Advices and information needed about polyester, microfiber and bamboo insert :V pls

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Hello everyone! I'm indecisive about cloth diaper materials, and hearing some advice and informations from cloth users could be a great help! Thanks in advance :)

After discovering cloth diaper month ago,(and going back to disposables for now). I would like to retry them for night wearing. I now have a PUL pant model, with a bamboo insert provided with it. Since online store on my country provide a good choice of materials, I intend to buy other boosters/inserts, interested mainly in these three: bamboo, polyester and microfiber. (i did not use the new bamboo insert for now).

If I understood correctly:
- bamboo is the most absorbent
- polyester absorbs only a little, but it drains the liquid towards the absorbent inserts/ boosters, under it, to keep the skin "dry"
- microfiber absorbs a lot (as much as bamboo)

Is that right ? :O (I had conflicting informations when researching the subject on online store :/)

I am also wondering about maintaining issues:
-Can I wash all the inserts together at the same temperature, even if they are all made of different materials? (in a laundry net)
-What materials can I mix/put together in the same PUL pant? Are all insert/booster of different materials compatible? Or should I just take another bamboo insert in addition to a polyester one?
-Do i have to washes them several times, to reach the maximum absorption capacity of polyester and microfiber? (as for bamboo and cotton?)
-I read somewhere that it's advisable to soak the inserts during 24 hours in cold water before the first use, to speed up the process of reaching maximum absorption capacity (but what about the famous "wash 10 time before maximum capacity"...? it's the an equivalent technique but quicker...?)

Thank you again, I'm impatient to re-try the cloth, these materials seem comfortable for sleeping and there are some cute and varied models out there! :D

PS:(i've just found out that the blue monkey adult model from SuperUndies, is available on an online store in my country, this brand look great i will eventually give this model a try)
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