Adult Babies / Diaper Lovers and SEX. (A Healthy discussion.)

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In this video I share my own experiences as well as a general talk about sex.
I knew by the time I was 5, without having a name for it. There were times in early childhood where diapers were necessary after surgery. The fact that there were times of them being accepted, then not, talk about confusing. Any time diapers were mentioned, I'd :blushie: and die, thinking, "Holy crap! Shut up; shut up; shut up! La la la, I can't hear you! They know. I'm not sure what they know, but they do, and they're mentioning them just to hurt me!" People who loved me seemed to understand that I had difficulty controlling every other muscle that able bodied people usually can, but apparently thought my, "go," muscles spasmed expressly for the purpose of angering them.

I feel like a swan in a sea of odd ducks, because in my teens, if diapers didn't come up, I didn't think of them too much. I know for most, this gets stronger in the teens. One day, in the car, when I was 13ish, my mom and I ended up talking about what I think was either Stanly, or the Jerry Springer episode, and guess who told me AB diapers existed. That's right, my mom, weird! At the time, I thought baby diapers that big were the oddest thing ever. All the small peices of my childhood that when taken together, obviously add up to AB, hadn't clicked yet. Forgive me?

For fully regressed me, "no," to anything sexual would be too hard to say, because I feel like everyone is bigger than I am, so I make sure nothing sexual happens right of the bat. It's like I get, "down so deep," that sex wouldn't occur to me, and if anything sexual happened, I'd be ripped out of headspace, and be laying there trying to survive. Wow, I'm getting sad sackish, sorry.

I have had sexy feelings while diapered, but I wasn't regressed, I can't get anywhere near regressed, and my bladder really hurt badly at the time, and pain in general is interesting, so I think given that, I'm more a pain freak than anything else. It was in that moment, though, that I understood people who are sexual ABDLs. I decided to stop being a separatist.

One thing I'm truly glad I have is an authentically weird, and thus, nonjudgmental mom, complete with footed PJs. She's not ABDL, just truly and authentically weird. She finds human behavior endlessly fascinating, because she's never been able to figure folks out. She and my stepdad know, but I don't know to what degree, because I had my ears covered when he loudly, angrily outed me because he was angry and wanted to yell hurtful stuff, like most folks do.

To each his or her own, everyone has at least one weirdness, and if you're weird, it helps if your loved ones are, too, are my points, I suppose.
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O.k. that was a little funny. I am not JW, but still, throwing the book in an attempt to say it is o.k. to masterbate is not nice. I don't agree with the principal here. I think if I were to really believe it were o.k. to masterbate I would probably do it full time until I went crazy. I am just glad I am on the other side of that fight. I wear all the time so the excitement can't hit me every time I put one on. I can't lay on my stomach because it would trigger too much excitement. I am just thankful I am married. Being single is really hard unless you can fight it a few months. I hear the urge goes away after a while, but I don't believe it.
I admit, I found that a bit disappointing for a diapers and sex video. I don't have a guilt-based upbringing around sex, it's a concept that I've always been comfortable with, but my concern has always been that I border on asexual outside of diapers. That is, I find diapers arousing, but I don't particularly find women (or men or any other human beings) arousing. I wouldn't be against regular no-props sex if I could find a way to make it work to satisfy a partner, but the thought of being with a woman doesn't really do anything for me. I've always worried that might be a challenge that will mess up a relationship even if I find a partner that is okay with me wearing diapers sometimes more generally. And I suspect there are some others here, especially on the DL side, who worry less about sex as an issue of guilt or embarrassment and more about how to find a fulfilling relationship that also incorporates diapers into their sex life.
For me diapers have pretty much always been there , wet the bed at 7 , my youngest sister I was twelve and managed to sneak I few occasionally . Reaching puberty and it became a natural thing .
A conscience is a good thing to have. Guilt is just a signal that you have done something against your conscience. One issue people can face is allowing the wrong person or information in a book to overcome them and lead them to believe these feelings affect their value as a person. It has nothing to do with your value. The answer is to make peace with Yourself and your God and learn not to accept something just because it came from a trusted source like parents, best friends or church.

The good news is that a conscience can be educated. What is ok for an adult is not the same as what is ok for a minor. People who educate themselves on the issues are happier because they are making peace based on all the information, not just based on what their parents taught them to avoid. I think that is what BabyMitchy is attempting to do in his video is to give people more information. All of ADISC is a great place to educate your conscience.
Before I came here I carried around this deep dark secret. I had never thought about doing the things I desired, just felt the guilt. Fortunately, I am now more educated as to my options and just being able to put my feelings into words has helped me to sort it all out. However, that doesn't mean I am willing to throw out a book that is part of my religious upbringing. I grew up being told masturbation makes people sick with blindness, crippling, invalid type sicknesses. I did the act and haven't gotten sick so maybe the book was wrong? Or maybe every person that smokes a cigarette doesn't get cancer etc.

The point is, you are an awesome person to know. You are very valuable. Your underwear preference cannot change that fact. However, if you haven't found peace with your life yet, keep educating yourself until you find all the guilt washed away and all the peace you desire. Getting upset at another person's opinion is not necessary. You didn't have much choice as a kid, but neither does anyone else. Some people are able to allow the weird stuff from their childhood to make them stronger no matter how absurd it turns out to be.
Fascinating said:
[snipped] I grew up being told masturbation makes people sick with blindness, crippling, invalid type sicknesses. I did the act and haven't gotten sick so maybe the book was wrong? Or maybe every person that smokes a cigarette doesn't get cancer etc. [snipped]

I hope you're kidding as to your concerns over masturbation. Those dangers are long since debunked and the benefits more substantial than just having a bit of fun:

I don't know as to your particular difficulties with it in the past and it may indeed be a problem for you but that is not something that applies generally to the populace.
Wanna start with a general that I think you're an amazing person, and that I totally agree with the general message of this video and the reasoning behind making it. Promoting the idea that it's totally fine to be different and the general concept of being cool, that's something I think is amazing. I think the courage to stand up and say it in a public space is an amazing quality. I think you, if this is something you truly want to do, should keep at it.

That being said, if you want constructive criticism of your craft, I honestly do have some. Most of them boil down to the fact that I believe you would benefit more from a scripted environment then the laid back one you are using.

One of the things that this feels slightly at odds with is who it's being targeted towards? You come at it from a very defensive place and spend a great deal of your video insisting upon the fact that none of this wrong. Stating the same few bullet points about it not being wrong, it being okay, just don't do it in public, it's okay to be different. You stop to switch into this mode quite a few times throughout the video, stopping the flow of the conversation to reiterate. It gives the impression that this video is primarily targeted towards people who do find this wrong, and that you're trying to convince them otherwise. However as someone who does believe in the message you are trying to share, it quickly starts coming across almost in a.. "Who are you trying to convince, me or you?" manner and the nature of the fact that you sometimes even break the flow of your own arguments to backtrack really hurts what power you might have achieved at points.

I just honestly feel if this is an argument for this to an outside perspective, it's pretty weak. For that person that this video now seems targeted to, to someone who finds this wrong.. what reasoning have you provided for them that this is not wrong? Other then simply stating that it's not? This is especially where I feel the scripting would have helped because you could have expounded on the points a bit more.

What especially confused me that I expected otherwise when I walked in the video. I thought this was generally going to be aimed at the AB/Little/Diaper Lover community with more of a focus on a sex positive message. Part of me believes that really was the intent, and if it was then I just have to say I feel you went about it the wrong way. Instead of treating your audience almost as a possibly bigoted attacker, maybe instead project that the audience are very likely to already have alternative sexual interests and mostly just difficulty accepting sex in their life and come at it from the supportive angle. It's okay if YOU wanna incorporate sex in your private lives. What you're doing isn't hurting anyone, and you're just taking care of yourself. You deserve to be happy.

Basically a generalized moving the focal point away from you and onto more AB's and DL's in general and to the audience who will in general be likely 95% people already invested in this.

Find what you want to say and make sure you say it well, okay?

Seriously though, I do come from a supportive place. I think the goal you have, what you seem to want to accomplish with these videos, and your cool Doctor Who shirt are all amazing. I hope you don't let anything discourage you from something you really want to do.
Well, ... I started out as a pure DL, liking diapers as a child and yes it was sexual. In my teenage years I discovered the "M" and my fantasies started to turn towards ABDL. I too have no sexual feelings to women or men. The idea of me and a partner being turned into babies really turned me on. It wasn't until I turned 39 and made the "I'm not alone" discovery that I started seeing the AB side of me become less sexual.

I never thought that sexual feelings were "inappropriate" for my baby side because the diaper dependence and the restrictions put on babies really turned me on. When the nonsexual AB side started becoming more visible to me I started kind of wishing I didn't have sexual urges in that state. The human mind is strange. My shrink once told me that the biggest sexual organ in the human body is between the ears and I believe him.
For me, diapers have always played a big role in my sexuality. I first discovered that "Diapers were awesome" around the same time that most other people discover "Boobs are amazing" and "I want to masturbate as much as possible". However, thanks to the shame of being ABDL, I pretty much kept everything hidden and compressed, not just with diapers and ABDL, but my sexuality all together. It wasn't until college when I realized that I wasn't alone, and dumped the shame that I really began to explore my sexuality and discover all the non-ABDL components about my sex life. Today, diapers still play a very important role, both inside and outside in my sex life and my desires, however, I've grown to have a wide variety of tastes and interests that I have discovered.
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