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About the ADISC Stories Index:

This index, which will be updated periodically, has taken months to create. I have re-read every story on ADISC in order to properly categorize and annotate them. In doing so, because it was a long process, I decided to have a little bit of fun; thus some of the annotations might be a bit pointed, tongue in cheek or just plain silly. I hope that you still find them useful.

I have also included, in brackets, keywords and phrases for each story. (Some of these are tongue in cheek as well.) Brown words are of significant importance to the average member in choosing a story.

The Index is in five parts:

  1. Recommended Stories
  2. Completed Stories and Poems
  3. Incomplete Stories
  4. List of Authors
  5. Open Forum for Member Recommendations
The fifth part is an invitation to you to recommend your favorite stories and tell us why you like them. Readers can find links to your stories in the index.

Throughout the Index, the following notations will be used:

* Completed
® Especially recommended by Kerry

Stories Forum Statistics:


Despite the purge of hundreds of older stories...

Authors: 205

Stories/Poems: 318

I hope you find it helpful.
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PART 1: Recommended Stories (by Kerry)

Best Stories on ADISC (as selected by Kerry)
In my opinion, these are the very best we’ve got.

Aden’s Abrogation*
Adventures in Timecatting*
Raquel’s Only Wish* / Raquel's Wish
Redeeming Clara *
Resurrection *
Stories We Tell *
The Ryan and Dorie Story *
Ally's Pyjama Experience
Back to Diapers*
Summer Nurse
The Dark Day*
The Mystery of Disposition
The Weird Scholarship
Timberley, Ohio (Or How I Ended Up At Prom in Diapers)

Other Stories Recommended (by Kerry)
In my opinion, these stories too deserve special praise.

A Big Girl*
A Day At the Farm*
A Night to Remember*
Abby’s Diapers*
Amy’s Pursuit of Stardom
Eternal Kiss*
It Takes a Village*
Leaving Her Troubles*
Maribel McMillan: Bio Baby’s First Friend*
Maribel McMillan, Bio Consultant*
Sissy's Lot*
Stranger on a Train*
The Ghost in the Fog*
The Girl in My Closet*
The Hoffman Method
The House at the End of the Road*
The Summer of Light*
The Un-Training of Stanley Kaminsky*
Toddler SuperMax* (and Jessika’s New Life)

Some amazing completed stories not found in this forum…

Lily the Liar (Elibean)
The Trying Policy (Mr Sea Otter)
The Week I Entered Their World (ludib)
Wishes and Consequences (10after2)
Dante’s Infanzia (Personalias)
The Surrogate Baby (WriteAndLeft)
Life and Death Choices Made Casually (WriteAndLeft)
Nothing But a Country Girl (CSFox)
French Whines (CSFox)
Skye’s the Limit (Elizabeth)
A Trip to the Fair (Teekabell)
Cultural Differences (Teekabell)
R.O.O.M. (Teekabell)
In For a Penni (Elizabeth)
The Woes of Maddison Page (diapersnpaws)
Because of Morgan (Mina Taylor)
Kit and Kenzie (Sophie & Pudding)
Little Luzy
ˇ (Sophie & Pudding)
Of Leopards and Their Spots (Cute-Kitten and Personalias)
Bad Moon Rising (Cute-Kitten)
Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension (Princess PottyPants)
Chasing Emily (InKuHim)
Redeeming Clara (WriteAndLeft)
Making the Best of It (bbykimmy)
Madison's Code (Sophie)
Breaking the Girl (bbykimmy)

ˇ both very graphic sex scenes and extreme trigger warnings for various nonconsensual activities

Internet Top 10 ( Kerry)
(must be complete)

Adventures in Timecatting
French Whines
In For a Penni
Life and Death Choices Made Casually
Lily the Liar
Madison's Code

Raquel’s Only Wish / Raquel's Wish
Stories We Tell
The Ryan and Dorie Story
I don't expect others necessarily to share these opinions; that's why I created PART 5 of this thread: so you can add your own favorites and tell us all to read them.
Remember: no links if the story is off site (and get the author's permission to mention it here first).
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Part 2: Completed Stories

Index of Completed Stories

8th Grade Spirit Week: A True Story (Orange) true account of author's footie-pj-wearing during Pajama Day in 8th grade
footie pjs, Mormon girl in footies, no direct ABDL content]

A Big Girl
®(ABAlex2) In my opinion, our most prolific writer’s best piece. For their day trip to Disney World, AB Kacie convinces Daddy Alex to let her go as a “big girl.” Guess how well that works out.
[AB, Disney princesses, little girl lost, public spanking]

A Day At the Farm® (kerry) 12-year-old Jeannie spends a hot July day at her friend Sarah's farm, only to discover secrets that will have a dramatic impact on the rest of her life. Based on a true story.
[IC, diapers (original Pampers), ghosts, horse cameo]

A Night to Remember® (Frogsy) Haley awakens with no memory in a strange place after an ABDL gathering; has she been kidnapped?
[ABDL, memory loss]

A Single Step Backwards (DustRabbit) On a car trip, 6-yr-old Ellie needs to wear her diapers, though her friend and her big brother Ben don’t. Wanna bet? Everyone loves diapers!
[ABDL, road trip]

A Small Price To Pay(larikaz) George is a chronic masturbator, and his wife Sam is fed up. She decides that, since his therapist hasn’t helped him with the problem after two years, maybe hers can, and hers tries hypnosis but warns of “consequences.” Guess what they are.
[Amazingly effective hypnosis, pottyphobia]

A Soft Night (BrandonSleepypuppy) MLP fanfic in which Fluttershy babies Rainbow Dash
[MLP fanfic]

Abby’s Diapers® (blablafreckinlover) 16-yr-old DL Sadie steals one of her 8-yr-old sister Abby’s diapers on the final night she needed to be dry. Of course she wets the bed for the first time in ages, but then she freaks out and lays the blame on Abby, who denies it and ends up back in diapers. Oddly, this ends up being a story about a very loving relationship between siblings.
[ABDL, siblings, random friends who also like diapers, cameos from other stories, characters who change]

Aden (LilRabbit) Aden and his mother have just moved to a new home, and the 15-yr-old feels lost and friendless until he meets a new group of boys who seem to like him. Bizarrely, though, they want to “initiate” him into their group by having him wear a diaper because anytime groups of kids get together someone has to wear a diaper
[teen angst, DL discoveries, clubhouses in the woods]

Aden’s Abrogation® (Vexxus) Aden, a 20-yr-old steroid-addicted petty criminal wolf, is abducted by a group called Chainbreakers, Inc. and awakens in a crib with a “caretaker” named Jennifer watching over him. Dynamite story, and I’m not “into” furries.
[babyfur, 54K words, deeply psychological, train sets]

Adventures in Timecatting® (Bambinod) marvelously realized piece—furry but if you’re not into furries frankly you can forget it falls into that category for chapters at a time—about a 19-yr-old orphan who invents a time travel device to try to prevent his parents’ deaths, but something goes wrong with his calculations and he ends up three years old at the far end; just one of the best stories on ADISC, period
[AR, furry-ish, time travel, panda attacks, super atomic mudpuddles]

After the Accident, Acceptance and Happiness (Craver) College grad Liz suffers brain damage in a car accident and is left in many ways a toddler.
[AB, short piece, youtube videos]

All Alone (Rafikimon) 11-yr-old DL Justin finds himself suddenly apparently the only remaining person in the world and decides to make the most of it. Basically what would have happened if Will Forte’s character on “Last Man on Earth” had been ABDL.
[DL, silliness, bright flashes of light, end of times]

Back to Diapers® (BabySamantha) Hannah is the IC daughter of tornado chasers and spotters; she too has become expert at this and indispensable to their work; story follows them during a massive storm front.
[IC, tense scenes, tornadoes, notable lack of Munchkins]

Bailey’s Pull-UpsMonkeyDoodle 8-yr-old Bailey needs pull-ups for bed, but on the first day of school decides it would be fun to wear them to school too. Sometimes things are better as ideas
[pull-ups, cute, thoughtful teacher]

Beth and Danton After Work(StikkyPaws) Cute little vignette featuring a woman very agitated after a rough workday and her husband who knows how to calm her down

Boss at Work, Baby at Home(Reterra) silly little one-off that by the author’s own acknowledgement doesn’t make much sense, but it’s fun anyway if you like domination themes and karma: bitchy boss Amanda actually spanks her employees, but at home is treated like a baby by her 19-yr-old sister, who hires as a sitter the employee she just that day spanked
[ABDL, karmic retribution, babysitting, spankings]

Bottle and Diapers and Bears, Oh My!(ABAlex2) Relates the adoption of John from the “Baby Training Program”
[forced regression, feminizing]

But I’m Too Old For a Babysitter (Bartolme) 11-year-old Billy and his 8-yr-old brother Mark do NOT get along, and Billy desperately hopes Mark will never find out about his night time diapers. Cute story about siblings.
[IC, NOT a trope babysitter piece]

Careful What You Wish For (ABAlex2) College student Bryson wishes on a star that there might be a way for him to live a life with fewer responsibilities. Read the title, people!
[AR, De-Aged Student (!) Nursery, Mommy Professor, supernatural/magic]

Christopher (macabre) The title character is an English teacher in his mid-twenties, an AB who discovers that his two most intimidating students are actually people he has been chatting with for months on one of his sites. Gradually, he accepts Sylvia and Antony as “Mommy” and “Daddy.” This one has a final twist that basically redefines what it is to be AB.
[AB, a whole wot uv baby tawk dats awful hawd t’ unnerstan (which is why it’s not rec’d)]

Chronicles of Caspinar: The Social Circle
(Caspinarian) Further adventures of the "pampered princes," two young royal brothers who share a problem.

Chronicles of Caspinar: Family Matters (Caspinarian) Further adventures of the "pampered princes," two young royal brothers who share a problem.

Chronicles of Caspinar: Lost and Found (Caspinarian) Adventures of the "pampered princes," two young royal brothers who share a problem. This is the origin story in which one long-lost twin is found by his true family.

Coffee Stop(dogboy) An AB trucker pulls into a mysteriously reopened big box store advertising coffee only to find himself entering a nightmare world of babies and nurseries in this Halloween story
[AB, supernatural occurrences, psychoanalysis, demons]

Cross My Heart (SecondChoice) Having accidentally caused his crush, Sara, to fall from a mountain and become seriously injured, Dave is so guilty he can’t even bring himself to go to the hospital. Big. Mistake.
[revenge, forced regression, Space Diapers]

Cupid's Bow (kerry) Wonder wherever happened to the gods Eros and Psyche? Through the ages they have learned to have fun with diapers and AR...
[diapers, age/gender play,]

(Traemo) Kevin, a Marine recuperating from injuries, is now taking classes at a college, where he is very distracted by his attraction to both Julie and Michael. And both of them are attracted to him as well.
[Non-ABDL vignette; some gay-bashing language to counterpoint his internal struggles]

Eternal Kiss (kerry) Kendra, a vampire, spends an interesting New Year's Eve in search of someone worthy to give her gift of eternal life to.
[IC, diapers, lots of cats, drunken vampire]

First Change(PrincessLilybear) quick vignettes about an AB attending a party and having a diaper change. Not much to it, but well written.
[ABDL, diaper change]

Fluttershy Flutter Scared(AngellotheFox)Fluttershy awakens to find that she has wet the bed and needs to keep this from her friends, then starts having strange dreams with bad portents for Equestria.
[MLP fanfiction, desperately needs editing]

Forever Little (kerry) Sydney, who has just broken up with her BF, is having a crap Valentines Day until Charlie comes along; their relationship changes her life...
[diapers, karaoke]

Friendly’s New Friend (Foxfan1992) 9-yr-old fox Friendly befriends 6-yr-old raccoon Timothy because that’s the kind of thing friendly foxes named Friendly do
[sleepovers, Pull-Ups, furries]

From Hot to Cold (MotherFaith) 17-yr-old Michael suddenly starts wetting the bed, leading to pull-ups and then to diapers…
[bedwetting, doctor visit]

Give Me Attention (MustardFairy) Bratty guitarist Joey is taken to task and infantilized by the leader of his tour, Marilyn Manson
[fanfic, Marilyn Manson, Murderdolls, forced diapering]

Her (DLchao) total 14-yr-old fantasy finds MC getting the girl of his dreams who turns out to be a diaper-wearer, which he likes, and they end up with parent-approved sleepovers and changing each other…
[DL, parent-approved sleepover with girlfriend at 14]

Home(Salmon42) Sweet brief story about a bright, pleasant homeless girl who squats in various residences while families are on vacations.
[supernatural/magic, salmon burgers, AR]

Holly's Diapered Vacation(luvtowearpampers)Two recent high school grads and BFFs go one a cross country trip so they can go 24/7 in diapers
[lots and lots of diapers, product placement, eyes sparkling like northern lights, DL]

It Takes a Village® (as if I’m not going to rec my own story) (kerry) 12-year-old girl loses her mother and travels into her father's Xmas village to learn how to start living again
[bedwetting/diapers, emotional scenarios, supernatural/magic, trains, talking polar bears]

Leaving Her Troubles® (kerry) young girl is kidnapped by estranged father who mistakenly believes she is faking her IC to be a TB, hoping to cure her by immersion
[IC, diapers, TB, leaf-pile jumping]

Long Walks On The Beach(dogboy) short romance about a boy meeting a mysterious girl on the beach
[mysterious occurrences, non-ABDL, kisses under the boardwalk]

Lost in Grief, Found in Sorrow (AustinTheLionhearted) True memoir of author's life through age 20
[diapers, bullying, etc]

Loved As We Are (LazyDreamer) Accidental coming out mini-story
[momentary panic, secret stash, DL]

Maribel McMillan: Bio Baby’s First Friend® (HokieABDL) another continuation of the bio-baby universe in a story about teen gymnast (and TB) Jenny Pennington, whose sudden death results in her rebirth as a bio baby.
[AR, TB, bio-engineered rebirth, SF, second childhood]

Maribel McMillan, Bio Consultant® (HolkieABDL) first entry in the bio-baby universe trilogy is the story of Maribel herself as well as that of the Hendersons, two wealthy clients who are rebirthed simultaneously as twins
[AR, bio-engineered rebirth, SF, second childhood]

Maribel McMillan: Second Childhood Services (HokieABDL) continuation of the bio-baby universe in the second part of a story about a famous couple whose sudden deaths precipitate their rebirths as twin bio-babies; nice piece though perhaps not as strong as the first or third installments in this series
[AR, second childhood, SF, bio-engineered rebirth]

Meg and Zoey(ABAlex2) an afternoon with two diaper lovers as they enjoy their kink together
[DL, messing, embarrassing situations]

Milo’s Midwinter (Vexxus) Milo and Nina head to her parents’ home for a midwinter celebration. (Continuing the story of True Colors.)
[furbaby, cuteness, replacement plushies]

Miss Kubayashi's Dragon-Maid: Kanna's Problem (KimbaWolfNagihiko) Cute little story about a dragon-girl living with a human woman who is embarrassed that she wets her bed until she finds that a friend also has the same problem
[bedwetting, pull-ups, dragongirls]

My Trip To The Hospital (BabyFoxDK) describes the events that occurred when author was admitted to the hospital for an infection and asked to use a diaper for bedwetting
[bedwetting, diaper, hospital]

Nina’s Notification (Vexxus) The third installment of the “MonoChronicles,” tales of Milo and Nina, this one finds Nina trying to throw her boyfriend a puppy birthday party while Milo tries to work on a senior thesis play
[babyfur, darker themes]

Petals Unfolding (Lilmissblush)Brief non-ABDL parable about a girl and a flower
[supernatural/magic, as so often is the case with parables]

Pirate Adventure (FauxPas) little vignette about a pirate captain defending a ship from a vicious sea monster...with a twist

Psudo’s Nightmare (Argyraspid) Little barn owl wets himself in class. Made fun of by classmates, he is sent to field mouse nurse who, per policy, diapers him and sends him back, though that upsets him greatly. (I kept wondering why he didn’t just eat her but hey, that’s me.)
[furries, accident in school, diapers]

Punishment Time (ABAlex2) Thwarted in stealing a time machine by the very nature of time machines, Brendan faces a tight deadline before an unnamed punishment will kick in
[AR, sissifying]

Pysslingar Manor (T3ddy) George, a retired recent widower, receives a mysterious invitation to an unusual retirement community
[AB, IC, adult nurseries]

Raquel’s Only Wish® (Emily91) Original version of story about incontinent cheerleader, her friends, and her relationships with her foster parents and birth mother; easily one of the best ABDL stories ever written. (NB: Emily91 has two other versions of this story on this site. I selected the one that seemed most complete.)
[IC/diapers, some shaming, lesbian love, cheerleading]

Raquel's Wish®(blablafreckenlover) Revision of story about incontinent cheerleader, her friends, and her relationships with her foster parents and birth mother
[IC/diapers, some shaming, lesbian love, cheerleading]

Rave (Leio) Sweet one-shot about a pair of teen girl lovers at a rave
[pacifiers, diapers]

Redeeming Clara® (WriteAndLeft) Halloween-flavored take on "It's a Wonderful Life" finds Bailey jumping into the body of a teenage girl who has just killed herself, tasked with finding out why and saving her; engaging and clever story
[forced wetting, diapers, supernatural/magic, demonic possession, nasty cheerleaders]

Resurrection® (Maxx) After dying from a heart attack, Vince finds himself suddenly inhabiting the body of Carly, a teen daughter of a friend, and desperately trying to figure out why. One of the best and most original stories of all time.
[supernatural/magic, DL, highly unusual narrative style]

Robbie (Foxkit1992) Robbie’s secret is discovered when he is researching at the library and Vicky, a girl researching near him, notices his saggy pants. She decides he’s interesting enough to take a chance on in this one-off.
[ABDL, library stalking]

Rock a Bye Tavi (BrandonHoward2016) Elegant Octavia Melody and her roommate, unicorn Vinyl Scratch, have to walk home from a concert and Vinyl uncovers her roomie’s foalish side.
[MLP fanfiction, unicorn magic]

Rosie (ABAlex2) Submissive Rosie decides to meet up with someone from online to live out her AB dream and gets more than she bargains for
[humiliation, hypnosis, sub/dom AB]

Rules Are Meant to be Broken(Rocky) extremely silly parody of ABDL story tropes, styles, and rules

Sacrifices (Rocky) Mostly very strong story about a boy who literally takes a bullet for his crush and the consequences of that action. The story is hurt by a too-dark ending that just isn’t supported by the rest of it, though.
[IC, TB, heavy metal, Battle of the Bands]

Sissy's Lot
® (ABAlex2) A certain writer of internet ABDL stories, who appears to be the author himself, is captured at an abdl con by a group of bizarre people who keep in in conditions mimicking those in his highly fetishized stories and force him to write tales so they can cash in on them
[ABDL, insane fans, Stephen King allusions]

Stages (ABAlex2) young submissive woman is baby trained to perfection by a dominant daddy

Stories We Tell® (storywriter) In what is, IMHO, one of the three best ABDL stories ever written, 12-yr-old writer Jordan’s parents are going through a difficult divorce precipitated by dad’s affair when, for psychological reasons caused by 9/11, she begins wetting the bed. She also discovers a deep-seated need to be cared for, which has too long been missing in a life in which she has had to take on adult responsibilities way too early. But even as she begins accumulating accolades for her stories, Jordan’s enuresis threatens her social life.
[bedwetting, DL, camp, middle school bullies, hospital, genius characterizations]

Stranger On a Train
® (kerry) 27-year-old incontinent Stephanie Alder is stuck in a dead-end job and wishes things could be different. On a fateful train ride, she meets up with someone who just might be able to do something about everything that troubles her.
[IC, diapers, homelessness, Santa Claus]

Switch(ABAlex2) Awful, self-centered, immature Crabula is probably the worst babysitter in the world as well as the laziest. Her charges all hate her. Now, through the magic of a genie, they can get their revenge.
[supernatural/magic, really dumb main character, probable failure by second lead to comprehend the meaning of “forever,” role reversal]

The Age Chromosome (AustonTheLionhearted) A 30-yr-old scientist seeks to decode the secret to stopping the aging process. Something goes WAY wrong, though (as we might expect) and he ends up turning himself into a baby. (Surprise!)
[AR, strangely communicative 9-month-olds, the youngest Romeo and Juliet on record]

The American Dragon Story: The Beginning (DragonFire04534) Difficult to explain. Feels rather like a direct transcript of a massive battle featuring dragons, stormtroopers, rhinos, and the family cat, told in the herky-jerky manner of a highly imaginative playroom narrative.
[lots of names, non-ABDL, tons of stuff happening at once; note that Part 2 is right after it]

The Au Pair (kerry) Proving that I can write a trope story too, this one is about a DL woman named Kerry (no relation) who hires an au pair from Germany to help watch her young daughters. The German girl discovers her secret and tables are turned. Two things about it: first, it was written a VERY long time ago, before tropes were tropes (though it has been updated to include mentions of things like ADISC). Second, I think I actually invented this trope with this story…
[DL, babysitter]

The Carelsonton Cuddle Club (ABAlex2) Phil is awfully stressed and decides to go to one of those new “cuddle clubs” to unwind, but he ends up at one where he gets to cuddle a cute AB girl. Other surprises are in store.
[baby talk, supernatural/magic, club name that sounds like your mouth got stuck]

The Changing House (Leilana) Story takes off on "the changing house" chapter in "The Never-Ending story" and builds a babying fantasy around it
[TB, diapers, etc.]

The Dark Day ® (Tripped) Truly remarkable story about two young boys, Jake and Owen, their friendship, and their survival of a monster tornado that wiped out their entire neighborhood. Bedwetting and pullups are briefly and gratuitously inserted, but the story honestly didn’t need them.
[glorious celebration of boys’ friendship, non-ABDL (pretty much), tornado]

The Early Years of Andi (larikaz) Story of a powerful “spell-born” mage who can see and weave the threads of spirit but ages very slowly and is currently 21 but in the body of an infant.
[serious magic, mouse and ape nannies, insane clean diaper spells]

The End of One Thing, The Start of Something New(Takashi) A story in which a death leads to a new relationship
[“tiny kids disease,” ABDL, Blue’s Clues]

The Five Who Did (Angelbaby) Five friends born on the same day (no, we’re not in “This Is Us”), led by a boy named Angel (who is not a brooding vampire with a soul) are kidnapped, along with their mothers, and taken to a facility where they are in danger of being permanently infantilized
[baby-making drugs, IC buddies, insane doctors]

The Ghost in the Fog®(Tripped) Dustin is sent to Parkson Academy as an alternative to jail only to discover that his new school has a few dark secrets, and right from the outset he seems to be up to his elbows in them
[non-ABDL, supernatural/magic, mystery]

The Girl in My Closet®(CSFox) David seems to be living a fairly normal teen life until he realizes that a girl named Veronica is living in the mirror in his closet. Nothing is particularly “normal” after that…
[ABDL, lots of confusion, living Barbie]

The Girl Who Wondered If Only (selv14) Amanda is a normal teen in most ways but one: her toilet training has utterly failed when it comes to pooping; she simply can’t do that anywhere but in a diaper…
[diapers, psychological dependency, twisty ending]

The Halloween Party (KITT5183) Amy gets her friend Lacy to join her in going as babies to her crush Mark’s costume party. Mark, however, has more going on than either of them know.
[DL, supernatural occurrences, IC]

The Hoffman Method® (blablafreckenlover) The whole country goes gaga over a new parenting method involving regressing troubled kids in this well-written satirical piece
[broad Aussie accents, didgeridoos, Brittney Spears stand-ins, cameos, an epilogue from comedy heaven, forced regression]

The House at the End of the Road® (dogboy) When Matt and Suzan buy an old neglected mansion in Gozeberry, they have no idea of the strange adventure that awaits them.
[ghosts, hidden nurseries, supernatural/magic, Halloween]

The Introduction (Magnolias) very short non-ABDL piece about first day of kindergarten
[making friends, crayons]

The Princess of Infantilum (ZorroDaddy) cute fairy tale about an AB princess who falls in love with a stable boy
[as you wish, an inexplicable match, a hanging as part of a wedding (???)]

The Revelation (Bartolme) brief one-off about an AB telling his girlfriend about his fetish
[AB, perfect fantasy, yum! Ice cream!]

The Ryan and Dorie Story® (Frogsy) In what is, in my humble opinion, one of the three best ABDL stories ever written, timid germophobic Ryan, an AB with a history of emotional disorders, moves to a small town next door to Dorie, an incredibly sweet and understanding young woman with a few secrets of her own, and the tale of their relationship is wrought with a brilliant, sensitive style and extraordinary attention to character development along with conflict that feels extremely realistic
[AB role-playing, secrets, Vonnegut call-outs]

The Summer of Light® (Tripped) Four super-powered (and variously diapered) teens find themselves up against an evil international conglomerate (isn’t that phrase redundant?)
[sci-fi/magic combo; evil genius; super-friends save the world]

The Un-Training of Stanley Kaminsky®(dogboy) A wife discovers that her husband has secretly been an AB for their whole marriage and uses hypnosis CDs to indulge himself in his fantasies while using an arachnophobia CD to keep her away from his stash. She plots her revenge…
[hypnosis, AB, hella spiders, Halloween]

The Weekly Shop (Rbw1) Partly a story about a guy who notices a couple of women in a market and on a bus who are diapered and openly speaking about it. Partly the story of those women and one of their friends. Mostly a story about how bloody convenient it is to wear diapers.
[POV and name confusion, double-decker buses, diapers at work, DL]

This Is Not How I Planned the Day (lildreamer) one-off about a businesswoman applying for a job who mysteriously de-ages during her interview
[AR, reality-altering]

Three Little Diaper Girls (ABAlex2) Carissa is sent to a reformatory for young adults who clearly are not ready for the adult world, and she find that their methods are...interesting
[magic candies, ABDL, reform school]

Timothy at the Bike Rodeo (Foxfan1992) Timothy, a small child wearing pullups, rides his bike with training wheels in a bike race across a very muddy track. He gets constantly stuck and helps other training wheeled kids along the way.
[pullups, sweet little kid]

Timothy and the Water Park(Foxfan1992) Another vignette about Timothy, sweetie that he is, playing with his friends at a water park
[pullups, recapturing innocence]

Toddler SuperMax® (CuriousOne) Innocent convicted killer/rapist is sent to the latest in prison technology: a facility in which criminals are cloned and their minds transplanted into toddler versions of themselves for the purpose of retraining. Told 1st person, this piece really gets into some strong psychological issues both of a man convicted improperly of a heinous crime and of a 30-year-old man who suddenly finds himself a 2-yr-old girl (Recommended in conjunction with its incomplete sequel, “Jessika’s New Life”)
[AR, sissy, psychological issues]

True Colors(Vexxus) beginning the charming story of babyfurs Milo and Nina, dogs who meet in college and online who begin a relationship IRL
[babyfur, cuteness]

Warmed By The Fire (BabyCrinklewish) MLP Fanfic in which Rainbow Dash ends up foaled by her commander, Spitfire.
[MLP fanfic, babying, breastfeeding, pronoun confusion]

Wedding Disaster (Wulff) Brief, "true" story of events at a wedding , including travel to and from
[goodnites, ATM diapers, roofied coke]

Werewolf (dogboy) non-ABDL Halloween story features a murder mystery with guess what creature at its center :)
[many bloody and graphic murders, furry depravity on drugs]

With Me (kik91)23-yr-old Tommy has been through a trauma, and his friends are there for him, even if it means diapering him
[PTSD, diapers, thumb-sucking]

Zander’s Beach Day (LilDavid) Title says it all: Mandy takes her nephew Zander, IC and brain-damaged (?), to the beach. We don’t really know how physically old he is.
[a 3-yr-old is a 3-yr-old, big baby]


Bound to Darkness VallenVulpiano
Crafting Our Reflections JoNathan3
Longing VallenVulpiano
My Friend in the Red Boots TheHayleeRaven
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Part 3A: Incomplete Stories

Index of Incomplete Stories (minimum number of chapters/pages required)

10589 to Gatestown (Tripped) story told in vignettes linked to trains: focus is on two brothers living together after parents’ deaths and a train crash that happened many years earlier
[supernatural/magic,furries, non-ABDL]

27 Reasons to Enjoy Ligh(JoNathan3) Unfortunately discontinued story about a college student who meets a very strange young woman in a very odd class and begins a whimsical and fascinating relationship. Would be recommended but for a half a million spelling errors. Read it if you don’t mind such things.
[IC, diapers, supernatural/magic, strange professors, mystery numbers]

A Lesson In Diapers (ABAlex2) When Steph decides that her husband Jack is having a little bit too much fun at her expense because of her bedwetting, she decides to teach him a lesson he won’t be likely to forget.
[forced babying, crossdressing, supernatural/magic, humiliation]

A Lonely Man Is Reborn (AngelKitten) An old man dies of an aneurysm and finds himself in the afterlife, where a Goddess tells him that, as a reward for his goodness and recompense for his suffering, he will be allowed to be reborn into his dream world: forever five years old
[pokemon cameo, Dennis the Menace near-cameo, AR]

A Reason Why (ABAlex2) Ruthless businessman Steven suddenly can't concentrate at work and ends up in a car accident on the way home. Where he ends up after that is unclear...but his inner child comes alive there
[dreamlike states, teddy bears, regression]

A Star Wars Adventure (Salmon42) well-written piece following an effort by the Sith to capture an ultimate weapon from the jedi with the focus on the children who are involved indirectly.
[gratuitous appearance of DL, two Sith apprentices?, more twin Skywalkers!)

A Story About Her(Foxkit1992) interesting, enigmatic start of a piece concerning a mysterious woman and her diapered older son during the end of a war, possibly set in a demon world…
[supernatural/magic, diapers, mysterious]

A Very Cliché Story(tommytemper) the title says it all: a family goes to grandparents’ cabin; 13-yr-old boy forgets his pullups and ends up using g’ma’s diapers
[bedwetting, diapers, honesty in titling]

A Walk on the Wildside(Tripped) When Judas Christoph is kidnapped by military men in a helicopter, he doesn’t expect to end up in a facility for people with latent tendencies to become part animal, nor did he know his parents were involved in the experiment
[diapers, furries, scientific government experiments]

Agis Bio Baby Composer (Fullmetallittle) Set in the Bio Baby world, this rather rushed piece deals with a composer who died too soon and found himself rebirthed…
[AR via rebirthing]

All Alone(ZackW) Jamie finds himself suddenly alone when his mother fails to come home. While the police investigate, he is placed in a foster home where, at least at first, his foster sibs seem nice but his foster mother is way too strict. This doesn’t always go where you expect it will.
[bedwetter, strict caretaker syndrome]

All Furries Go to Heaven(DeftLeppard) J’zargo is one of thousands of furries who have taken advantage of the opportunity to be genetically altered to become their fursonas, a process that requires cryostasis for five years. When he awakens as a leopard, though, he discovers that the world has changed, and humanity is at war with furries…
[furries, furbaby, nazi-like evil, genetic manipulations]

Ally's Pyjama Experience® (cew435) 13-year-old bedwetter finds herself the unwilling recipient of a pair of back-zip sleepers and her life gets out of control from there.
[bedwetting, babysitting, forced TB elements entirely brought on by MC's mistakes, aunt]

Amy’s Pursuit of Stardom®(Ruud26) In an unfortunately unfinished piece, eight-year-old Amy is pushed into acting by her mother, herself an actress. Here she is, against her desire, doing a commercial for a new, diaperlike Drynites...wary even more because of the fact that she uses Drynites herself
[pullups, acting, stage moms]

Avenge Thy Fallen Brother (FauxPas) The husky Faux Pas seeks revenge on the white tiger Raven for killing his brother in arms.
[non-ABDL, furry, medieval battles]

Away From Home (Foxkit1992) Sadly discontinued piece about a college woman on a mysterious western journey until her car breaks down in a small town and she meets a mysterious man who captures her interest; both quickly learn they both have secrets, but what are they?
[wetting, mystery]

Baby Training (ABAlex2) Adult MC Alex is a victim of The Institute, which captures and trains submissives to be sold for various purposes. Alex is being trained as a sissy baby.
[humiliation, diapers...the title says it all]

Best Friends Make the Best Big Brothers (EDUGAN) 15-yr-old Trevor still hasn’t gone through puberty, but thanks to skipping a couple of grades, he’s a high school senior. He also wets the bed and has occasional accidents. Fortunately he also has two great friends who watch over him, especially now, on a senior class trip to Florida.
[pull-ups, Disney World, bathroom bully, long lines]

Boeing Disaster (snivy) Non-ABDL piece about a pilot getting ready to fly from NC to MI
[crew names: Snivy, Snow, Kuro, Zipper, Eulogy, Poison, Dmitri...and Clyde. Apparently United (which becomes American at some point) only hires people with weird names. Also: co-pilot who is afraid to fly and passenger who is a college student and yet a lawyer. Truly fun piece.]

Brittany's Cabin (Wulff) Brittany's bedwetting is getting worse just in time for a vacation to the family cabin
[bedwetting, diapers, cabin in the woods...]

But Somehow, I Was Still 12 Years Old(donbiki) Freshman Christie has it bad for her friend's senior brother Rob until she finds out that he is into girls who wear diapers. Then her life gets weird very quickly
[teen angst, girl-in-love-syndrome, accidental wetting]

Cassidy Webber (Waldo) 13-yr-old Cassidy has finally stopped wetting the bed, but has found that she misses the diapers, so she sneaks her sister’s. Things, of course, get complicated…
[DL, siblings, renewed bedwetting]

Cursed (Zenka) Total revision of “Only Secrets,” this time seeing things through the eyes of an older Aki who has experienced something terrible BEYOND the deaths of her parents
[shrink sessions, too cool for school roommate, IC]

Cutie Baby(ABAlex2) Story in vignettes about Kota (Cutie), a 22-yr-old AB girl, and her caretaker
[ABDL, party scene, punishment]

Deena’s Diaper Days(FeekaDimension) 20-yr-old Geraldine, a college student with a penchant for dressing in ultra-femme 19th Century Chic, buys a classic baby doll in a toy store on a whim and finds herself suddenly becoming incontinent
[magical dolls, sudden onset IC, a girl in archaic pink fashion wondering if she’s going to be stared at b/c she has a diaper on under her dress]

Diaper Inculcation (JackCares) Julia, a young society mother, is convinced by her nanny Lucy to adopt a "child-directed" approach to early education, including potty training. She and her friends enter their children in a university study on the subject. Meanwhile, conflict arises with Jack, Julia's demanding, out-of-touch husband who is developing early education software.
[delayed potty changing, diapers]

Diaper Quest (larikaz) An apprentice wizard trapped in a magic diaper (like his master) is sent on a quest to find the wizard's touchstone, the only way for either of them to be free from their entrapment.
[magic diaper, wizards, gorilla nanny]

Diary of a Madman (Denube) In a piece that ought to have been titled “The Think Tank,” Denube begins to paint a vivid picture of a scientist who trades his respected life for a much more limited one in order to, quite literally, save the world. Why the world doesn’t respect the Think Tank is not explained in the two brief chapters, nor how “a few million a year” for each member is such an outrageous salary, but it’s a great premise.
[SF, AR, diapers, Flowers for Algernon-y]

Difference in Age (SurfinBeachBum) high school senior and freshman girl fall for each other, then in the second chapter boy suddenly becomes IC for no reason because that happens
[responsible dating behavior, cliché diaper weirdness]

Edward Fortyhands(Jeffy25) about a college sorority rush party in which rushes have two 40 oz beers duct taped to their hands and then are diapered and forbidden the use of bathrooms until they have finished them
[diapers, why no alcohol poisoning?]

Ellie Jones (lilemmy) abandoned after only three chapters, this compelling story is about a 12-yr-old avid reader who finds a like-minded teacher (and a couple of bullies) on her first day of school. But it’s the cliffhanger at the end that makes it all very interesting…
[non-ABDL, at least to this point, abandoned too soon]

Erin and Erica (Killo) At the start of this piece, we learn that Mom Amy has just lost her husband but isn’t “one to lament on things for too long” so she’s just moving on. Then we meet Erin (16) and Erica (10) who immediately reveal they’ve been wearing diapers to deal with daddy’s death. Because, yeah. And Amy’s reaction? Basically: Yay, I’ve got my babies back! Because that happens.
[diapers, fantasy wish fulfilment, no character development]

Error While Sleeping(bfp2) No, nothing to do with bedwetting...this one is very original: about an individually-programmed Matrix-like alt-reality to keep people mentally alert during a very long hyperspace journey...and what seems to be going “wrong” with one person’s program
[diapers, AR, sissy, pink ponies, mommy dragons]

Exchanged: A Dragon TF (NatetheDragon) Nathaniel finds a note for himself at school that leads to a locker containing a Coke, which he drinks, more notes, and a bag of diapers, which he suddenly discovers he needs. It all leads to an interdimensional offer he can’t refuse…
[gratuitous diapers, anthros (bizarro furries), incredibly high tech watches, typically: no concern for parents left behind :)]

Fantasy Story About a Baby & Their Rock Star Parents (ABDLK10) ABDL young adult is offered a trip to another planet by two aliens, who would adopt them (MC is genderqueer) and de-age them to be their baby. Of course they accept; are you kidding?
[interplanetary diapering, AR, rock star parents, story without a title]

Growing Down (LeoLeo) A chance encounter at a bar results in a depressed retail clerk developing a fascination with the odd world of adult babies.
[overgrown toddler in bar, story abandoned too soon, AB]

Growing Up Is Harder Than It Looks (leakykate35) bedwetting Emily,16 and young looking, wishes she could prove herself to everyone to be the young adult she truly is. It doesn’t help that she’s spending Xmas vacation with two beloved slightly older cousins…
[Goodnites, bedwetting]

Her.2 (DLchao) somewhat disjointed sequel to the teen fantasy “Her”; this time our two MCs incredibly meet two other DL’s in their class (we’re EVERYWHERE!)
[DL, teen fantasy, 14-yr-old still sleeping w/gf]

Hey Kitty (Staccato) story of the daily life of a high school baby girl
[AB, diapers, daycare]

Holly’s Diapered Sleepover (luvtowearpampers) Holly and Emma plan a sleepover. Diapered, of course, in this sequel to the author’s better first story
[product placement, Frozen callouts, more diapers]

How I Became an Adult Baby (RainbowShy) Fiona, an autistic 18-yr-old, secretly desires to wear diapers and relive her childhood because of the awful one she had the first time.
[IC, AB, autism]

How I Became a Teen Baby (RainbowShy) Avery is 14, autistic, and a bedwetter. She progresses from Goodnites to diapers in this variation on the author’s usual theme.
[TB, autism, bedwetting]

Infinite(Shaunikins321) Jacob gets up the nerve to buy diapers for the first time, but accidentally buys a Magic Nappy, which attaches itself to him and causes much more trouble than he bargained for because, you know, magic...
[very incomplete, permadiaper, running wet/mess counts, supernatural/magic]

Internet Star (kerry) 17-year-old Geneva would love to be a famous YouTube star, but (as her friend Naomi tells her) she needs some kind of “gimmick”; reading through some comments, she finds that many people mistake her for someone much younger due to her small size, so…
[AB play, AB stardom, random Miley Cyrus mention]

Jessika’s New Life(CuriousOne) Continuation of “Toddler SuperMax.” We find out what happens to our MC after her release from prison.
[AR, sissy]

Joshua the AB (ABAlex2) series of vignettes about a smart college student who is also an AB and is in a baby/daddy relationship with another student

Journey (Angelbaby) Alex Cummins is a spoiled rich young man with a deep secret (no, not THAT) who wants to be a psychiatrist but doesn’t want to do the work for it. He’s going to have a few surprises along the way.
[mystery, hidden past, old friends, rich dad who wants son to learn a life lesson]

Judging Books (Inkflow) Cyrus, in mourning over the suicide of his girlfriend, meets Mallory and Emory at a concert. The two girls have an unusual relationship that he can’t figure out; Emory seems extremely shy and clingy and dependent. He sees her again at school and finds himself becoming involved in their lives in this sadly unfinished piece.
[great concert description, AB only to be inferred thus far]

Just Two Weeks (scaredlittlebear) Truthfully a bit inconsistent (is Sarah IC from birth? Did she start wetting the bed at age five? Is she a secret AB? All of these answers are given in various places, plus she has control but wets herself twice uncontrollably…). But basically it’s about Sarah and her parents and her friend Michael, and everyone’s concerns about her.
[can AB be hereditary? Can one story cram in any more plotlines?]

Kidnapped to Be a Toddler (manga version) (AnnBabyGurl) literally what it says it is: a “manga” (ish) version of AnnBabyGurl’s story of this name
[pictures, AR]

Kindergarten Wunderland (AustinTheLionhearted) "diapered high school" story focused on the relationships between the students, here specifically on MC, Heinz, and his roommate, Seras, as they discover their mutual AB interests and uncover some of Heinz's difficult past
[AB, diapers​]

Lazarus, Just Not the Way You Think
(LittleManAlex) 9-year-old Alex is a survivor of a mass shooting in a movie theatre; it traumatizes him so badly that he wants to climb back into himself and become a baby again
[child babying, horrific pre-story violence, general sweetness]

Le Grande Pirate Lilium(ambivaalen) silly sweet tale of a diapered pirate girl trying to get a shipment of M4s and Bellissimos to Tortuga.
[ABDL, irc]

Little Things (DanDanSuperman) Brief vignettes showing tenderness between a father and his young son.
[cute, very sweet, very short]

Loser’s Fate (ABAlex2) A bet is a bet, and Sarah and Eric play for keeps. Last time she made him dress as a French maid for a week. This time *she* has lost, and he has a major surprise in store for his sweet baby girl…
[ABDL, forced diapering, public humiliation]

Lost Soul (AngelKitten) A child named Wyatt is born and adopted into an abusive family. Eventually he finds himself removed and re-adopted with a gentler family, where the mother indulges his desires (at 13) to be diapered and babied
[diapers, child abuse, insanely sad childhood]

Magus(LeonSoryu117) after a brutal magical murder, we meet a young practitioner of magic named Ethan who also seemed to be IC and wears diapers for protection. Interesting set up never gets far before author gives up
[IC, diapers, supernatural/magic]

Mark (JimmyJam) To combat OCD that keeps him getting up all night to go to the bathroom, Mark decides to wear Goodnites. Then a friend joins him, cause that’s what friends do.
[very incomplete; boys making odd decisions]

Marley's Aliens (Lilmissblush) Imagine Marley's surprise when some aliens show up in her bedroom, then follow her to school, and then offer her the chance to come with them to their planet as an adopted newborn in their family...
[aliens, TB-ishness]

Memories of Diapers Past (lill) Seeing a new therapist prompts memories for Eric of childhood episodes that resulted in his wearing diapers in first grade
[daycare, yoga mats, pants pooping, incomplete]

Meredith (ozziebie) Injured in a car crash, high powered Little attorney Meredith Henderson finds herself in an Amazon hospital, her Amazon mother killed and the woman who found her ready to adopt her and use nanotech to convert her into an Amazon baby...
[Diaper Dimension]

Michelle (Orange) ®15-year-old bedwetter Michelle fails to listen to her mother's instructions to bring extra pj's on a visit to her aunt's house; as usual, it all goes downhill from there
[bedwetting/diapers, backzip pjs, some shaming, aunt]

Mike and Alex Do Diapers (svf999) Mike, partially IC, is caught in his diapers by his best friend Alexis, who ends up volunteering to help change him when he needs it
[mucho wish fulfillment]

Miss Mallory (Inkflow) Mallory gets the job of babysitting Emmy for the summer, but the ten-yr-old has oddly determined to regress. Mallory decides to play along and thus the adventure begins.
[TB, diapers, babysitting]

My Family(BabyxZoey) 16-yr-old Brad spends two years in a coma after a crash that kills two of his friends and when he awakens discovers that the plastic surgeon has somehow managed to convert his boy parts to girl parts. He’s also incontinent. Naturally he is quite upset. Weirdly, his family is upset with him for being upset and decides that, since he can’t come to terms with being a girl, they will need to raise her as one from the beginning. So, recapping: got my kid back after two years in a coma and now I’m punishing the crap out of her. Got it.
[forced babying, forced sex change, bizarre family, weird lack of a malpractice suit]

Nairi(KTL) Title character is a kind of cat person who is bought as a slave in an opening scene by a human girl. There are other scenes and characters also that are meant to intertwine, but the story stops before they do. Interesting, though. Oh, BTW, for some reason Nairi awakens wearing a diaper after she is captured. No one knows why.
[diaper, furry, slavery, unusual narration]

No Summer Job(buridan) Justin has (guess!) no summer job (aww, you guessed) so he signs up to be a test subject for an eight-week live-in study of a new body-building/kidney drug (somehow this makes sense, I swear). The piece is abandoned before it gets really interesting, but it does have much potential.
[drug test, bad gaydar, bedwetting, weightlifting]

Of Deviant Hearts (kik91) Sam has had some kind of breakdown that had him in a psych ward recently, and when he gets back to school he feels that everyone, including his best friends, treats him as some kind of freak
[non-ABDL, psychological, journal structure]

Of Infantile Habits: A New Story (kik91) 13-yr-old Michael is almost a perfect student and son; he's also an AB. 15-yr-old Adrian is fresh out of juvie and a self-loathing wreck; he's also a DL.
[WAY bad parenting, a guy named Mitch, diaper buying]

Of Infantile Habits: Richie’s Memories (kik91) 16-yr-old Richie’s infantilism is discovered by his twin brother Henry
[fraternal twins, thumb sucking]

Only Secrets(Zenka) Aki, an IC orphan from Osaka, meets Rachel and they become friends, but there is something sinister about their other friend, Ashley…
[Kelsey/Sadie cameo, good characters but a bit unfocused (see Cursed)]

Perfect Copy(MadelineOctavia) Jerry, a highly regarded STEM grad, is recruited by an organization that, it turns out, is not only into human cloning, but has already made one of him and expects him to take her home…
[IC, clones]

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: A Journey to Remember (Pokekitty) 15-yr-old Lila finds herself in the strange world of Pokémon, turned into a cat (I think), and meets a Pikachu and a Charmander who become her guides
[furry?, pikachu fanfic, non-ABDL]

Protected (EngageStage2Rockets) (MLP Fanfic in which Rainbow Dash, out in a severe storm, crashes into Fluttershy’s house and is severely injured
[diapers, MLP fanfic]

R&J: A Love Story (kerry) In this parody ABDL retelling of Romeo and Juliet, I mix
Shakespearean dialogue with normal narrative prose to tell a version of the story in which Romeo has a rather un-Shakespearean problem
[ABDL, flowery language, weirdo priest making potions, two 13-yr-olds in love]

Rebecca’s Story (Ruud26) Rebecca is 12 yrs old. Her father has recently died and she and her mother are making a transition into a new life. She’s also dealing with a resurgence of her life-long bedwetting, which requires pull-ups (and later diapers) to control. Things get even more interesting on a trip to Disney World.
[diapers, Disney, late night fire alarms, absolutely terrible hotels, sweet mom/daughter thing]

Rewind (Kyler) Sadly abandoned piece about an Irish boy named Cian who leaves his family to undergo some futuristic medical treatment about which we are still guessing…
[yes, OF COURSE it’s AR!]

Role Model(leakykate35) Timmy looks up to his older brother Chris in every possible way, an when he discovers Chris wets the bed...well lets just say we may have a young DL on our hands…
[goodnites, DL, bedwetting]

Savage Beasts Book 1, first 4 chaps only(NateSean) A man whimsically named Arael crosses paths with a ten-year-old runaway oddly named Keth who is being chased by someone weirdly named Dydrik. He protects the boy and thus begins a mysterious story..
[shameless self-promotion, here there be dragons, super way to quit a job]

Sean’s Adoption (Bartolome) 21-yr-old Sean is one of the boys at Boys Farm, an unusual adoption agency that takes volunteers straight out of high school and molds them into perfectly adoptable babies, toddlers, and little boys. Sean’s been waiting for awhile and today is the day when he’s finally going to be taken home by a nice family
[regression, IC]

Star Trek: The Diapered Generation (Bartolme) Aboard the Enterprise, an accidentally accessed holodeck program allows two ABs to meet each other
[AB, holodecks, star trek fanfic]

Starbase Zenon (Tripped) In deep space, two brothers and their best friends live aboard a space station. They are about to take time off to vacation on a forest planet in this well-written but unfinished piece.
[SF, non-ABDL]

Summer Dreams (RainbowShy) Olivia is 21 but her multiple special needs leave her with (mostly) the mental capability of a child. Still, she communicates well with the help of an iPad app...and all she really wants is for her mother to honor her father’s dying wish to take her and her sister camping at Acadia National Park.
[IC, diapers, “child in an adult’s body,” intolerant onlookers at Walmart; autism]

Summer Nurse® (mattdaily) Carrie Sullivan decides to spend the summer before going to med school working in childcare and ends up the live-in caregiver for 15-yr-old Kevin, a boy who has recently lost his father, has just moved to a new town, and physically looks more like a 9-yr-old than someone his own age. He also is a bedwetter, but after a gymnastics injury makes him immobile, that becomes the tip of the iceberg.
[TB-ishness, therapy babying, loving relationships, cuteness, otters]

Survey of What’s to Come(KryanAshford) teenage Zak takes a survey to find out on what planet he is supposed to be settled and ends up in the Diasula system, where he is recategorized as a Class B citizen--in other words, a baby (the future looks fun!)
[forced babying, SF, terrible editing]

That Perfect Place (KatherineB) Series of shorts about Katherine, whose bowel problems are such that she cannot release unless diapered…
[diapers, BMs, gentle one-offs]

(ABAlex2) MC, a spoiled rich woman with no thoughts about others, pisses of a genie, who then gets her to agree to be "tested" to see if she is really all that. He transports her to a strange world where toilet training apparently takes a lot longer, many teens and adults are diapered, and AB things abound.
[diapers, BMs, AB things]

The 7-Day Trial (Ruud26) 12-year old bedwetter Amy's mom decides to get in on a trial of a new diaper product for her daughter, which sounds like loads of fun for Amy...
[sneakiness, diapers, videos]

The Alley Cat (Meowstic) The titular cat, Trevor, is a juvenile delinquent street cat who breaks into the home of Makayla, who decides to treat him well and see if she might reform him
[lots of foul language, bedwetting, furries]

The Babysitter (ABAlex2) Alex is going out for the evening, so he hires a babysitter to take care of Kacey, his ABDL baby girl. Things go awry, though, when Kacey decides to hide and the sitter assumes that Alex himself is the real baby.
[serious domination, identity confusion]

The Campaign (kerry) diapers and politics: what could be better? On the campaign trail, a Huffpost reporter gains access to GOP candidate Julian Garcia, who is secretly an AB
[AB in the WH who isn’t Trump]

The Choices We Make (James707) A TG AB goes to a college where all lifestyles are openly supported and ends up rooming with three AB girls.
[high AB fantasy, much cuteness]

The Chronicles of Aiden Woolf: Part 1 The Lone Woolf (thewolfemperor) The first tale in ongoing chronicles of an IC boy detective with some mad skills
[IC, diapers, criminality]

The Date (lilbabygirl9379) this story couldn’t possibly be sillier or more cliché: smallish woman has crush on tall co-worker who finally asks her out; at the diner he is suddenly all over her, even fingering her (seriously?) and getting her wet (seriously?) which he uses as an excuse to get her into a pullup (seriously?) which she then wets (of course) and ends up in a diaper (because why not) etc.
[ABDL, tropes galore, illogic galore]

The Day Everything Changed(GoodnitesBC) The day in question is the day on which 18-yr-old DL Blake is caught by his mom and makes the fateful decision to lie and say he has been wetting the bed. Let’s just say her concerned response is far worse than any anger would have been had he told the truth…
[DL, doctor’s office]

The Diapered Detective (NateSean) Several chapters from a book about a Sherlock-like teen who also wears pull-ups.

The Drought (larikaz)In the future, a monumental drought necessitates laws requiring diapers

The Facility (bigbabyderek2012) rather convoluted (but not as bad as some of its commenters have it) piece about some kind of military-style facility combining “powers” and ABDL-y stuff. If you bother reading this, read the second version. (Yes, the author changed it a bit and reposted it down thread.) It’s slightly better.
[ABDL, special abilities]

The Jolly Season(Maniacjkbsevs) furry story about kids watching Xmas parade and then shopping…
[furry, diapers, Santa]

The Kid (BJHunnicutt) Jack’s car accident, on the day his parents announced their divorce, has left him incontinent. Dad is fine with that, but Mom, a high-powered atty who likes to control everything, can’t handle it. She decides that if he’s embarrassed enough about it he’ll will himself to be cured, so (well you see where this is going…)
[maniacal mom, sweet dad: guess which says "Awwwww my widdle baby Jacky wacky. Does widdle Jack want his baba?"]

The Lost Ones (ABAlex2) A 12,000 year old man who looks like an overgrown child keeps trying to hide his absurd longevity, a task made even harder by his incontinence and AB nature.
[sweet, innocent MC, AB inclinations, teddy bear]

The Magic Helicopter (feetintrouble) Very cute non-ABDL story about a little child's party and an inventive older sister's "magic helicopter ride" featuring a blindfold and a lot of imagination, followed by other chapters featuring this excellent babysitter's imaginative work with these kids
[pin the take on the donkey, imaginary skydiving]

The Mystery of Disposition® (apexv) This one has pretty much everything. It’s partly a camp story. It’s partly a mother/daughter conflict story. It’s partly a personal regression story. It’s partly about consequences, both long term and short term. And just for good measure it has a babysitter-to-playmate trope. As I said: a little bit of everything, and it all works.
[mystery, backfiring schemes, legos, volleyball camp]

The New Daddy (ABAlex2) In lieu of legal punishment, Philip opts to serve his time serving his victim, who wants him to "daddy" her while she sissifies him...
[Sissy, Diapers, Spankings, B/D]

The Nightmare of Eternal Youth (nerfbrony) 22-yr-old is offered eternal youth by a stranger and accepts (bad plan); is transformed into child, ends up in hospital
[supernatural/magic, AR, IC, hospital gowns]

The Rainbow Stone(Adventurer) In 1890 Ireland, a fatherless 20-yr-old named David is responsible for tending the fields and taking care of his two young sisters and his mother. But lately he’s been getting envious feelings that he’d like to BE one of those children, and when his mother tells them a story about what happens when you drink the water at the end of the rainbow (you turn into the opposite sex)...well, you see where this is going…this would easily be rec’d if it were longer...
[sissy, AR, supernatural/magic, Ireland]

The Safe Place (offsidetrap) very interesting start to a piece that was abandoned about a man who awakens in some kind of institution with no memory
[diapers, mystery]

The Short Life of Carly Lannigan (kerry) 16-year-old Carly is in a new school in a new town after a terrible event occurred at the end of her sophomore year, and she's worried it might be happening again
[IC, public self-outing, supernatural/magic, some shaming]

The Story of Natalie (diapers161) Natalie spontaneously starts wetting herself when she sleeps, requiring her to wear Goodnites. She’s having a bad week.
[tropes galore; “cute” overload]

The Tales of Andirick Lorac(larikaz) sequel to/continuation of The Early Years of Andi, this story finds Andi and his grandfather dealing with an ogre war in Egypt
[supernatural/magic, flying carpets, mages, AR as legal punishment]

The Top Bracket(Alphacore) I’ll be honest: I don’t have the foggiest notion what this thing is about. It has three rotting segments: a playlet containing two mysterious voices, a military thing set in some future world, and a school segment set beyond that, I think, that starts with a robot that changes a schoolboy’s diapers (for some inexplicable reason). No clue.
[diapers, war stuff, robots]

The Valley of Elves (Rafikimon) young orphan elf girl on the run for her life is taken in by an elf family
[elves (duh), crinkly pink plastic sheet]

The Wanted Child (foxytiger) a geneticist and her lawyer husband both hate children but want a family; solution: replace the human DNA in his sperm with that of a bear and give birth to a cub!
[babyfur, bad science, lots of vomiting, no understanding of the word “paternity”]

The Weird Scholarship® (WriteAndLeft) Nora has a full ride to MIT, but only if she can manage to convince everyone that she is incontinent and needs diapers.
[IC, REALLY weird scholarships, some messing, engineers]

The Witch (Foxkit1992) Well-written start to a tropey tale about a man living in the woods who is visited by a witch who claims to live in a nearby cottage he’s never seen before…
[ABDL, supernatural/magic]

Third Rock From the Sun: The Age Revision Incident (Bartolme) In this fanfic, the Solomon family faces a conundrum when the Big Giant Head orders Tommy to spend time as a four-year-old.
[AR, fanfic, silliness]

Timberley, Ohio (Or How I Ended Up At Prom in Diapers)® (MisterD) Amber and her family suddenly uproot themselves from their normal lives in WV and move to the title town, where the rules are a bit unusual, like all people under 18 are always in diapers…
[weird town, story has been going on for over six years]

Two Poles of a Magnet (Leilana) Narrator meets Tom, an AB college freshman, on a bus, and decides (as a caregiver) that he’s the cutest thing she’s ever seen.
[AB cuteness, caregiving, board games]

Uninvolved (DustRabbit) Evan’s parents are so sick of his attitude that they have actually put him up for adoption. (Can people really do that?) His Aunt Gracie has adopted him, hoping to “fix” him. But he’s stubborn, and this is an ABDL story, so…
[diapers, wet pants, aunts]

Wet Bottoms 2 (LittleLib) In a continuation of a story that has vanished from the site, the author tells of Trudy, a sweet 2nd grader whose IC results in the need for diapers that her father understand but her mother does not
[IC, diapers, school]

White Ears(MrSun) Albino mouse becomes the diapered pet of a sweet cat named Rei
[diaperfur, interesting variation on regression story]

You Didn’t See Anything, Charissa (selv14) When Jason runs into his friend Charissa at school during break and finds she has pooped herself, neither is aware it will lead to a complex relationship that will unveil Jason’s even more complex past.
[twins, crime dons, really sad personal histories, colorectal specialists, IC]
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Part 3B: Other Stories (New or Quickly Abandoned)

Index of New Stories & Quickly Abandoned Stories*
*or stories that are in this section for other reasons

A babyfur story MrPurple
A Lullaby For Others kik91
A New Playmate Argeddion
A Night at Joey’s Kitmax
A Summer to Remember paddedwolf
A Year to Remember tai
Adopting Annabelle LittleTraumas
Alexis’ New Discovery DLchao
Amanda Lana tresson
Awe TheHayleeRaven
Baby and Mommy ruebenjay
Becky's Journal Collection BeckyInconDL
Baby Violet BabyGirl4Ever907
Bedtime Secrets kik91
Business Trip AWH2
Calming Her Fears
College Students Tiger
Daria AB Fic diaperlover93
Diapered Buds jak3
Dungeons and Diapers ABAlex2
Ember ZeroCG86
Finishing Last JoNathan3
Finishing Last (Remake) JoNathan3
Foolproof! xxLunacy
Gabriel Dropout: Demons Need Love Too: KimbaWolfNagihiko
Gavin’s New Job Lilmissblush
Girl Interrupted Letania
Going Down the Yellow Brick Road LushieCat
História Del Darklinia Darklight
Holly's DIapering luvtowearpampers
Il Recluso

I’ll Be There Brother Jamie123
In Daycare elmo86
Jamie’s Nightmare Waldo
Jen and Dante hab1bi
Just In Case Neonite
Like a Family Member Silly269
Late Night Comfort FootieCrinkle
Let Me Be Young Forever AbsorbzLittle
Link’s Play Date
Living Off of Brooklyn SohMara
Liz’s AB Adventures With Her Two Nannies Craver
Katie’s Story: A TG in Goodnites JenniferInGoodnites
Kimba’s Bedtime KimbaWolfNagahiko
Lost Soul BabyMitchy
Lost Soul Wyatte
Mariella’s Big Weekend Mylene
Mirrors in Between emberthefox
My Big Secret SuperTed
My Life Neverland tai
My Roommate Foxkit1992
My Second Family mistamos425
Nancy’s New Life Killo
Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Diapers LordFluffyButtz
Peeing Diary/Friends to the Core Ipdmyself
Ronnie SohMara
Set: A God Awakens MarchinBunny
Sleepover Story Time Bigrig
So That’s What You Did Last Summer plasticsounds
Sophie's Week rbw1
Spring Camping Trip floofywoof
Stability, Boundaries, Love
Star Trek Script Caitianx
Story of Felix Fiffer Santa22
Stress RyanTylerDL
Teeny Tiny Twilight darkentrophy
The Age of Demeter sallykoep
The Alteration ABAlex2
The Baby Curse PrincessEmmy
The Boy Who Wore DIPPERS Kovy
The Brotherhood Saga kik91
The Chosen Few mattyd
The Curse of Old (sic) Hallows Eve babymeggy
The Diaper of Dorian Gray (snippet) Musician147
The Family babylea
The Ghost and Her Doll AuraBlaze
The Hug superabdl
The Interruption DanDanSuperman
The Life of Rich Kids tommytemper
The New House ABDLHybrid
The Party Rocky
The Rediscovery of Love and Innocence Goofy
The Second Chance Unclear
The Shock of the World copper360
The Silicon Lord giantguy99
The Story of How It Came to Be jhudson
The Story of (Super) Diaper Girl nerfbrony
The Tale of Me getting a New Toy siysiy
The Tale of the Eccentric Circus babyjasmine
This Is a Story of Stars TheHayleeRaven
Two Days Without The Ultimate Wager MrSun
Unsuspecting Times Babygirl1412
Untitled DannyBBaby
What I Learned TheHayleeRaven
What Money Cannot Buy Katherine B
When Deviant Hearts and Free Spirits Meet KittyNinjaW
When Family’s Gone ToddlerTy
Why Me? DLchao
You're the Best Thing I Never Knew I Needed AdorbzLittleGirl
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Part 4: Index of Authors

Index of Authors
* indicates completed story
® indicates recommended story
indicates ADISC Mother Goose winner

ABAlex2:A Reason Why ; Baby Training ; Rosie*; A Lesson In Diapers; The Alteration; The Carelsonton Cuddle Club*; Punishment Time*; Careful What You Wish For*; Switch*; The Babysitter, A Big Girl*®; Meg and Zoey*; Three Little Diaper Girls*; Bottle and Diapers and Bears, Oh My!*; Cutie Baby; Dungeons and Diapers; Loser’s Fate; Joshua the AB; The Lost Ones; Sissy's Lot*®; The New Daddy*; Tested; Stages
ABDLHybrid:The New House
ABDLK10:Fantasy Story About a Baby & Their Rock Star Parents
AbsorbzLittleGirl: Let Me Be Young Forever; You're the Best Thing I ever Knew I Needed
Alphacore:The Top Bracket
ambivaalen:Le Grande Pirate Lilium
Angelbaby:The Five Who Did*; Journey
AngelKitten: A Lonely Man Is Reborn; Lost Soul
AngellotheFox:Fluttershy Flutter Scared*
AnnBabyGurl:Kidnapped to Be a Toddler (manga version)
apexv:The Mystery of Disposition®
Argeddion:A New Playmate
Argyraspid:Psudo’s Nightmare*
AuraBlaze:The Ghost and Her Doll
AustinTheLionhearted: The Age Chromosome*; Lost in Grief, Found in Sorrow*; Kindergarten Wunderland
AWH2: Business Trip
BabyCrinklewish:Warmed By The Fire*
BabyFoxDK:My Trip To The Hospital*
Babygirl1412:Unsuspecting Times
BabyGirl4Ever907:Baby Violet
BabyHeroSakura:Link’s Play Date
Babyjasmine:The Tale of the Eccentric Circus
Babylea:The Family
babymeggy:The Curse of Old (sic) Hallows Eve
BabyMitchy:Lost Soul
BabySamantha@:Back to Diapers
BabyxZoey:My Family
Bambinod:Adventures in Timecatting
Bartolome:Sean’s Adoption; But I’m Too Old For a Babysitter*; Third Rock From the Sun: The Age Revision Incident; Star Trek: The Diapered Generation; The Revelation*
BeckyInconDL: Becky's Journal Collection
bfp2:Error While Sleeping
bigbabyderek2012:The Facility
Bigrig:Sleepover Story Time
BJHunnicutt:The Kid
Blablafreckenlover:Abby’s Diapers*®; Raquel's Wish®; The Hoffman Method®*
BrandonHoward2016:Rock a Bye Tavi*
BrandonSleepypuppy:A Soft Night*
buridan:No Summer Job
Chronicles of Caspinar: Family Matters*; Chronicles of Caspinar: Lost and Found; Chronicles of Caspinar: The Social Circle;
Caitianx:Star Trek Script
cew435:Ally's Pyjama Experience®
copper360:The Shock of the World
Craver:After the Accident, Acceptance and Happiness
Liz’s AB Adventures With Her Two Nannies
CSFox:The Girl in My Closet
CuriousOne:Toddler SuperMax®*; Jessika’s New Life
DanDanSuperman:Little Things; The Interruption
Darkentrophy:Teeny Tiny Twilight
Darklight: História Del Darklinia
DeftLeppard:All Furries Go to Heaven
Denube:Diary of a Madman
diaperlover93:Daria AB Fic
Diapers161:The Story of Natalie
DLchao:Why Me?; Her*; Her.2; Alexis’ New Discovery
dogboy:The House at the End of the Road*®; Werewolf*; Long Walks On The Beach*; The Un-Training of Stanley Kaminsky*®; Coffee Stop*
donbiki:But Somehow, I Was Still 12 Years Old
DragonFire04534:The Wilted Rose; The American Dragon Story: The Beginning
DustRabbit:Uninvolved; A Single Step Backwards*
EDUGAN:Best Friends Make the Best Big Brothers
elmo86:In Daycare
emberthefox:Mirrors in Between
Emily91:Raquel’s Only Wish
FauxPas:Pirate Adventure*; Avenge Thy Fallen Brother
FeekaDimension:Deena’s Diaper Days
feetintrouble: The Magic Helicopter
Floofywoof: Spring Camping Trip
FootieCrinkle:Late Night Comfort
Foxfan1992:Friendly’s New Friend*; Timothy at the Bike Rodeo*; Timothy and the Water Park*
Foxkit1992:Robbie*; A Story About Her; Away From Home; The Witch; My Roommate
foxytiger:The Wanted Child
Frogsy:The Ryan and Dorie Story*®; A Night to Remember
Fullmetallittle:Agis Bio Baby Composer
giantguy99:The Silicon Lord
GoodnitesBC:The Day Everything Changed
Goofy:The Rediscovery of Love and Innocence
HokieABDL:Maribel McMillan: Bio Baby’s First Friend*®; Maribel McMillan: Second Childhood Services*; Maribel McMillan, Bio Consultant
hab1bi:Jen and Dante
Inkflow:Judging Books; Miss Mallory
Ipdmyself:Peeing Diary/Friends to the Core
JackCares: Diaper Inculcation
jak3:Diapered Buds
James707:The Choices We Make
Jamie123:I’ll Be There Brother
Jeffy25:Edward Fortyhands
JenniferInGoodnites:Katie’s Story: A TG in Goodnites
jhudson:The Story of How It Came to Be
JoNathan3:Finishing Last; 27 Reasons to Enjoy Ligh; Crafting Our Reflections
KatherineB:What Money Cannot Buy; That Perfect Place
kerry@:It Takes a Village*®; The Short Life of Carly Lannigan; The Campaign; Internet Star; The Au Pair*; R&J: A Love Story; A Day At the Farm*®; Leaving Her Troubles*®; Eternal Kiss
*®; Stranger on a Train*®; Forever Little*; Cupid's Bow*
kik91:Of Infantile Habits: A New Story, Of Infantile Habits: Richie’s Memories; Of Deviant Hearts; A Lullaby For Others; The Brotherhood Saga; Bedtime Secrets; With Me*;
Killo:Nancy’s New Life; Erin and Erica
KimbaWolfNagahiko:Kimba’s Bedtime; Gabriel Dropout: Demons Need Love Too; Miss Kobuyashi's Dragon-Maid: Kanna's Problem*;
KITT5183:The Halloween Party*
Kitmax:A Night at Joey’s
KittyNinjaW:When Deviant Hearts and Free Spirits Meet
Kovy:The Boy Who Wore DIPPERS
KryanAshford:Survey of What’s to Come
larikaz:The Early Years of Andi*; The Tales of Andirick Lorac;
A Small Price To Pay*;Diaper Quest; The Drought
LazyDreamer:Loved As We Are
leakykate35:Growing Up Is Harder Than It Looks; Role Model
Leilana:Two Poles of a Magnet; The Changing House;
Leio: Rave*
LeoLeo:Growing Down
Letania:Girl Interrupted
lilbabygirl9379:The Date
lildavid:Zander’s Beach Day
lildreamer:This Is Not How I Planned the Day*
lilemmy:Ellie Jones
Lill:Memories of Diapers Past
Lilmissblush:Marley's Aliens; Petals Unfolding*; Gavin’s New Job
LittleLib:Wet Bottoms 2
LittleManAlex:Lazarus, Just Not the Way You Think
LittleTraumas:Adopting Annabelle; Stability, Boundaries, Love
LordFluffyButtz:Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Diapers
LushieCat:Going Down the Yellow Brick Road
luvtowearpampers:Holly's Diapered Vacation*; Holly’s Diapered Sleepover; Holly's Diapering
MadelineOctavia:Perfect Copy
Magnolias:The Introduction*
Maniacsjkbsevs:The Jolly Season
MarchinBunny:Set: A God Awakens
mattdaily:Summer Nurse®
mattyd:The Chosen Few
Meowstic:The Alley Cat
mistamos425:My Second Family
MisterD:Timberley, Ohio (Or How I Ended Up At Prom in Diapers)®
MonkeyDoodle:Bailey’s Pull-Ups*
MotherFaith:From Hot to Cold*
MrPurple:A babyfur story
MrSun:Two Days Without The Ultimate Wager; White Ears
Musician147:The Diaper of Dorian Gray (snippet)
MustardFairy:Give Me Attention
Mylene:Mariella’s Big Weekend
NateSean:Savage Beasts Book 1, first 4 chaps only; The Diapered Detective
NatetheDragon:Exchanged: A Dragon TF
Neonite:Just In Case
nerfbrony:The Nightmare of Eternal Youth; The Story of (Super) Diaper Girl
offsidetrap:The Safe Place
Orange:Michelle®; 8th Grade Spirit Week: A True Story
ozziebie: Meredith
paddedwolf:A Summer to Remember
plasticsounds:So That’s What You Did Last Summer
PokeKitty:Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: A Journey to Remember
PrincessEmmy:The Baby Curse
PrincessLilybear:First Change*
Rbw1:The Weekly Shop; Sophie's Week
Rafikimon:All Alone*; The Valley of Elves
RainbowShy:Summer Dreams; How I Became an Adult Baby; How I Became a Teen Baby
Reterra:Boss at Work, Baby at Home*
Rocky:Sacrifices; Rules Are Meant to be Broken*; The Party
ruebenjay: Baby and Mommy
Ruud26:The 7-Day Trial; Rebecca’s Story; Amy’s Pursuit of Stardom®
sallykoep:The Age of Demeter
Salmon42:Home*; A Star Wars Adventure
Santa22:Story of Felix Fiffer
Scaredlittlebear:Just Two Weeks
SecondChoice:Cross My Heart
selv14:You Didn’t See Anything, Charissa; The Girl Who Wondered If Only*
Silly269:Like a Family Member
siysiy:The Tale of Me getting a New Toy
snivy:Boeing Disaster
SnowPrincessSophie:Yellow Tears
SoHMara:Ronnie; Living Off of Brooklyn
Staccato: Hey Kitty
StikkyPaws:Beth and Danton After Work*
Storywriter:Stories We Tell
StrawberryRaven:The Rose
superabdl:The Hug
SuperTed:My Big Secret
SurfinBeachBum:Difference in Age
svf999:Mike and Alex Do Diapers
T3ddy:Pysslingar Manor*
tai:My Life Neverland; A Year to Remember
Takashi:The End of One Thing, The Start of Something New*
teddybearbaby85:Calming Her Fears
TheHayleeRaven:What I Learned; This Is a Story of Stars; Awe; My Friend in the Red Boots
TheWolfEmperor: Savage Beasts; The Chronicles of Aiden Woolf Part 1: The Lone Woolf*
Tiger:College Students
ToddlerTy:When Family’s Gone
tommytemper:The Life of Rich Kids; A Very Cliché Story
tresson:Amanda Lana
Tripped:TheSummer of Light*®; A Walk on the Wildside; 10589 to Gatestown; Starbase Zenon; The Ghost in the Fog®*; The Dark Day
Unclear:The Second Chance
VallenVulpiano:Bound to Darkness; Longing
Vexxus:Aden’s Abrogation*®; True Colors*; Milo’s Midwinter*; Nina’s Notification*
Waldo:Cassidy Webber; Jamie’s Nightmare
WriteAndLeft:The Weird Scholarship®; Redeeming Clara
Wulff: Brittany's Cabin; Wedding Disaster
Wyatte:Lost Soul
ZackW:All Alone
Zenka:Perfect Copy; Cursed
ZorroDaddy:The Princess of Infantilum*
zultan:Il Recluso
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Part Five: Member Recommendations

From this post onward, I invite members who have particularly enjoyed stories on ADISC to share their experiences. Tell other member which were your favorites. (I've already told you mine.) Tell us why. No need to link (though you should feel free to do so), as the links are all right here.

Go to it! The rest of the index is yours!

BTW: Why not PM the authors of your favorite stories and let them know how much you appreciate them? (And, if the story is incomplete, beg them to pick it up again.) :cool:
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Wow. My eyes and fingers are exhausted just thinking about the work that went into this.

...and a quick scan shows a couple of stories I missed that perhaps I shouldn't have.... to be rectified soon.

Edit: In my haste, I neglected to say thank you, thank you, thank you for saving us all from paging through the sub-forum and possibly missing hidden gems. Further, a way to pass on recommendations via the sticky thread without necro'ing the original.

And I had no idea that you wrote, Maxx! I'm going to be spending some time reading some of your work!


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  3. Sissy
nice work. This is really extensive, and must have taken a lot of work. Hats off to you Kerry a really great addition to the site.


Est. Contributor
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Awesome job Kerry. This must have taken a monstrous amount of time.


Est. Contributor
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  3. Sissy
Thank you kerry for all of your hard work. This has already been an enormous help. I also seem to have similar tastes..


  1. Adult Baby
  2. Little
I don't know if anyone still reads this thread, but if so...does anyone remember a story about a high school aged boy in the UK, on a trip abroad with his class. He wets his pants on the train after the class visits a pub in front of his whole class, later it's revealed that he wets the bed and had to bring a bag of diapers with him. The other students discover it and steal his diapers during a nap, he wets the bed and has to begin sleeping in the same room as his teachers. One morning he goes to the bathroom desperate in an already wet diaper and a friend (female) stops him to talk. While talking he wets and she notices, then she tells him the next day to come to the bus already desperate?


ADISC Stories Mod
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Wrong thread, losojosdedios. This should have been posted in the "Find a Story" thread, not the Index. One thing I can definitely tell you is that, unless the story you're looking for is an extremely short abandoned piece, it's not here. Maybe it was before the purge. Others might remember it. Sorry I can't help.


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This is an experiment to see if it will move this thread to the top of the stickies.


  1. Diaper Lover
Somehow, I had never seen this before. Thank you for producing this and taking the time to grab the links!


  1. Diaper Lover
This is a great resource, thank you very much for making this!

However, I'd like to report that "Resurrection" seems to be a broken link.


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This is a great resource, thank you very much for making this!

However, I'd like to report that "Resurrection" seems to be a broken link.

In the "Best of" list? Because it is working for me...