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Does anyone else have this issue where a single song can just make a perfect mood into like total sadness and just spoil a whole day :frown:

A few songs have a real meaning to me and can cause this, but I'm finding more and more songs seem to be having this affect on me..
Actually, music tends to make my bad day into a good one. Always.
I guess it must depend on the type of music then, I don't seem to ever have that happen for me, I do tend to listen to more heavy music not sure if that has that affect.
Tylexon said:
I guess it must depend on the type of music then, I don't seem to ever have that happen for me, I do tend to listen to more heavy music not sure if that has that affect.

Well, I listen to progressive metal primarily; powerful pieces that hit the listener deep inside while having the listener think hard about their complexity. Music is my life, so I fully embrace that deep feeling.
Music engages the entire brain and is one of the few things to do so. Sad songs actually make me sad for a bit, but then happy and motivated. Music in general helps me draw.
I have a tough time with most of what I hear anymore, to be honest. So often, the songs are either depressing in tone, or they seem rather void of emotion. It's as if, to be a popular music artist, you have to be an over-the-top tragic figure or a mindless dance-bot. When I hear people talk about how amazing Adele is, for instance, I'm just totally mystified. I mean yeah, she's got pipes, but gosh... Sing something that's not about loss, breakups, death, etc. When I listen to music, I want to be uplifted, not feel like I'm the singer's therapist or something. Go whine to somebody else! If I want to think about problems, I'll think about my own problems.

That's why I mostly listen to trance and other instrumental stuff. Classical, even. I can think my own thoughts and just let the sound carry me along. Lyrics can wreck just about any good tune, especially if they include the word "baby". How ironic. :) (The "Baby-baby-baby" song from Elmo's World gets a pass, though.)

My own preferences and opinions, naturally. You're free to somehow like that Adele-type stuff. Somehow...
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Music tends to make a bad day into a good one for me.
I knew a guy who played the opening song from Napoleon Dynamite on his cell. And I was all like "yo that song's from Napoleon Dynamite! You remember that movie?". And he just stopped playing the song and said "I fucking hate Napoleon Dynamite". His whole day went to shit after I said that I guess, some people are just odd.

To answer your question there aren't any songs that make me feel bad really. Unless they're really fringe songs just created to mess with people and have no artistic merit. Mostly songs make anywhere from happy to neutral but never profoundly and genuinely sad.
Love music, as much as my diapers, really. That may sound dumb, but they're both ingrained in my soul, having had diapers in my soul for the past 60 years, and music for just slightly less.

And, no, a song rarely takes me to a bad place, but oftentimes takes me into a reflective mood. Many songs take me back to the time in my life when they were first released, reminding me of where I was at right then, and perhaps of whom I was involved with, and that can be a good/bad reminder, but again, it's more of a reflective thing.

When I play certain songs, I do oftentimes almost come to tears, because they really reach deep. It gets hard to be singing, when you're on the verge of crying for soulful lyrics...
I use music for a coping mechanism and have been trained in music therapy.

Yes some songs can have a negative music trigger. That was the point in "A Clock Work Orange".

What I have been doing is using music for background noise to help focus on the task that I am doing. (A ADD coping mechanism) Mozart is the best for this.

But I think Maggie Simpson sum the blues up the best; "the point of the blues is to make the people around you ads miserable as you, thus leveling the playing field". So yes some music can make you feel bad. In my case several shots of gin and a Berry Manilow able can have me crying myself to sleep.

I love your song list Maxx. I guess it's not surprising since we're from the same era.

As a professional musician I've listened to all sorts of music, and there are a lot of pieces that hit my emotions hard. When I was in college, I fell in love with Simon and Garfunkle. I was going through a very difficult period in my life, and their lyrics reflected where I was at. The melodies and especially the guitar accompaniments were amazing. Sometimes I have an emotional need to go back and listen to them once again. Yes, they make me feel just like I did in 1968, but sometimes I must revisit those demons. We are old friends and sometimes we have to talk about the pain and hurt. Expiation can be good for the soul, and music can do that.

As a kid, I would also listen to recordings of the great concert pianists playing the hard stuff, Chopin, Liszt and the other romantic composers like Mendelssohn, etc. This past year I decided I too would learn those pieces which is what I'm now doing. I can't believe I'm actually doing it, but I am, now fulfilling an ancient wish. Music is amazing.
Ahh.. music.

It tears into our heart and exposes our secrets. It fills our being with energy we didn't know was there. It also carefully reconstructs us from the inside out.

Music, in any fashion, is a powerful tool to help us make sense of the world we live in and to help us explore ourselves' in a profound way.

In 1998 I watched the woman of my dreams get on a plane and fly back to her country. We were both very young and life was cruel in this way. The previous 4 weeks her and I had time to frolic and explore a blossoming love. We embarked on a few trips of adventure and youthfully explored our sexuality and feeling for each other. I remember spending hours with her in my bedroom kissing and talking softly in the dark. I was smitten and in love.

She boarded a plane and flew back to Finland.

I was alone and my young heart could not grasp the loss that I felt. In my room alone, I put on my headphones and let the most depressing music flow through my ears. For days I repeated this until I finally understood that life is a journey that ticks and trickles without remorse. I finally through music understood that this was just 'one day' and there may be many more curves ahead of me, both good and bad. Music in this lesson taught me that my feelings had little relevance in predicting how I may find her again someday. Maybe I never will, maybe I will, but in the end I felt comfortable with where I would end up.

Music has such power. When I listen to those pieces that forged me as a young adult, I can garnish and relive any point in my life almost as if I was at another time and place in the past. These tunnels through our mind and psyche are usually closed without the key to unlock them. It can be said that we can almost predict our happiness or sadness in the future because of this connection. Music transcends our energy levels. It transcends our understanding.

Anytime I need a lift or anytime I need to dive into my own contemplation, I can rely on music. I can simply find a song or piece that reflects my mood. It may take an hour but the power of music has never let me down. It has brought me to the levels of feeling euphoric and it has also brought me to levels of complete despair.

In the end music has always provided me with clarity and resolution.
Finding the perfect music for a given occasion is always worthwhile. My daughters and I like Halestorm, and when I took my youngest to meet them in Modesto last year, my 12yo little girl was there front row, watching the concert and having a blast. Much more so when the lead singer, Lzzy Hale, dedicated the song 'Rock Show' to her, pointing her out. Given the lyrics, it's an appropriate song.

Last month, I used their song 'Dear Daughter' for the father/daughter dance for my oldest daughter's wedding. Again, perfect lyrics and music for the occasion.

There are plenty of other songs out there I love listening to, these are just two situations where the music fit the bill perfectly.
I don't like mondays-boomtown rats
ClandestineWing said:
Actually, music tends to make my bad day into a good one. Always.

Me the same, but exists posibility when listening something, what I really dislike (or hate,) so it'd turn me angry, agresive etc. (tipically "bad" music like techno, disco, Justin Bieber...)
At times songs about war make me cry,my coworkers ask me what's wrong. I have to tell them nothing Im fine. On certain days Im overly emotional and Im a mess the rest of the day. They can't understand even if I tried to explain it.
I dont know why but this song if killing me but only with his weird voice ... i searched for the original but its not the same...
And side effect hes pretty good looking :bowdown:
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