Adult Diapers, Medication and Bipolar disorder.

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Hi everyone!!! I wanted to share my experience with you.

Last year I suffered from a mental breakdown, I was out of control, emotionally unstable, I was cutting myself, kinda bipolar type 1...
I felt terrible until my doctor prescribed me very strong medication and antipsychotics (I was a zombie, could stay out of bed or move, etc)
I couldn’t go to the bathroom so I my doctor recommend me and my family Adult Diapers 24/7 without any breaks for 2 month...

At the beginning day 3, my butt was hurting a lot and I felt uncomfortable. Rashes were bad. I even wanted to take off the diaper.
Luckily I was home bed restrained and heavily medicated and I couldn’t.

At the same time, while in Diapers and medicated I felt very secure and controlled.
I couldn’t hurt myself or anyone. I was sleeping all day and wearing 2 diapers and plastic pants.

I am so grateful for the diapers, wearing them was a challenge but amazing at the same time.
I’m a mad girl, I behave badly and I still being medicated and in diapers!!!!
Do you think mental patients should wear diapers 24/7?
Would you like to being heavily medicated by a psychiatry and in diapers??
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Oof, no way. I'm bipolar and they gave me Trazodone at one point. I was barely conscious most of the time while I was on it. I worked with my doctors to find a mix of medications that works for me with minimal side effects. I'd much rather be in control, really living life, and happy. And diapered when I want to be, not 24/7.


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I'm glad they help you!

My neighbor is in his late 40s and depressed and suicidal. He is bed ridden due to a bad back and just spent 2 months in the mental health hospital. I so badly want to offer him some ADBL diapers to wear.... just to see if they bring him a bit of calm and peace. What has he got to lose right? Ego?

Regressing to a tender age is calming and relaxing for many of us, being wrapped in a diaper brings out some good emotions. It helps relieve some of the adult stresses, and on and on.

I believe there are several therapeutic benefits from wearing and using diapers, which some people will benefit from. ABDL or not (hesitant).


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Hi Maria-I am so sorry that you have experienced such emotional distress. I hope that you are starting to make progress toward recovery. It is interesting. Sometimes the very things that others think would be the most horrifying to a psychiatric patient, can actually be the most comforting. I hope that you will find comfort in a whole bunch of places. In response to neophyte, I would be very careful recommending this to a person with significant psychiatric problems. While it could be comforting, it can also snowball in ways that cannot be anticipated.


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When it was apparent my wife was dying, I held her hand and said, "I can't live without you." She said you'll find a way and you can wear diapers every day if you want. I usually wear once a week. The day seems to often say "today's the day you need to regress and not grieve." So when that day comes, I wear and regress and I have one day a week where I can escape all the depression and loneliness. I have a psychologist but so far, no drugs. I try to keep myself busy with projects and I still work part time. It all helps.