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Thanks for that, I think it makes much more sense. Can we get the descriptive text at the main page level to reflect that as well? Currently it says:

"A forum for people 18 and over who like diapers, age regression, playing baby, etc. This is a good place for Adult Babies at college and 20-35 ABies to chat."

Old people make lots of demands. :eek:
Done. Thanks for reporting that. I thought I updated that already.

Good catch Trevor!

As for my questions, all but the first has been answered. Still, I wonder, is this the place to discuss more adult themed diaper and baby related topics? My topic example is the contents of my avatar picture.
If you want to discuss that, feel free. So long as you're tasteful about it, it shouldn't be a problem.

Well being an old hippie who was actively involved in Viet Nam demonstrations and civil rights, I'm glad you dropped the 35. I'm actually pretty young looking as long as I get fresh human blood every night. Personally, the really young ones amaze me with their insight, and concern me with their incredible problems. I hope us older members can be a help to them, and I hope they don't resent it. I'm sure I can be too preachy and annoying. It comes with being a dad. That said, thanks for the site, and a special thanks to Moo and all others who help run it.
You're very welcome.
Not open for further replies.