Adult Pull Ups with Minimal Waistband?

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I wasn't sure where to post this (sorry if I'm in the wrong forum category), but I've been looking into the different pull-on diapers out there and I've ran into a little bit of a snag.

I absolutely love GoodNites, but they're kinda small-ish. I can wear them, but they tear so easily down the sides when I'm sleeping or walking around, so I've been looking into the adult alternatives.

The problem that I'm running into is that, for whatever reason, the adult versions have HUGE unnecessary waistbands. I'm okay with an inch, but some of these brands have more waistband than filler, and no matter how small I get them, they just don't fit very tight at all.

As an example of what I'm running into is Always Discreet Underwear. The image on the bottom right of the packaging looks like exactly what I want, but then if you actually take a look at the product, the waist area is way bigger than that, which is very frustrating.

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for pull-on diapers for adults that have minimal waistband territory and fit just a little bit tighter. Any help would be appreciated! <3
The Depends Real Fit or Silhouette are probably what you're looking for. Both have low-riding waistbands, and have elastic much like goodnites, so they tend to fit more tightly than the other brands. I rather prefer them when I'm wearing pullups, but they tend to be rather expensive -- on the order of about a dollar per pant. More affordable is the Tena Women, which I find tends to have a better fit than the store brands. As I recall, the waistband is a bit higher than the depends, though it still doesn't come up above my underwear. They're also quite a bit cheaper. Problem is, I've noticed that a lot of retailers are phasing them out in favor of the Always Discreets.
Real fit for men look like regular underware but are designed for slow dribbles or minor surges but do not handle full floods with out leaking I housed them for a few months when I first had an issue and they wer comfortable and worked well. Be prepared to change even not wet after being active for a while.

Walmart has the best pricing for them that I found
Depends Silhouette I think may be the ticket for you (just as Mukirr suggested). But of interest is I am discovering that some generic brands are a bit more on the low rider side but still off "maximum" absorbency. I am still working on those brands to find
I have the same problem.

I just started wearing. I first tried the Tena Pull-ups, then the Always Discreet, and then the Abena pull-up. The Abenas are thicker, but I think they might be less noticeable because the padding covers more of the butt, and thus, you don't see those lines as much; it just looks like you have a bigger butt.

I tried to look for a picture of the Abena waistband, but the pictures on all the store sites kind of make the waistband seem bigger (I don't know why it seems like that; maybe it's just me).

But I found a pic taken by a user. It seems to look more like the actual product:
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