Adult diapers in in Times Square on NYE


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I’ve heard that a lot of people wear diapers when they go to Times Square because there’s no bathrooms. Has anyone here ever worn a diaper there or another event like that? If so, what type and how was it?

At first thought, I would say I want to be discrete. After thinking it over for a second I would probably not worry about covering it up and just go for capacity. Don’t think I’d wear any colored prints but a bulky white diaper would be nice. I think any pull-up would get to saggy. By the time it’s midnight I’m gonna have to go really bad and I’m already gonna be leaking.
I never went to Times Square at NYE... even many years back I never entertained the thought and it was due to the fact I could never stay in one spot and not have to go for that long of a wait. Some people I know can hold it for very long periods. Id say those are the ones who would fair best. I could never do it. As the years went on I'd often hear that many would actually diaper up to be able to stay that long in one spot. I still would have to be strategic as far as wetting it because I would only be able to wear that one diaper for the night. You certainly cant change it in the time frame waiting there . I'd also even wear a big poofy pair of plastic pants as well because if there are leaks it will not be comfortable being in close quarters with so many. I also am glad its cold this time of year because I could hide the bulk with coats and jackets.
I know a group of "gals" (lifelong friends who still get together when possible despite being 50-52) and they were all laughing about the fact they all wore diapers to NY's New Year's Eve party the first year there was intense security as you were told there was no way to get back in once you left, even if that was to go the bathroom. They also saw dozens of other people (being this was group of 7 women the area they were able to see could not have been very large) and people were literally showing their diapers off as they became "less inhibited" as the night went on. I wanted to tell them that the Depends they bought were USELESS SO BADLY but couldn't bring myself to say anything...though before the next year when I asked one if they were doing the same thing again she was smiling ear to ear and almost shouted "YES" and then proceeded to tell me about the "new" diapers they found which at the time were the Molicare Super Plus. They all changed at least once while in the party and I only wish I wasn't married as I'd would had LOVED to had gone with them!

BTW I never once got the sense that ANY of these women wore for anything other than a combination of a joke and necessity due to those screwy NY laws ever since 9/11. ANY terrorist that is spotted trying to do anything with millions of people standing around every square inch of that area of the city would have that idiot stomped to death before a single cop could even have a slight clue WTF was happening.
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