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Adopting Annabelle


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Chapter 1 : Adopting Annabelle.

The adoption case worker swiveled around in her chair, focusing on the documents coming from the printer, rather than the documents on her screen. She was confident she had made the right decision with Annabelle’s prospective adoptive parents. The couple came across as calming, loving, and, most importantly, adaptable. Two teachers at a well-regarded private school in the next county.

The initial visits and meetings appeared to have gone well from the couple's perspective. Although the case worker well knew it was unlikely they had seen the “real” Annabelle - this meeting period between potential adoptee and the child placed were all far too short. Any longer and the adoption services would risk the behavioural crash that comes with children forming attachments and testing the boundaries being witnessed before the adoption had been approved and necessary papers signed off. Annabelle’s opinion on the couple was, as was the case with most of Annabelle’s thoughts, locked within Annabelle’s head.

The printer finished spitting the last of the documents out from the paper feed. The case worked picked them up in a determined grasp, scribbled a few signatures in the necessary places demonstrating the overriding power she held, and strode across the office, stilettoes clicking on the polished wood floors as she went. The click of the latch on the office door as it shut firmly behind was deafening in the silence of the office.


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This seems to have potential. I will be curious to see where it goes.

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Nicely written few paragraphs, LittleTraumas. As BabySamantha says, it shows promise. But I think it would be better if you waited until you'd written more to post. :)


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this does have possibilities. is the girl normal or is there wetting and or maturity issues,mental issues? please continue with this story.if there are wetting/maturity issues she would be a great little for someone.