Adult baby items versus baby items from stores

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We have noticed it is expensive to get adult baby items such as pacifiers and bottles. I was wondering what was the best items you all have found to improvise when money is tight.
MAM products all the way for me. Their 6 month and 16+ month pacis are hands down the best non-adult pacis you can get in my opinion. Same with their bottles, they just feel comforting and familiar. The biggest advantage is that you can grab them on Amazon Prime for pretty cheap!

I had a pacifier from my local superstore and I have my bottles for there as well.

With the bottles the hole on the tit is to small for us AB's so i cut it a bit bigger, only by a millimetre but it work much better. You may need to get a grown up to help you with this.

I know it not much fun when you don't have much pocket money. I would love to get a really cool Toy but it like £30.00 new.

What is a little boy to do?

I don't get Nuk bottles...I mean, the teat is shaped like a pacifier, but somehow it takes a load of effort for me to actually drink from it. Luckily my local drug store has baby bottles "for all ages" that are better to drink from and they're really cheap! Other than that, mam perfect pacifiers are very comfortable, but they're a bit on the expensive side. I also like to use baby spoons, you may find these at a local store too (or on amazon).
Schwanensee said:
I mean, the teat is shaped like a pacifier, but somehow it takes a load of effort for me to actually drink from it.

Nuk teats have different openings, and the ones for tea and milk are rather small for adults and take some effort. I usually make the hole a bit larger so that it doesn't take me 15 minutes to empty a bottle.
Luckily enough I'm totally satisfied with my Esska 4-36 months pacifiers, they are quite cheap. I also use their bottles but I must improve the teat by using this wonderful tool.
for pacifiers, I like the NUK 18 month +. It could be a little bigger for my mouth, but overall, is quite comfortable and often stays in my mouth all night long. I tried the baby-pants adult pacifier but it was actually too big for my mouth.
Basically I will try to use any baby item I can find at Kmart or Target or the local drug store or food market. If what I find is ok, then I don't need to go to the more expansive ABDL items.
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