good sum of money to take care of Liz when they couldn't.

Liz loved her new AB girl friends. She played Candyland and Sorry with them, sang with them when Mom put on videos, and went to their parties with Mom and Dad and the lead of course because she couldn't stop her habit of running away. She loved her Nanny who fed her with more patience than Mom and never had Mom's sorry look when she was changing her or giving her her bottles or baths. The children loved playing with Liz, too, and the older ones read her stories and taught her agiain how to do puzzles. One had the greatest Lego set and showed Liz again how to make houses and all. They made a whole little city.

Liz never remembered she was going to New York and law school after a few months. Her Mom took down all her college award and certificate things and put up wall decorations of butterflies, roses, fairies and waterfalls. Her Mom gave away all her clothes from before the accident and now Liz just had onesies for home, shorts and t t-shirt for outside. She didn't see family for holidays to need a pretty dress, but Mom promised her one for the next time they would see her aunts, uncles and cousins. Aunt Alice did come from New York with nice presents. And she had everything and anything she could possibly want as an Adult Baby from her sorry but loving Mom and Dad. The end.